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Open Borders Will Prevent Smuggling (since when??)

Posted by Glezele Vayne on January 29, 2009


Why didn’t the rest of us think of this before? We can just turn the smugglers into import/export dealers.

While we’re at it, lets burn all the legal codes of all the countries and then there will be no more crime. How do our esteemed leaders come up with this drivel, and so much of it, so frequently, so consistently?

As one of my favorite thinkers, Eugene Narrett has pointed out: “In the ordinary sense of the word the formulators of these policies and their salesmen-puppets, the politicians, are not stupid but evil: callous, power-mad and greedy. Anglo-American policies in the Middle East are not stupid or blind; they are clear-sighted and viciously consistent in facilitating jihad and keeping the cauldron of attrition simmering.”

Exhibit A: “You can’t have effective peace talks without involving Hamas”
-Jimmy Carter

More on Jimmy Carter’s ongoing relationship with the Jewish people here.


One may argue that by fueling Gaza’s untenable population explosion, the West unintentionally finances a war by proxy against the Jews of Israel. If we seriously want to avoid another generation of war in Gaza, we must have the courage to tell the Gazans that they will have to start looking after their children themselves, without UNRWA’s help.”

I would agree with Doc in his analysis that the West is conducting a proxy war against Israel, but I’m not quite as generous as the Doc in one respect. There is too much evidence to the contrary. I think it’s intentional.

Some immediate reactions:

Jihad Watch

Free Republic


EU Observer

Fox News

Israel Insider: An overview of the tunnel/smuggling problem in Gaza.

Good Shabbos all,

Ellie Katz

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Self-Hating Jews spread Anti-Semitism- A great article by Melanie Phillips

Posted by avideditor on January 28, 2009

Read this great article by Melanie Phillips.  Some of Jews worse enemies are self hating Jews. Only 1/5 of the Jews left egypt. This article was read to the listener at the Mark Levin Show around 40 minutes in.   

  One of the most agonising and tragic aspects of the current global wave of Jew-hatred is the prominent part played in this by Jews. This is not a new phenomenon. Throughout the centuries of Jewish persecution, from the medieval ‘conversos’ to Karl Marx and beyond, there have always been Jews who, for a variety of reasons, have been ready and willing to advance the agenda of the persecutors of the Jewish people. Today, the west is teeming with their successors – almost always on the left, very often but not always highly secularised and with a tangential or deeply conflicted relationship with their Jewish identity, they are in the forefront of the movement to demonise, delegitimise and destroy Israel. They do it to no other country; only the expression of self-determination of their own people inspires in them such frenzied and obsessive loathing. Read the rest of this entry »

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“Who are you going to believe? Me or your lying eyes?”

Posted by Glezele Vayne on January 27, 2009


That stolen line ( Richard Pryor) pretty much sums it up don’t it? I think we should pay more attention to Norway and what’s going on up there.

Why? Because they are where we will be if we don’t face facts. Here’s some facts, spelled out clearly enough: “You can see the mainstream media are struggling to make sense of all of this. That’s because they can’t, or don’t want to, see the obvious: This is exactly how an invading army would behave. Rape, pillage and bomb.” HT to Fjordman at Blogspot for this and other uncomfortable insights. (I also thank him for the Richard Pryor line I swiped from the comments on his blog.) Fjordman lives in Norway, and knows what’s what. Believe it.

Here’s more splashes of cold water for the sleepy-eyed American: “For decades now, you believed them instead of what your own eyes and minds told you was right. You allowed yourself to be convinced that being discriminating or judgmental was the worse of crimes and allowed your centuries old traditions of peace and tranquility to be turned on its head rather than say the simple truth that some people are bad and even evil.”

Islam is at war with us. Multiculturalism and “religious tolerance” are the straw man. Islam is not a religion, not a cult…it is a complete system, much like Nazism or Communism. Don’t take my word for it. Do some research. The facts, the statistics, the crimes, the photos all speak for themselves.

On multiculturalism and tolerance, from Fjordman’s comments section: “Northern Europeans have permitted Islamists to not only disrupt their peaceful and orderly society with murder and mayhem, they also pay them from the public treasury, so they needn’t be concerned with seeking gainful employment but can spend their days in coffee shops reinforcing their religion of hate and violence. “

Unless you want your wives, mothers, sisters, children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren to suffer (chas v’ shalom) like the ones in the photos I linked in my previous post entitled Blood Libel.

