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Sorry for not being able to post and give insight on what is happening in the world. I have been engaged in a desperate attempt to clean my house for Passover. The deadline is tonight and I have another three days worth of cleaning to do. I will try to post some stories on my dumping grounds for future blogposts. But if you want to venture off to get some of the best news and opinions I will give brief list of blogs to check out while I am busy. I follow over 140 blogs and I try to report on the best so don’t forget to come back here. But here is a list of some blogs you should check out.

The Jewish Internet Defense Force






http://docstalk.blogspot.com/ (some of the best current articles you can find but no commentary)





And of Course the big guns in information about radical Islam and the war on terror



http://ibloga.blogspot.com/ (Infidel Bloggers alliance)


http://mypetjawa.mu.nu/ (Jawa Report)



By the way I am turing off comment moderation. So feel free to go crazy and get those trolls for me and add your favorite sites to this list if you want. I will turn it back on if things get way to out of hand. I usually only let 2 out of 10 comments go through because the rest of them are out right jihadi propaganda lies.

Enjoy and hopefully I will have my place clean before Shabbat and the yom tov start so I can catch up on the news and share my insights and the best stuff with you my readers.

PS Sorry if I left you off this list. I thought of it and composed it in under a minute their are no bad feelings.

PSS Here are a few more controversial blogs that I don’t always agree with but they give excellent reading opportunity. I in no means endorse what they say but they are worth a look.





11 Responses to “Other Blog Recommendations”

  1. truesoldier said

    Im calling Al Qaida out.You are like a bunch of cowards saying you want an americans head to give to Bush.You are cowards you stand among your belief which is to fight for your belief.right?Why do you kill innocent people and why wont you stand your ground and fight like men instead of acting like “women” and hiding when you plan a attack.i am a soldier in iraq call you out to “FIGHT” so come out and fight instead of hiding bombs and blowing them up is it beacuse you terrorist groups are that weak and you cant stand your ground or is because you know americans and iraqis will kick you ass on the battle feild?SO THIS IS MY CALL TO ALL AL QAIDA TO PICK UP YOUP GUNS AND DO WHAT YOU STAND FOR stop with all your bombs beacuse what is the reasoning of deystroying iraqi american and british vehicles? You and not foolish and you know that money is no object Iraqs economy is not very good but american and the british find funding for them if you want to make a change you should either start your own country and save all the violence or stand up and fight seriously AL-Qadia has become cowards towards war, blowing shit up and then hiding for months at a time the claim responsability on the web come on seriously think about it you guys havent even started to gain anything out of this?but you ahve been preaching and brain washing followers that the jihad is in a uprising what sicnificant move have you guys ever made???????????NONE once again you guys talk alot of shit but do nothing about it but place bombs and hide.You pussy keep talkin shit behind our backs and you are just some bitchs for that and we all know how you AL QADIA rolls as soon as some one call you out you put you tail between you legs and hide so come on out to the fight

  2. infidelk9 said

    Well I am back.

    And what an amazing return.

    Firstly, I have been banned by Photo Bucket, so quite a lot of very hard to find images have been lost

    Secondly, The Illustrated PIG has been banned by Blogger/Google

  3. […] Other Blog Recommendations […]

  4. ghostofsparta said

    Hey you should probably update this, just sayin’

  5. avideditor said

    I deleted LGF. I will update the rest later. Any recommendations ghost? Other than your blog which I am adding BTW 😉

  6. ghostofsparta said

    Yeah, I got a few for ya:


    and of course my own.

  7. DJM said



  8. ghostofsparta said

    hey, can you fix my link so it goes to the mainpage instead of a specific post? Thanks.

  9. Jeffrey Harts said

    Thank you for creating this website, I thought I was alone in my revelations as to what these scumbag arab greaseballs have been up to, I just did’nt know how deep it goes… well, the scales have fallen from my eyes !!!!!!!!!

  10. westerncivisheretostay said

    As I’m now a guest-blogger, I would appreciate it if my blog were added: http://western-civ-here-to-stay.blogspot.com/

    Philip Daniel aka westerncivisheretostay

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