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Pew: Muslims to make up 8% of Europe’s population in 2030

Posted by avideditor on January 27, 2011

I thought it would be higher. They certainly kill and cause enough violence for a higher percentage. But image how bad it will be in the future if it is this bad now.
From Pew: Muslims to make up 8% of Europe’s population in 2030

In 2030, Muslims are projected to make up more than 10% of the total population in 10 European countries: Kosovo (93.5%), Albania (83.2%), Bosnia-Herzegovina (42.7%), Republic of Macedonia (40.3%), Montenegro (21.5%), Bulgaria (15.7%), Russia (14.4%), Georgia (11.5%), France (10.3%) and Belgium (10.2%).

Via Pew Forum:

The number of Muslims in Europe has grown from 29.6 million in 1990 to 44.1 million in 2010. Europe’s Muslim population is projected to exceed 58 million by 2030. Muslims today account for about 6% of Europe’s total population, up from 4.1% in 1990. By 2030, Muslims are expected to make up 8% of Europe’s population. Although Europe’s Muslim population is growing, Europe’s share of the global Muslim population will remain quite small. Less than 3% of the world’s Muslims are expected to be living in Europe in 2030, about the same portion as in 2010 (2.7%).

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Christians flee Islamic persecution in Denmark

Posted by avideditor on January 14, 2011

It seems like the Jihadis are taking over Denmark. What is the next country in Eurabia do you think is going to fall next?

From here http://eye-on-the-world.blogspot.com/2011/01/christians-flee-islamic-wrath-in.html?zx=98f1a2aaf6f1c982

And then Muslims like to play the victim card and scream about Islamophobia.

(Spero News) The Iranian-born head of the Church of Love, Massoud Fouroozandeh, fled with his family from the Vollsmose area of Odense – Denmark’s third-largest city – to a secret location in a small town, after two of the family’s cars were smashed. Each of them had a Christian cross hanging inside, according to local media reports.

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Insane Lefties and Jihadis try to smear the EDL as nazis. MPACUK lies put egg on all their faces.

Posted by avideditor on August 25, 2010

The EDL are not nazis. This is their response I previously posted this about how the EDL are the only defense IMHO to Lundonistan. Possible muslim blogger CfnJ posted this lie and smear What a bunch of lies. I guess he other lefties and other possible jihadis are down to get egg on there face for a terrorist victory mosque at ground 0. Notice the jihadi UK group MPACUK has recently been smearing the EDL. Coincidence? I think not.

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Counter Jihad Legislative Victory: Belgium To Become First European Nation to Ban Burka

Posted by avideditor on April 1, 2010

Counter Jihad Legislative Victory: Belgium To Become First European Nation to Ban Burka

Belgium is banning the burka. Under the proposals, women could face a week in prison or a fine for wearing a veil in public. The question is, will Muslimas choose prison over familial abuse, beatings and scorn? I’d take prison in a heartbeat. How ’bout you?

Inevitably, Muslims will immigrate elsewhere. They look for stupid, dhimmi, docile societies to colonize and dominate.

It is also a strong statement that they simultaneously go after violent protesters who cover their faces, rather than just niqab- and burka-clad women.

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The Geert Wilders Speech To Britain’s House of Lords

Posted by avideditor on March 6, 2010

Previously posted: Geert Wilders Speech on the freedom of speech English Translation Geert Wilders on Savage

Some Wakco Jihadis are threatening to kill Geert Wilders Is all Islam radical?

From Holger Awakens

Did they hear this man? Will they heed the warning?

Speech to the House of Lords, London, Friday, March 5, 2010
Geert Wilders

Thank you. It is great to be back in London. And it is great that this time, I got to see more of this wonderful city than just the detention centre at Heathrow Airport. Read the rest of this entry »

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Watch Out España — You’re Next on the Dar al-Ghasab List of the Mujahedin…

Posted by westerncivisheretostay on February 27, 2010

Philip Daniel


Straight from the mouth of a Hamasstani alim

First Israel, then the Iberian Peninsula, then the entire world…

SPAIN IS THE LAND OF ISLAM [via memritv.org]

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Demented anti Jew pro Jihadis march through Paris

Posted by avideditor on February 24, 2010

What is wrong with the French? Didn’t they also have anti Jew rallies before WWII. It seems they never learn. I say napalm these Jihad supporters. The only good Jihadi is a dead jihadi. They are a cancer. Remove the cancer aggressively. 😉 “><a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=azhuuh_C2jk%5D%5D

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Xmas in Eurabia

Posted by avideditor on December 25, 2009

Christmas in Eurabia: “


From Switzerland comes this contemporary political statement that is also an intimation of future Eurabian Christmases (thanks to Islam In Europe).