  • Stop your wishful thinking.
  • Face facts and figure out what you can do to protect your family, your community, your nation.
  • Stop apologizing for these murderous fanatics.
  • Stop giving countries (em…Israel for instance) who are on the front line, and who refuse to cave in, such a hard time.
  • Stop expecting a nation enmeshed in a war not of it’s own doing, a war for it’s very survival, to measure up to standards in warfare that you and your nation can’t possibly measure up to and win.

You sleep more securely at night because Israel is taking the abuse that would otherwise be heaped on you. This is a war between civilization and barbarity, and it’s coming at us from a direction we did not expect. But it is here.

Wake up.

Ellie Katz

P.S. I have video footage in my Jihadi page that shows just how far Europe has come in living up to the commonly used epithet hurled in it’s direction. Not by it’s enemies. Eurabia is the cynical term coined by those who know they are in a war against Muslim settlers, Muslim colonists and they are losing. Watch the videos and welcome to Eurabia. Is AmArabia next?

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I’m Geert Wilders!

Posted by avideditor on January 26, 2009

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While You Were Busy Listening to Your Imams and Dictators Blathering About Our Annihilation, the NWO Slipped You a Mickey

Posted by Glezele Vayne on January 26, 2009


Yeah, it’s kind of an insulting title isn’t it? Long too. I usually like nice one liners.

It’s just all so laughable. I’m not trying to smooth any ruffled feathers, because I learned awhile back that my existence alone ruffles some feathers, so why bother? I’m not trying to be nice. I’m trying to get you to pay attention. Muslim hatred of Jews and/or “infidels” is not it’s greatest strength. It will be it’s undoing.

I wish the Muslim world would realize they are merely pawns in a dangerous and profitable-for-the-few game, that goal being what some refer to as the New World Order. Don’t laugh. The insane policies of the Israeli government prove out the existence of the touted conspiracy. The Israeli government is so suicidal in how it conducts it’s affairs, recent pummeling of Hamas nothwithstanding, that the New World Order and an elite group of men pulling the strings of world events seems to me the only logical explanation. How can otherwise intelligent men who run the governments of this world make “mistakes” that the rest of us underlings see are so obviously flawed? So deadly to us all? Read at least ten articles of your own choosing by Professor Eugene Narrett if you think I’m off my rocker. The “Powers That Be” are as dumb as foxes, as the cliche goes.

And it’s not a “Jewish conspiracy to take over the world either.” Palease. That is just plain illogical. First of all, the vast majority of us are exactly like the vast majority of other people: We only want to be left alone to live peaceful lives, raise our families, and in many cases, to pray, to know G-d. Taking over the world is just too much of a pain. It’s not worth it and we know it. Second, we simply cannot be all the things you Jew haters claim we are. We’re evil geniuses and utterly stupid all at once according to the lists I’ve read of all we’ve allegedly done and are supposedly responsible for. Ever noticed the contradictions? They glare so much, I need sunglasses every time I get out the list.

I know I know I know. I do love Rav Shmuel’s song, The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. However, for those who gasp when they listen to the Rav openly confessing his membership in “the club”, or who’s first language is not English, the humor thus being lost on them, — it’s a joke. It’s called irony. Rav Shmuel is poking fun at all you sillie willies out there that actually believe that nonsense. Get a grip. And read some history on it, compare your sources. Didn’t your mother ever tell you not to believe everything you read?

You want to read some real conspiratorial documents that prove the actual existence of a plan to annihilate anyone? Try the Hamas Charter for starters.

If we Jews were really so capable of commandeering the all the banks of the world, as well as the governments and other machinations of society, don’t you think we’d do a better job of protecting our own lives? As you have pointed out from time to time, we Jews really do love life. The Holocaust wouldn’t have happened if we really had that much leverage. Sheesh.

Another thought to ponder: If we were so gifted in banking, wouldn’t Israel’s economy be a little better?? Hm???

Holocaust deniers, you are excused from further discussion. No point in including you in on this, as there is simply no reasoning with you until you do some more reading and thinking. And thinking.  Besides, some of you are making a living off of selling your claptrap. I wouldn’t want to throw you into a crisis of faith and take bread from your children’s mouths. Consider counseling and then a gradual transition into a productive life.

