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A Jazz Guitarist’s support for Maoist Ornaments

Posted by Rodan on December 24, 2009

Radical Totalitarian Blogger and former Jazz artist, Charles “Icarus” John reveals his true colors yet again. He transformed into a fanatical Obama follower. Any criticism of Barack Hussein Obama sends him into a temper tantrum. He believes that a coalition consisting of The Catholic Church, Tobacco Companies,  Kehanists, Neo-Confederates, Michelle Malkin, James Dobson, The Family and the Vlaams Belang are all out to get him. His paranoia and propaganda knows no bounds, now here’s his latest.

I reported yesterday that the White House had an ornament of Mao Zedong hanging from one it’s Christmas Tree. Other blogs like Hot Air also reported on this disturbing story. The White House spin was that “Community Groups” contributed the ornaments. Still how can no one not notice a Mao ornament? Rising to the occasion to defend his beloved leader, Charles “Icarus” John comes to the regime’s  defense.

Ridiculous Right Wing Nontroversy of the Day

Blogosphere | Wed, Dec 23, 2009 at 12:01:45 pm PST

Andrew Breitbart’s Big Government blog is having a cow about some ornaments on the White House Christmas tree, touching all the right wing hot buttons — commies, gays, and Obama’s “arrogance” — and evoking the desired Pavlovian response: EXCLUSIVE: Transvestites, Mao And Obama Ornaments Decorate White House Christmas Tree.

The facts: the Obamas sent over 800 ornaments left over from previous administrations to local community groups, and asked them to decorate the ornaments to pay tribute to a favorite local landmark.

Wow, Icarus really is reaching here but it gets even better! He justifies the ornament with this excuse!

Well, actually, it’s an Andy Warhol print, but if you really want to run around screaming, don’t let me stop you.

Wow so because Andy Warhol drew a picture of Mao, it’s OK to put his image on an ornament? Does not his murder of Millions of humans make any praise of him wrong? Not in the world of Charles “Icarus” Johnson, he just keeps spinning!

27     Charles  Wed, Dec 23, 2009 12:13:19pm replyquote

Hundreds of community groups donated these ornaments — you can’t tell from that tiny image, but I suggest it’s quite possible the Warhol Mao ornament was donated by a Chinese community group.

Doesn’t Icarus know that Many Chinese Americans left Mao’s China and despise the man? Obviously he’s very ignorant of people who left Progressive regimes. They despise their former homeland’s governments. However the below comment is the ultimate spin for this incident!

92     Charles  Wed, Dec 23, 2009 1:36:33pm replyquote

Maybe it wasn’t thoughtless at all. Maybe it was honoring Nixon’s visit to China.

I don’t know, but I think that’s a lot more likely, given the circumstances, than the silly idea that this is some kind of commie message on the White House Christmas tree.

Charles “Icarus” Johnson has defended Communists before. Mark Loyd and Van Jones were both defended staunchly by this Jazz Guitarist. He defended Anita Dunn who praised Mao Zedong and wanted to silence FOX. It is no coincidence that on his blog, he silences dissent. This is an indication of a Totalitarian belief system. Clearly Charles “Icarus” Johnson is sympathetic to Marxism and Maoism.

If Barack Hussein Obama attempted a dictatorship, Charles “Icarus” Johnson would support him. Progressives are Totalitarians by nature and believe  in control. Even Jazz Musicians can fall for this Ideology. Anyone who defends Maoist imagery is really anti-Human. Icarus’s fall into the sea continues.

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American progressives support Islamist in Preventing Insulting their religion

Posted by Rodan on October 6, 2009

This has to be one of the most absurd things I have ever seen. Our Progressive Regime supported an Egyptian resolution that condemns attacks on Religions. This in reality is done to set aprecedent to prevent people from criticizing Islam. The Islamo-Fascists in Egypt don’t want their fake Pedophile Prophet insulted, so back by Our Traitor regime the UN passes  resolution condemns this.

GENEVA – The U.N. Human Rights Council approved a U.S.-backed resolution Friday deploring attacks on religions while insisting that freedom of expression remains a basic right.

The inaugural resolution sponsored by the U.S. since it joined the council in June broke a long-running deadlock between Western and Islamic countries in the wake of the publication of cartoons depicting the Muslim Prophet Muhammad.