(Via .)

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Europe’s Mark to Suicide

Posted by avideditor on October 25, 2009

I found this at this blog

Europe’s March to Cultural Suicide

Geert Wilders, the Dutch politician opposed to the Islamization of Europe, arrived in Great Britain yesterday. He had previously been banned from Great Britain for openly opposing Islam and its violent, intolerant and murderous ways.  The Brits, reflecting the insanity of liberal/left thought, regularly oppose free speech in favor of their unassimilable, hostile and seditious Muslim immigrants.

A mob of Muslim protesters were on hand to picket Geert Wilders outside the House of Parliament, waving signs that show they are anything but democratic or tolerant.  They want to impose their 7th century bedouin culture on the modern world and the Brits and other Europeans are only too happy to accommodate them.  Europe can’t seem to commit suicide fast enough.  Liberalism is a death wish.
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Jihad Against the West – Europe

Posted by Glezele Vayne on March 29, 2009


Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “Jihad Against the West – Europe“, posted with vodpod

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“Gas the Jews”

Posted by avideditor on February 24, 2009

From EOZ. I highly advise against any Jews going to Europe. If some one gave me a free trip to Europe I might go but seriously Europe looks like it has all ready fallen to the Jihadis.

“Gas the Jews”

On Sunday, an IDF reserves captain spoke in Holland, and before he even said a word three protesters threw shoes at him. The venue for the speech had to be changed because the original hotel received threats about hosting it, and decided in that typically European way that anyone who threatens free speech is far more important than free speech itself.

But one detail in the story that got overlooked by most media reporting it:

According to Edelheit, “The Palestinian organizations learned of the change, and then a rush of emails pressured the second hotel as well. There was a protest of some 50 people outside the hotel screaming, ‘Gas the Jews‘.”

This has become a fashionable statement among the “pro-Palestinian” crowd. Even as they insist that they are not anti-semitic, the number of times that this or similar phrases have popped up at protests is increasing.

In Germany last month:

The mass anti-Israel demonstrations in Germany in January were largely organized and supported by Arab, Turkish and Palestinian groups. Left Party politicians in the Bundestag urged their members to attend the rallies, which turned into displays of Jew and Israel hatred, including calls to “gas the Jews,” “Jews out of Germany,” “Kill, kill Jews,” and “Kill, kill Israelis.”

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Wafa Sultan and Ayaan Hirsi Ali Confront Sleeping Americans

Posted by Glezele Vayne on February 15, 2009


A hat tip goes to Wafa Sultan and Glenn Beck for calling my attention to the lovely, courageous Ayaan Hirsi Ali. Wafa Sultan’s full speech is featured below. I have several other videos of Dr. Sultan linked on the “Videos” page located at the top of this blog. Ayaan’s video follows.

Wafa Sultan:

“Now I am free. But I cannot forget my niece. She was forced to marry her cousin when she was ten. He was over forty. Her marriage was valid and legalized under the Islamic sharia, because Mohammed the prophet of Islam married his second wife when she was six. He was over fifty. I always remember my niece coming back to her father’s house begging him not to send her back to her husband. He would say ‘In Islam, it is shame for a woman to leave her husband (sic) house. god will reward you for obeying him.’ At the age of twenty-five, my niece committed suicide by setting herself on fire. She was burned to death, leaving four children behind her. Read the rest of this entry »

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Geert on the CBN

Posted by avideditor on January 22, 2009

HT Schmoozing with Elya & Ellie Katz

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Don’t bring you Daughters or Sisters to England: Dhimmi Police are allowing muslims kidnap and sell young white girls Londonstain is out of control

Posted by avideditor on May 26, 2008

It looks like England gave up. They are allowing Jihadis to kidnap and sell non muslims. I found this news on Atlas Shurgs


A Muslim leader has accused the police of failing to tackle Muslim  gangs suspected of prostituting young white girls. The Brits are living dhimmitude. The citizenry is without protection. Free falling into the abyss.

Muslim leader accuses police of being ‘over cautious’ in stopping Asian gangs pimping white girls Daily Mail hat tip Liam

Officers are accused of being “over cautious” when investigating Muslim criminals because they fear being branded racist.

Last night Mohammed Shafiq, director of the Ramadhan Foundation, said the police were differentiating between criminals on the basis of race.