No, the radicalized Muslim world’s overzealous religious sensibilities and passion for the world to attain peace according t0 their way of looking at things (namely, by making the rest of the world submit to the jackboot of Islam by hook or by crook) has made itself vulnerable to the manipulations of the corrupt people who’s goal it is to usher in this New World Order. Islam will not win in the end, any more than the American pioneers won anything of lasting value. Once they got rid of the “injuns”, I notice legislation beginning that slowly eroded their freedoms, and ours as well. It continues to this day, happening in the open light of day, without fear of reprisal from a dumbed down American public, the children of the pioneers. The American settler was used to clear the way, not because the US Federal government was so caring and concerned about them. The Feds just couldn’t do all that work all by themselves. We’ve done our jobs (and sullied our names and our history in the process.)

The jihadi settler is being used similarly. Now Muslims have a job to do, and when that job is done, they will be the next man on the chopping block. The zealous are on the front line, dying on the battlefields, in the streets, on the buses, leaving their wives as widows and their children as orphans. Those too aware of their self-interest await the victory quietly, perhaps fearfully, justifying their silence with creative rationalizations as mankind has done since the beginning. The few people of Muslim heritage who are fully cognizant of the true issues, of right and wrong, regardless of personal peace and prosperity, will shine among us, people of giant character and courage, such as Dr. Wafa Sultan, who now lives under a death threat. She and others who dare speak out have lost their freedom, but it is only portents of things to come for us all, Muslim and Jew, Christian and Buddhist, atheist and Hindu. (Not arranged in any meaningful order in case you’re looking to get even more offended than you already are.)

If Muslims could manage to regain rational thinking (face it, it’s been awhile fellas) and understand this, that the Jews are not the New World Order, nor are Muslims, but merely two of it’s first victims, maybe we could all get on with life and effectively fight all the other nasty business being imposed upon us. Sometimes I think the end game is worldwide sharia law, and maybe for a time it is, may it never be. In the moments when I remember all I’ve studied over the last few decades, not from conspiracy buffs (okay, them too) but from history books, I remember…the goal is even more far reaching and alienating to me and those I know and love.

The men who orchestrate all these wars, fanning the flames of hatred between various peoples, are in a win-win game, for them. They get to eliminate “useless eaters” and they sell armaments. Very profitable indeed. These men are careful to stay out of the headlines. These are the men who put the men in the headlines in place. It’s a very wealthy and shadowy world they live in. They have no political, national or religious allegiances. All they want is money, control and power. They truly believe they can manage the world better than anyone else, and that it must be them who does the managing. Part of the plan is to have many fewer people to manage, by about 80%. The Muslims are cooperating handily, what with the whole shahid thing so fashionable today among eligible young men.

Here is an incomplete list of  few worthwhile concerns that we could all work together on if we’d stop blaming each other and begin blaming the men who are really the problem.