The resolution has no effect in law but provides Muslim countries with moral ammunition the next time they feel central tenets of Islam are being ridiculed by Western politicians or media through “negative racial and religious stereotyping.”

American diplomats say the measure — co-sponsored by Egypt — is part of the Obama administration’s effort to reach out to Muslim countries.

Read the rest.

This really is nonsense and we must stand up to this. Christians, Jews and others have their religions bashed all the time yet we don’t demand people to stop bashing our faiths. It is not the case with Islam. They cry whenever people point out Muhammad was a pedophile and a genocidal mad man. Well too bad, I don’t care about this UN resolution and will say what I want.

This is another example of the Progressive-Islamo-Fascist Alliance.

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The Progressive-Marxist roots of the Nazis

Posted by Rodan on August 16, 2009

Radical Leftwing blogs like Think Progress, Daily Kos, Huffington Post and Little Green Footballs keep claiming that the Nazis were Rightwing/Conservative. However the official name of the Nazis was the National Socialist Workers Party, this name is hardly a “Conservative” term. It is really a Progressive/Marxist name, since Hitler was a man of the Left.

Below is a video that will back up what I am saying. This shatters the Nazis were Rightwing myth than even many Conservatives/Libertarians have fallen for.

Again, can someone explain to me how The Nazis were Rightwing and not Totalitarian Left?

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Italy’s right to curb Islam with mosque law

Posted by Rodan on September 16, 2008

I applaud Italy for this! We need this law in America!

ROME (Reuters) – Italy’s Northern League, allies of centre-right Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, want to limit the growth of Islam in the centre of world Catholicism by blocking the construction of mosques through strict new regulations.

Muslim immigrants using Italy as a route into Europe already get a foretaste of the mistrust with which many Europeans view their religion, with many projects for mosques and prayer halls already blocked by the opposition of local Italian residents.

 But if the anti-immigrant Northern League pushes its bill through parliament — where Berlusconi’s coalition has a strong majority — Italy will soon have a new law effectively blocking the construction of new mosques in much of the country.

 Fearing the advent of “Eurabia”, the League has used its control of Berlusconi’s interior ministry since helping him to power to push through tough new laws against illegal immigrants.

 It has now turned its attention to the newcomers’ religion, emboldened by polls showing many Italians mistrust Muslims and a third do not want a mosque in their neighborhood.

 The Northern League has “made life difficult for the Islamic component (of immigrants in Italy) in every sense and especially with regards to places of worship”, the president of the Islamic Cultural Institute of Milan, Abdel Hamid Sha’ari, told Reuters.

 Not just recent or illegal immigrants feel unwelcome, but also established Muslim residents like Jihad Amro, who said: “I have paid taxes for 17 years but I still don’t feel at home.”

 “There are still situations where I feel uncomfortable or strange because they (Italians) don’t see me as someone who is integrated,” Amro, a Palestinian, told Reuters TV in Rome

Ah poor Muslims, they can’t build their mosques! I feel so bad, not!

I wonder what Chas will say about this?

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Giants and Jets fans join uproar over stadium naming rights bid by firm with Holocaust ties

Posted by Rodan on September 11, 2008

In a disturbing article I have read, It seems that a German company with ties to the Holocaust is getting the naming rights to the New Giants/Jets stadium.

Football fans and Jewish groups are outraged over the prospect of a new Giants and Jets stadium being named for German insurer Allianz because of its Nazi ties in World War II.

The company insured the Auschwitz death camp and had a chief executive serving in Hitler‘s cabinet. The company is on the short list of those vying to slap their name on the Meadowlands stadium in New Jersey via a lucrative sponsorship deal.

This is really sickening and I hope this is stopped.

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Wall dating to Second Temple unearthed

Posted by Rodan on September 5, 2008

The Muslism and Leftists deny The Jew’s claims to Israel. However archealogy proves otherwise.


Read this and weep Leftists and Muzzies!

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Attack on El Al in Canada Thwarted

Posted by Rodan on September 3, 2008

A thwarted attack on an El Al aircrew in Canada was reported today.