He claimed, driven by fear of race riots in places like Blackburn and Oldham, officers were “overtly sensitive” and not clamping down on the sordid practice.

His controversial comments in this week’s Panorama reignite a massively controversial issue which exploded over a Channel 4 documentary in 2004.

That programme which claimed Asian men in Bradford were grooming under age white girls for prostitution was pulled from C4’s schedules.

This was because police claimed at the time that it could provoke racial violence during the local election campaign.

Now the BBC is to risk the wrath of police officials and campaigners by airing a programme which will look at the same issue.

Speaking as part of the Panorama investigation, which airs tomorrow (Thursday), Shafiq said: “I think the police are overcautious on dealing with this issue openly because they fear being branded racist and I think that is wrong.”

“These are criminals they should be treated as criminals. They are not Asian criminals, they are not Muslim criminals, they are not white criminals. They are criminals and they should be treated as criminals.”

He said that some of the criminals were Asian gangs looking to supplement their income, after the cost of drugs has fallen over the last few years.

Shafiq said “I am the only Muslim leader in the UK that speaks up against this sort of thing and I do it because these teenage girls are somebody’s sisters and they are somebody’s daughters. I have got two daughters and I wouldn’t want that to happen to my daughters.

“If there is a drug dealer grooming a white teenager into prostitution then I don’t want the police service or local authority not to be open about it.”

Philip Davies, MP for Shipley, also raised concerns about the issue yesterday.

He said: “Everybody is affected by political correctness. The reason why it is so important is because things like this.

“Young girls are having their lives threatened and ruined because people pussyfoot around and they are too scared to do anything in case they make a mistake and are accused of racism.

“That’s why we have to tackle the culture of political correctness everybody is affected by and I think the police are probably more affected and hamstrung by it than most organisations.”

His comments come as Professor David Barrett of University of Bedfordshire also raised deep concerns about the issue in the BBC1 programme.

He claimed evidence suggested that those operating the practice were “absolutely” likely to get away with it.

The programme will controversially reveal the ethnic pattern of the crime which is largely Asian in northern England, Afro-Caribbean in the West Midlands and elsewhere white, Turkish and Kurdish.

The Government, reacting to concerns, has revealed it will introduce new crime-fighting targets aimed at specifically combating the little-publicised problem.

But there are concerns that the practice, mostly operated by drug dealing gangs, has been of little priority to the various authorities.

Figures suggest there are in the region of 5,000 British children being used as prostitutes.

On the programme Vernon Coaker under secretary of state with responsibility for policing reveals the new measures will be come into force next month.

The government also plans to introduce a new warning video for use in schools over the issue.

But despite funding a Home Office study almost ten years ago which revealed how the problem can be tackled, the police has a low prosecution rate.

Coaker told Panorama that using powers under the Sexual Offences Act 2003 there have been just 44 convictions for grooming and pimping young children.

Police attempts are said to be frustrated by a code of silence.

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The first steps of removing Jihadis from Europe is a success Oriana Fallaci Parc is born

Posted by avideditor on May 26, 2008

Update: For those in shock read this: Islam is not a religion nor is it a cult. It is a complete system.

It is a great sign that liberal europe is rejecting the jihadis and there institutions of brain washing. I also enjoy the name they are naming the Park, Oriana Fallaci. I hope this is the start of a new trend. I now see Europe as having a chance of not becoming Eurabia. I found this on Sons of Apes and pigs. 

ViVa Italia: The first demolished mosque in Italy, to be “The Oriana Fallaci Parc”

The writing is on the wall, and the bulldozers are out.

Muslim Organizations, their media, their apologists, their fifth columnists, and their dogs are mourning, while looking for revenge, to perfidiously strike back, by using all the tricks of subversions to spread their venom that is always ready at the tip of their tongue.

They started already, with the announcement of this great news, for us, with their trademark of deception, by claiming that the responsibility for that terrorists nest (mosque) cleanup was done by the Italian Rightist party. But let no one swallow the bait and slip into their sewer trap.

The cleanup of those Jihadists infection was done by the government of the Republic of Italy elected lawfully to implement the will of the Italian people. Full stop. Our Civilized laws are not fabricated by Mullahs, Ayatollahs, Hezbollah, or cooked in El Doha -Qatar, under the guardianship of a seventh century turban head, with the patronage of a thug in chief, and an assassin in chief as they did to Lebanon.  