  • Toxic substances that are being marketed as medicine. Have you read the disclaimers on most of these “medicines” lately? Why haven’t more comedians grabbed these disclaimers for their routines? These disclaimers are gold-mines of irony, black irony. And who’s the genius who decided putting mercury in our fillings was a good idea anyway?
  • Toxic substances that are being marketed as food. Organic isn’t even organic anymore. It’s been redefined almost out of existence. Read the claim/term  “USDA organic” and translate it as “more expensive”, with a few exceptions, of course.
  • Toxic substances (i.e. fertilizer, herbicides) marketed as necessary to agriculture. The Rodale Farms in Pennsylvania, as just one example among many, have proven for decades that while yields are important, the main priority must be nutritional content, which is achieved mainly through natural, non-chemical means, through knowledge, planning and yes — hard work. It can be done, and it tastes better that way too.
  • Toxic treatments marketed as medical care (see item #1). Why is it that I am now a master diagnostician compared with most medical doctors I encounter these days? That doesn’t make me feel. smart. It makes me worry. As the late Dr. Robert Mendolsohn pointed out years ago in his book Confessions of a Medical Heretic, doctors don’t learn to be good diagnosticians anymore, except via expensive gadgets of which most can’t possibly own all. They learn to be drug salesmen and insurance adjusters, not health care professionals.
  • Toxic ideas that are being marketed as entertainment. According to Michael Medved, R rated movies, back when there was a difference between R and PG were less profitable on average than most PG, family friendly movies? Yet Hollyweird continues cranking out the smut. So much for “we’re only giving the public what they want.” Don’t believe it.
  • Toxic morality foisted on our kids from every direction, music, movies, school, guidance counselors, and now, even religious institutions. “Alternative” moralities are promoted because they don’g produce children. TPTB don’t want us ordinary people to have kids, or not many. They think there are too many people on the earth as it is, and are trying to figure out how to get rid of us without us catching on. Fight them by having a large family and raising them morally.
  • Toxic politics that are marketed as legitimate ideologies. We all know what we’re looking at.
  • Toxic laws that infringe on G-d given rights, such as property rights Witness the confiscation of private lands in the name of watershed management or saving insects from becoming extinct.
  • Abusive economic policies that are ruining everyone. Three words: Federal Bail-out.
  • Enslavement of the people, in the guise of those economic policies: Debt combined with dead-end jobs, an almost universal requirement to obtain those jobs through amoral corporations, chronic unemployment and underemployment, financial booms and busts. This has been around so long, Americans don’t even remember a time (era) when the majority of Americans were solvent.
  • Gross mismanagement of land resources. There is no worldwide  overpopulation problem. There is a worldwide resource management problem.
  • Governmental elites that are robbing us all blind. ’nuff said there.

In that spirit, I am putting a link up to blog/post which covers just one issue with which I am deeply concerned. Our food is denatured, nutrient deficient, even totally devoid of nutrients. Nutrient deficient food is the number one cause of chronic, degenerative illness all over the world, even in the “wealthy” (okay, once wealthy) America. It also affects brain function and productivity.

Here it is: (and going on the blogroll)

Legalizing Raw Milk

Can’t we all just get along, and boot the dirty rats out of power???

Blind anger and hatred makes otherwise intelligent, creative people into death driven robots. Just remember that when you watch your Imam rant and rave about “al Yahood!!” and how he is such a blight on your existence, how everything would be just peachy without the Jews or Israel, or unbelievers. They are trying to keep you enslaved.

I’m not just picking on Muslims. Muslims are just the latest in a procession of peoples stretching back hundreds of years, maybe longer, who have been baited into doing the will of their masters, only to find out they were only being  used, and that now…it was their turn.

I’m going to go get me some hot chocolate and watch something funny, or maybe apocalyptic. (hey, that’s all that is left to me unless and until the useful idiots come  get smart again.)

If I’m ticking you off, maybe you need to ask yourself “Why?” Have I hit a nerve??


Ellie Katz

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Pat Condell: Shame on The Netherlands (Vid)

Posted by avideditor on January 25, 2009


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Video: British Islamist – ‘ I will never condemn a Muslim brother ‘

Posted by avideditor on January 25, 2009

wow. It seems evern the “moderate” muslims in the UK are Jihadis.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Barack Hussein Obama wants to Destroy Israel (video)

Posted by avideditor on January 25, 2009

I am not leaving the US. I do not think Obama right now is going to kill all the jews but he is evil IMHO. If Mexico was not having a civil war, it might be another story. 

HT Jews Against Obama

BTW I am pro Likud. Yes I do not agree with everything they stand for but they have the only chance against winning against the self hating and suicidal policies of Labor.

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Israel is not a US Colony or the Fifty-First State

Posted by Glezele Vayne on January 24, 2009


Gil Ronen of Arutz Sheva quoted National Union leader Ya’akov “Ketzale” Katz  as saying “(President Barak)  Obama needed to be reminded that Israel is not an American colony or the 51st state.”

Here!! Here!! I’d love to agree with Ketzale. Sadly, all I have to say is:  Read history and welcome to Rome. Not officially of course, only in reality.

Ellie Katz

From Schmoozing with Elya and Ellie Katz

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Geert on the CBN

Posted by avideditor on January 22, 2009

HT Schmoozing with Elya & Ellie Katz

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IDF Criticized for Being Competent

Posted by Glezele Vayne on January 22, 2009


I missed another memo.