JERUSALEM (AFP) – Plans by an unknown group to attack staff of Israel’s national carrier El Al in Canada have been thwarted, Israel’s private Channel Two television reported on Wednesday.

Without giving the nationalities of the alleged attackers, it said they had monitored the comings and goings of El Al aircrew at a Toronto hotel.

Security procedures for crews overnighting at the hotel between flights have now been changed, it added.

On Tuesday, Israeli newspapers reported that at least five attempts by the Lebanese Hezbollah militia to abduct Israeli businessmen in Africa, Asia, and South America had been foiled.

(hat tip:Nancy@LGF)

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McCain picks Populist Republican Sarha Palin

Posted by Rodan on August 29, 2008

This is a body blow to the Left. McCain has picked Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin. This was a great pick because she’s a Pro-Worker Republuican and can appeal to Blue Collar Dems. This is what the GOP needs, more Pro-Woker Republicans and less Corporatists.

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Drudge Report Fear Mongers about Latins, but stay silent on the Dutch being Dhimmis to Muslims

Posted by Rodan on August 13, 2008


I am a fan of the Drudge Report, but this heading is fearmongering in my opinion.

Whites no longer Majority by 2042

Honestly who cares. what’s the big deal? we are all Americans, this headline is really aimed at Hispanics as the article focuses on Latins. What these idiots don’t realize is that 48% of Hispanics are Ethnically White and culturally come from the same civilization as Most Americans. I really don’t get this color obsession. It’s civilization that counts. As long as America is Judeo-Christian, who cares! At least Latins aren’t Muslims.

Let’s look at Europe on the other hand. The Muslim who are alien to European Civilization are immigrating there. Instead of integrating, they are imposing their way on Europeans. The Europeans are bowing to them. They even legalized Polygamy in Holland!

Netherlands Recognizes Polygamous Muslim Marriages

Yet no Drudge headline on this. I recalled that it was 19 Muslims, not Latins that attacked us on 9/11. Many of the anti-Latin, Americans don’t realize that there are plenty of Latins in the Military fighting the Jihad. They need to wake up and realize, Islam is the enemy, not Latins.

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TP Poster McMetal blames Israel for Russia-Georgia War

Posted by Rodan on August 12, 2008

In another example of anti-semitism on the the Left, Poster McMetal blames Israel for this war.

47.      MCMetal Says:

The Georgia-Russia war is nothing more than a proxy war for U.S. and Israel , as the US has been training Georgians and Israel has been supplying arms to them ; as an excuse for a US-Israel attack upon Iran itself or hitting some pre-determined targets there………..

As always it the Jews with the Leftists, Islamists and Nazis. They are the triangle of evil.

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Islamic Nations seek to silence critics in the West

Posted by Rodan on July 30, 2008

The Leftist-Islamic alliance is at it again. Now they are seeking to pass International Laws outlawing the criticism of Islam. They are using the Defamation of Religion excuse to pursue this agenda. As Always, The Leftists in the UN support the Islamists.

Stifiling free speech globaly

This is an attempt to impose Dhimmi status of the West. we must resist these attempts and keep exposing Islam as the death cult it is. They are manipulating the Leftists by using the victimization role. I’ll say it now, Islam sucks. They don’t like it, tough.

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Republicans are losing the New media war

Posted by Rodan on July 24, 2008

This is a subject I have written about. The GOP is getting beaten daily by the Left. Attack Machines led by Think Progress, Media Matters, Daily Kos and Huffington Post have destroyed the Republicans and the McCain campaign. Politico has a new article describing this.

GOP losing the new-media war

This should be a wakeup call to the Right. We need to developed infrastructure to rival that of the Left. The problem is the Right doesn’t have the financial means, the Left does. This is a sad state of affairs and is dangerous. We need to set up smear sites and hire smear merchants. If this continues, the Left will be able to implement their Stalinist agenda. Wake up Conservatives.

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Umar Lee Terror associate Imam Siraj Wahhaj plans to advertise in NY Subways

Posted by Rodan on July 21, 2008

If there is any doubt on the goals of the Islamist groups in America the following news should erease all doubt.


