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CAIR attacks the FBI

Posted by avideditor on January 13, 2011

CAIR AKA Council of America Islamic Relations pretends to be a civil rights group. They are really a terrorist group. They are an unindicted coconspirator in the Holy Land trial. Where CAIR and other jihadis groups where going money to Hamas to buy weapons to kill more jews. This terrorist group is not attacking the FBI.

More here http://ztruth.typepad.com/ztruth/2011/01/cair-california-build-wall-of-resistance-against-fbi.html

The far-left often join up with Islamists to work together politically causing agitation/activism/pressure/lawsuits against our government. In this case, it’s the FBI. A website called Committee to Stop FBI Repression is one such group that is based in Minnesota. Notice the screen shot I took today (below) shows a link to SEIU Illinois State Council Resolution Condemning FBI Repression (SEIU: Service Employees International Union is a big supporter of Obama).

screen shot of homepage at this website taken 1/13/11 at 9:56 AM:


According to their flyer for an upcoming protest, “…In December 2010, under the direction of U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald, the FBI delivered 9 new subpoenas in Chicago to antiwar and Palestine solidarity activists – bringing the total number of subpoenaed activists to 23. Patrick Fitzgerald’s office is ordering the 9 to appear at a Grand Jury in Chicago on January 25…”

I haven’t seen this covered by the media except by Politico Editor of site that claimed Obama changed Mideast views gets grand jury subpoena:

A pro-Palestinian activist and editor whose Web magazine posted a widely read story during the 2008 presidential campaign accusing candidate Barack Obama of hiding and then abandoning his sympathies for the Palestinian cause is facing a federal grand jury subpoena as part of an expanding terrorism support investigation.

Maureen Murphy, who serves as managing editor of the Electronic Intifada, said she received a grand jury subpoena from the FBI on Dec. 21, ordering her to appear before a grand jury in Chicago on Jan. 25.

…No criminal charges have been publicly announced in connection with the investigation, but FBI officials have confirmed it relates to potential violations of laws prohibiting material support for terrorism.

…The Electronic Intifada article alleging an evolution in Obama’s views on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, “How Barack Obama Learned to Love Israel,” was widely distributed to reporters and Jewish, pro-Israel Democrats by supporters of Obama’s chief rival for the Democratic presidential nomination, then-Sen. Hillary Clinton.

Published in March 2007 by Chicago-based Palestinian activist and writer Ali Abunimah, the story claimed that during Obama’s career as an Illinois state legislator and during his unsuccessful bid for Congress in 2000 he “was forthright in his criticism of U.S. policy [in the Mideast] and his call for an evenhanded approach to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.”

You should read the whole article to understand the bigger scope of this issue.

An event page on CAIR California’s website “Know Your Rights and Defend Our Communities from Grand Juries includes a poster “Build A Wall of Resistance” which ties into this effort and is most disturbing:


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