Apparently, effectiveness in battle is prima facie evidence of war crimes. Using children as human shields and storing rockets under their beds is not. I’m going to go muse on this new information as I watch some more videos of pro-Hamas demonstrations in America. These peace loving folks were singing anti-war songs like “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free!”, and “In spirit and blood, we shall redeem Al Aksa!” … obvious references to the desired two state solution. Oh and they were also singing “Khaybar, Khaybar, ya Yahood! Jaish-Muhammad saya’ud!” (Khaybar, Khaybar oh Jews, the army of Muhammad will return!), and “Hamas, Hamas, Jews to the gas!”. Isn’t it cute how often they refer to us Jews in their songs? They just can’t seem to get over us.

I remember war protesters in the 60’s (now I’ve dated myself) singing “Kumbaya my Lord, Kumbaya” and sitting peacefully on college campuses demanding an end to the war in Vietnam too.

Something seems vaguely different about these protests. I just can’t quite get my hands around it. Give me time. I’ll figure it out. In the meantime, for your reading pleasure, I’ve posted an Arutz Sheva article on the outcome of the recent “Gaza war”. Enjoy.

Ellie Katz (follow link to Elya and Ellie’s blog)

Thanks goes to Avid Editor for graciously giving me space on his blog.

IDF Backs Gaza Reports, Says 1,300 Killed in Cast Lead by Maayana Miskin (IsraelNN.com)

Some highlights for your enlightenment below:

“A report issued by Italian journalist Lorenzo Cremonesi earlier in the day charged Hamas with vastly overstating the number of deaths in Gaza.”

“IDF spokesmen said they believe that approximately 1,300 people were killed in the operation, as Hamas has claimed.”

“There is, however, a major difference between the casualties reported by the IDF and those reported by Hamas: the IDF believes that most of those killed were members of Hamas and at least 500 belonged to the group’s armed forces…”

“The IDF still believes that the majority of those killed were armed, adult members of Hamas with blood on their hands.”

“… the estimated number of civilians killed was much higher than the actual number because many Hamas terrorists who were actively participating in battle at the time of their deaths were wearing civilian clothes.”

“… Gaza civilians were afraid of Hamas, and said the group had used civilians as human shields against their will and had fired from United Nations buildings.”

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Dangerous Times

Posted by avideditor on January 22, 2009

Here is a great piece by Muman613

Dangerous Times

These are dangerous times we live in. Every day we have to avoid so much ugliness or else we are pulled down into the mire. A good man guards his eyes and his ears from giving any form of attention to the temptation which swirls around him.

The Yetzer Hara constantly tries to deceive, and his arguments always sound reasonable. It is no simple matter to turn away from the offer because it seems innocent. The vulture takes advantage of his prey, knowing his weaknesses. Read the rest of this entry »

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Islam does not mean peace

Posted by avideditor on January 22, 2009

From The Best of Ahmadsquran

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Geert Wilders is saving Western Civilization (comic)

Posted by avideditor on January 22, 2009

From Shiva at the IBA

I support Geert I think he gave a great speech. I do not agree with him on everything but I still think it was a great speech and he is a good man.


Read the transcript here. 

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Say F U to Jihadis Buy a drink at Starbucks today

Posted by avideditor on January 22, 2009

I am going to support Starbucks today because my enemies do not like it. Do I think Starbucks has the best coffee? Nope. But the Jihadis sure do not like them. So I think everyone should buy a Starbucks drink today to spite the Jihadis. 

From IBA


Islam’s War On Starbucks

From Vlad Tepes Blog:

I was just speaking with a manager at a Canadian Starbucks location who told me two interesting things. Firstly that they received a memo from head office which told them that a rumour was circulating that Starbucks directly financed the Israeli Defense forces. This of course is an obscene lie. No private company directly funds a national army its just preposterous. While many large corporations such as tobacco companies are rumored to emply mercenaries and private groups for deployment of force where necessary none directly finance a nations army and if they did, I would imagine it would be the one defending their assets rather than the one creating the tension for them. Read the rest of this entry »

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When Truth Hurts Muslim Sensibilities

Posted by DJM on January 21, 2009


A Dutch court has ordered prosecutors to put a right-wing politician on trial for making anti-Islamic statements.