The man behind this Siraj Wahhaj was once named an unindicted Co-Conspirator of the 1993 WTC bombing. He has called the FBI and CIA terrorists. He has also called the establishment of an Islamic State in America. He is a friend and mentor to American Jihadi supporter Umar Lee. Umar paid tribute to him on his website.

Siraj is called The Shaykh of Da’Wah in the West. Here’s the picture paying tribute.

In their alternate universe, he would be the leader of the New American Islamic State. Yet the Leftists defends these groups. These groups and individuals such as Umar Lee are traitors and they need to be arrested and sent to the Muslim country of their choice. We don’t want Sharia law in America.

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Nazis support Obama

Posted by Rodan on June 11, 2008

There has been a convergance between the Left and Neo Nazis in recent years. The issue they converge on is hatred of Israel and Christians. They both even go as far as to ally with Islamo-Fascists groups against America. But this is the ultimate. Nazis supporting Obama.

President Obama? Many White Supremacists are Celebrating

Their official reason for suppporting Mr. B. Hussein Obama is because the shock of a Black President might drive Whites to join the Racist Right. However they also know Obama is really anti-Israel and thus anti-Jewish. He stands for alot of what they stand for. Strange times indeed.

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Barrack Hussein Obama is a false prophet

Posted by Rodan on June 8, 2008

There is a cult forming around Obama and it is scary. People are passing out at his rallies and now people are saying he’s “An Enlightened being”. Here’s a story pushing this falsehood.

Is Obama an enlightened being?

This is really dangerous talk from a Judeo-Christian perspective. From time to time God sends down Prophets like Moses or Isaiah. They never claim to be superior to the rest of us, just that God is speaking to them. The clown who wrote this piece Mark Morford is claiming Obama is an enlightened being. An enlightened being? God create mankind and Angels. Is he implying Obama is an Angel? If so Obama is a Fallen Angel. He’s not spreading the word of God. He wants political power. He’s also claiming that he will solve the entire world’s problem. This leads to one conclusion. He’s a False Prophet.

Obama isn’t claiming a mission from God, if so why is he trying to achieve political power? When God send prophets it’s to go against the political system and to encourage a turn to God. Obama isn’t doing that. He’s claiming he will solve all the world’s problems. This makes him a False Prophet at best a False Messiah/Anti-Christ at Worst. A religious cult is forming around him and the media defends him no matter what. This is reminiscent of another False Prophet. This other False Prophet promised he would solve all the problems in the world. He claimed to be leading the world into a New Age. His name: Adolph Hitler. Beware of False Prophets both Christiana and Jewish Last Days Prophecies state: That False Prophets would roam the world. Beware America, beware!


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German Neo-Nazis now claim to be Pro-Israel

Posted by Rodan on June 5, 2008

Writen by trajan75 of Think Progress Watch 

Ok you’re wondering how can this be? How can Neo-Nazis be pro-Israel when they hate Jews. There’s one answer:Islam. Europe is be taken over by Muslims for various reasons. They’re lack of faith in God leads the Euros to live alternate lifestyle which results in not having families and Kids. Also the Euro establishment is removing the Judeo-Christian base of the West from society. This has allowed Islam to rise. So now the Nazis view Islam as the enemy and the Jews as allies.

German neo-Nazis: We’re pro-Israel, condemn anti-Semitism

This is a trick on the Nazis part. What they want is legitimacy and by claiming to be Pro-Israel, they want Jewish support. As a Catholic, I reject any alliance with these groups. Today it is Islam they hate. However as soon as Islam is eradicated from Europe, will they still support Israel or will they then turn their guns on Jews? Also could their support of Israel be racist also? Let me explain they could be supporting Israel so the few Euro-Jews left go there, thus making Europe Jewish free. That is also another reason. They are not to be trusted. Pro-Israel Christians and Jews must keep our eyes on these groups and not accept any alliance with them.

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Pope forming Christian-Jewish Alliance.

Posted by Rodan on April 19, 2008

I’m really happy with this Pope. He’s Pro-American, Anti-Euro Leftist, Anti-Islamists and Pro-Israel. He went to a synogogue yesterday for a Passover service and showed them respect. He see the evil the Western world is facing. We have external enemies in Islam and internal enemies: The Progressives.