Having said this, I invite all the anti-jihadists sites reporting this news, not to be distracted by the devout deceivers and their use of divisive terminology. It’s nothing new for them. They’re the same people that goes to the Christians telling them, “How you deal with the Jews that killed your Jesus,” and then turn around to tell the Jews, “How can you deal with the Christians that massacred you.” Same old tricks, now they play the rightists – leftists divide, but let them swallow their saliva. The fact is, the Italian people have spoken.  

For 1400 years, muslims made it a habit to destroy, burn, and loot Churches and Synagogues in every country they attacked to steal, that’s how they want to finish up with Israel as well. The ones they couldn’t destroy, they simply turned to mosques. Hagia Sophia, and the Ummayyad mosque in Damascus, just to name two landmark Churches that are still standing today to condemn the religion of thieves and robbers. But they still dare to tell us with a straight face that theirs is the religion that respect and love all other religions. We know their love slogan, “love them, to rob them.”

This is the most posthumous honor to vindicate Oriana Fallaci that was sued visciously on several occasions by muslims before her death. And a sweet revenge for the great lady that sounded the alarm till her last noble breath, of the death that always comes with islam.  As another great lady said it, the fight is not against islamofascism, fundamental islam, political islam, B.S. islam, it’s islam. Mosques, the spearheads acting as the predatory takeover by muslims to conquer and change the European landscape, aiming to erase every symbol of the Judeo – Christian civilization from our cities and even our neighbourhoods.

I can’t help but salute the struggle of another great lady, Brigitte Bardot, for having the courage to speak up against the islamization plague in France.

Last but not least, a very big Viva l’Italia, and a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig hug to all the the true Italians, without whom this could’ve not been possible. Keep up the good work,  and never forget that you’re the sons and daughters, of the great Garibaldi, and the least you should do is to send whoever called you, “the sons of apes and pigs,” to the garbage where they belong.

One thing for sure, Italians meant business when they went to the polls to elect their new government. And certainly this will be the first salvo to celebrate the crack of the temple of allah, and show the rest of the European populations that the road to follow for the destruction of allah’s terrorist cells, and give back Europe to its people, are in their ballot boxes. We have no doubt, the spirit of Oriana Fallaci, the great European symbol of courage and freedom, will also guide them on the way. The legacy of truth always lives forever.

Today Verona is not just a name of a great Italian city, but a symbol that could be synonymous with the Gates of Vienna.

Only one thing is missing, the mosque rubbles’ screen savers, But there is more to come.  

Read the rest at Sons Of Apes and Pigs

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Memorial Day gone wrong: Germany Awards Former SS Doctor

Posted by avideditor on May 26, 2008

I would like to thank all that gave their life in order to defeat the greatest evil of last century the Nazis. I hope my generation has the courage, willpower, and strength to defeat the greatest evil of century Radical Islam. It looks like Germany is at it again helping jihadist like Iran, while honoring Nazis. This news just makes me sick. 


(IsraelNN.com) The German Federation of Internal Medicine has awarded a former Nazi SS doctor, suspected of carrying out euthanasia. Dr. Hans-Joachim Sewering, 92, was honored for giving “unequalled services in the cause of freedom of the practice and the independence of the medical profession and to the nation’s health system,” according to the Federation.

American Jewish organizations previously have charged that Sewering killed 900 Jewish children at a euthanasia center. He has admitted to being part of the elite SS unit but has denied carrying out euthanasia.
American Jewish Dr. Michael Franzblau, who has spent tens of thousands of dollars in an attempt to prosecute Sewering, has said in previous speeches, “I would like the German medical profession to recognize that they have a stain on their honor by his continued presence.”

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Appeasing Islam (Pat Condell )

Posted by avideditor on March 8, 2008

UPDATE: Here is the transcript I found 

 According to a recent opinion poll, many muslims say that the way for the West to have better relations with Islam, is to show it more respect. And who said, ‘Muslim’s don’t have a sense of humour’?