Freedom Party leader Geert Wilders made a controversial film last year equating Islam with violence and has likened the Koran to Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf.

“In a democratic system, hate speech is considered so serious that it is in the general interest to… draw a clear line,” the court in Amsterdam said.

“…to draw a clear line…”

Between what? Free speech and hate speech? Or between unpopular truth and popular fantasy? Between intolerant hatred and bigotry hidden under the guise of religion?

There is more on the line here than Freedom of speech. It is one thing to limit free speech by prosecuting inciting and hateful comments. But the real danger is to limit free speech that expresses truth.

(Hat Tip: Gateway Pundit)

Below the fold, a short video on the difference between Hate Speech and Religious Right:

Read the rest of this entry »

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Newsweek Compares the Obama To Lincoln

Posted by avideditor on January 20, 2009

Update: To read more of what I think of Obama check out my post RASHID KHALIDI On Gaza and Obama’s Middle East Policy

I thought Newsweek lost it when they started claiming global warming on data that was proven false. Then Newsweek sided with Hamas a terrorist group. It seems that Newsweek is now comparing Obama to Lincoln. I am still waiting for them to remove “News” from their title. 


When people start thinking they are Napoleon we lock them up in mental hospitals.

When Obama starts taking on the mantle of Lincoln we celebrate him?

The inmates truly are running the asylum. Read the rest of this entry »

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RASHID KHALIDI On Gaza and Obama’s Middle East Policy

Posted by avideditor on January 20, 2009

I think Obama will kill all the Jews: He will be worse then Hitler or Stalin but I guess time will tell. I am still in the US because moving out is taking longer then I expected. Obama hates White People Listen to him say it in his own words. I he will never be my president, I am leaving america because he was elected. I am still in shock that the majority of Americans voted for a jihadi.  Here is a great article on Obama’s foreign policy from Yid with A Lid. 

If you like this you might like this from Yid with A Lid “There Arose a New President over America, Who Knew Not Joseph”

President-Elect Obama’s Palestinian Buddy Rashid Khalidi sat down on the Radically Left radio show Democracy Now. You might remember Khalidi, it was a tape of his “Going Away Party” Featuring Barack Obama the LA Times refused to release during the campaign.
Khalidi has been described as the former PLO Spokesman. Calling him a spokesman is like saying Jabba the Hut has a slight weight and/or slimy skin problem.

As Reported by WND:

Khalidi director of the official PLO press agency WAFA in Beirut from 1976 to 1982, while the PLO was based in Lebanon and committing scores of anti-Western attacks and was labeled by the U.S. as a terror group. Even though Rashid Khalidi at times has denied working directly for the PLO but Palestinian diplomatic sources in Ramallah told WND he indeed worked on behalf of WAFA and was an adviser the Palestinian delegation to the Madrid Conference in 1991. During documented speeches and public events, Khalidi has called Israel an “apartheid system in creation” and a destructive “racist” state [see a video of one of Khalidi’s hate speeches at the end of this post

Khalidi is a SUPPORTER of Palestinian terror, calling homicide bombings response to “Israeli aggression.” He dedicated his 1986 book, “Under Siege,” to “those who gave their lives … in defense of the cause of Palestine and independence of Lebanon.” Critics have described the book as excusing Palestinian terrorism.

Read the rest of this entry »

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America and Israel Declare a Unilateral Ceasefire against Terrorism

Posted by avideditor on January 19, 2009

With a look at the news I see the dark is rising. Zombie did a great job of illustrating the anti-semetic rallies of last week. I have been packing my stuff so unless some one want to donate a large amount of money (leave a comment and I will contact you), I am going to be blogging sporadically  for the next two weeks. It looks like Shiva, DJM, and maybe Rodan are posting some amazing stuff here.  

It looks like Israel has a death wish and did not bomb Iran. Sultan Kinish did a great job with his article  “America and Israel Declare a Unilateral Ceasefire against Terrorism” and history is already repeating itself in France.  Unfortunately, it looks like Obama is going to be sworn in tomorrow and the darkness around the world is rising.

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Hamas ‘Victory’ Propaganda Film For Kids aka Human Sheilds

Posted by avideditor on January 19, 2009

It seems Hamas is stealing some animation for the use of its own propaganda. HT Atlas Shrugs

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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