Benedict becomes first pope to visit American synagogue

As a Catholic I view Jews as my spiritual brothers and together in spite of some differences, we both worship the God of Israel. Christians and Jews must stick together and we must take on our common foes.

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Liberman drops the Ether on Anti-Semite Jimmy Carter. Will Think Progress attack Lieberman?

Posted by Rodan on April 17, 2008

Posted by Trajan75

That ether, that shit that make your soul burn slow – Nas.

Ether is a street term coined by Nas in his lyrical destruction of Jay Z on the song of the same name. I use that term when a Leftists or Islamists gets exposed. Liberman drops the Ether on Anti-Semite and Jihad supporter Jimmy “The Dhimmi” Carter

Lieberman: Carter Is ‘Naive’ at Best

Here’s the words that enrage the anti-Semites at Think Progress, Joe drops Ether!

Sen. Joseph Lieberman, I-Conn., told FOX News that “at best, President Carter is being naive” in trying to negotiate with avowed terrorists. “There is a long list of people who thought they could reason with dictators and killers, going back to Neville Chamberlain and Hitler in the 1930s, but it has been shown to be absolutely wrong.”

I wish the Democrats were like Lieberman. He’s the last of the JFK/Truman Democrats and it’s a shame that line will soon be extinct. The Dhimmicrat (Democrat) Party is made up of appeasers and Islamic sympathizers. Joe calls Carter out.

He’s not alone. Rep. Sue Myrick, R-N.C wants Carter to suffer consequences for being a traitor.                     

advocates revoking Carter’s passport and supports a measure to withdraw all federal funding from his Georgia-based institution, the Carter Center. “We have a policy in this country about Hamas and he is deliberately undermining that policy,” Myrick said. “Why should we support his center when he will not support his government?”   

I agree with her. Carter is a traitor. Now the The Leftists will come out and say Hamas didn’t attack us.  well I have some news for the Hamas supporters on the Left , Hamas and Al-Qaeda have the same founder. Huh, they will say. His name is Abdullah Azzam. He was Bin Laden’s mentor in Afganisatn and co founded Hamas along with Sheikh Ahmed Ismail Yassin  and Abdel Aziz al-Rantissi. He dies in 1989, Bin Laden took over his organization in Afganistan which became Al-Qaeda and the “Palestinian” Organization became Hamas. Therefore carter is a traitor. He’s meeting with Al-Qaeda’s Sister organization. He should not be allowed to return to America or arrested for treason.

Think Progress won’t condemn Carter though, they’ll go after Lieberman. The reason, Faiz Shakir. He is the administrator of Think Progress and is a member of the Muslim Public Service Network. This group receives funding from Saudi Arabia and is linked with the Muslim Brotherhood

Let’s see if Think Progress goes after these 2 Patriots, Lieberman and Myrick. If they do this Will prove their support of Islamo-Fascism. If they don’t, it’s because we’ve exposed them before they did it. We launched a Pre-emptive strike.

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Muslim group declines to meet the Pope

Posted by Rodan on April 15, 2008


I found this article Interesting over at Eye on the World.

US Muslim Group Declines to Meet Pope

As a Catholic I could care less if these Dog hating, Women oppressing and worshippers of a fake False Prophet don’t want to meet the Pope. I wish the Pope would call a Crusade so Europe, Russia, America and Latin America would combine and crush Islam once and for all. We need stop immigration from Islamic nations.

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Israel plans homes in West Bank

Posted by Rodan on March 31, 2008

Good news from my Israeli allies!


Israel has every right to build homes on the West Bank, Oops I meant Judea-Samaria. That land has been Jewish for 4,ooo years. As a Catholic Zionist, I support Israel to build on land that God gave them. Israelis must never forget that God is the only one that has their backs. They mustn’t rely on any nation, that includes America.

The Palestininans, Oops sorry Islamic occupiers are descended from Jihad invaders of the 7th Century who drove my Roman ancestors from that territory. The Christian “Arabs” of that region aren’t Arabs. They are descended of Roman and Greek Colonists of Israel. The Media doesn’t report these historical truths. The Bible clearly states that God gave Israel to the Jews. Any Christian or Jew that denies this is a fake and doesn’t deserve this label.

Israel, build away and keep building! It’s you land and only God can take it!

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