Given that Islam is above criticism in the west, it’s hard to imagine how we could give it any more respect . . .short of closing down all of the pubs, growing beards and beating up women who don’t want to dress like nuns.Ah, yes, of course. Silly me.I think many people in the West, are now realizing that Islam has already been given far too much ‘respect’. Especially here in Europe where according to another poll, people now see it as a threat to their culture. They carry on accomodating it’s every demand of course, but this is not because Islam is welcome in Europe. Far from it. It’s because people have been conditioned by the lie of multiculturalism to believe that what they SHOULD think is more important than what they DO think.So, although people will criticise Islam in private, they know that to do so publicly, in other words to be honest about their feelings would instantly make them racists and Islamophobes and nazis and disgusting imperialists, ethno-centric-fascist bastards grinding their jack boots into the faces of the innocent and the weak – so, best not make a fuss. You want to beat your wife and mutilate your daughter? Be our guest. We’ll even subsidize it – because we want to be your friend. What’s that? You want to destroy our corrupt society? Well that’s our fault. Not yours. Here, have some more money.This film that’s coming out in Holland shortly, which has got the whole country in a state of heightened terrorist alert, is yet more proof that everything in Europe now needs to be measured against the possiblity of Muslim violence. Every play, every film, every art exhibition, every magazine article . . .in fact, our whole culture is now subject to Muslim approval. But then, this is Europe and we have a history of appeasment and caving into threats. Radical Islam knows this and is playing us like a violin. They KNOW that Islam will never get blamed for anything in Europe, no matter what happens. So that, for example, when the Danish press reprinted the cartoons recently, which was followed by a week of rioting by Muslim ‘youths’, Copenhagen’s Chief of Police refused to admit that it had anything to do with the cartoons. He said it was because they were ‘bored’.Yes, that’s right. They all rushed out and set fire to the city every night for a week ‘for something to do’. If only they had a table tennis club!The whole thing happened because three Islamic fanatics were caught planning to murder the cartoonists. Imagine how ‘bored’ THEY must have been!Oh, yes. Also. A news flash for European journalists. An anti-semitic attack by Muslims on Jews IS NOT a ‘conflict between communities’. In case you haven’t noticed, Islam HATES Jews. Even if Israel didn’t exist, Islam would still HATE Jews. Their holy book tells Muslims that they should HATE Jews. So, I think you’ll find that what is happening is NOT a ‘conflict between communities’ at all, but a violent unprovoked racist attack by Muslims on Jews – because they’re Jews. Just thought I’d clear that one up for you so that you can report it accurately next time if you bother to report it – at all.If we were serious about respecting Islam we would give it an HONEST REALITY CHECK. Islam needs to adapt to Europe. Not the other way around. Now, I know a lot of Muslims actually agree with this and they make an effort to adapt and to rub along with everybody else, which is great and it’s very welcomed.But we all know that a lot of others don’t. Which is why many European cities have large Muslim ghettos controlled by religious bigots, where indigenous law and values are increasingly unwelcome.Places full of people who have no intention of integrating and who want nothing less than the end of our civilization while we pander and defer to them thanks to a biased press and a complacent judiciary and the kind of politicians you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy. Actually, you probably would. And this situation is as much a threat to the freedom of ordinary Muslims as it is to everybody else. And it’s a clear indication of what we need in Europe now is NOT more respect for Islam. It’s less respect for Islam, and MORE RESPECT FOR OURSELVES. We need to stop pretending because thats what we are doing. We’re pretending that all cultures are equal. Well we can clearly see that they’re not. Islamic culture is NOT equal to Western culture. It encourages violence against women, against Jews and homosexuals. It sanctions polygamy and marrying old men to young children in a disgusting travesty of human relations. Anyone in the West advocating these kind of values would very quickly find themselves in jail. It’s NOT equal. It’s inferior. And given radical Islam’s openness about it’s totalitarian agenda, this is NOT something that should be encouraged in ANY WAY.It should be discouraged by firm legislation and by rigorous enforcement of the law.Remember, “the law”?Now, I know that I’m going to be accused of racism and Islamophobia by the usual self-righteous pinheads but I don’t mind because those words have no value in this context. One has been neutralized by repeated dishonest disuse and the other is just a bare faced lie concocted by the political left in tandem with the religious right in a marriage of convenience which is, well, quite simply beneath contempt.A phobia is an irrational fear. Resisting Islam is not irrational. Pandering to it is irrational. Indulging the lie that Islamic culture is somehow equal to Western culture – while ignoring the victims of that culture – is more than irrational. It’s downright criminal. And if you really want to talk about racism, then look no further than the poisonous fiction of multiculturalism, a devisive and patronizing racist ideology. And the governments of Europe who promote it are racist governments. The civil servants who pander to it are racists. The university lecturers who encourage it are racists. The journalists who lie about it are racists. And the ordinary people who say one thing in private and another in public are cowardly racist hypocrits.If we can’t bring ourselves to say what’s in our hearts when it truely matters, then we have already given up our freedom and with it the freedom of future generations – which is something that we have no right to do. We didn’t earn this freedom. It was handed to us on a plate by people who DID earn it with their lives. We don’t own it. We’re custodians of it. It’s not ours to give away. So, it’s time to speak up Europe. It’s time to stop whining and belly aching about the Americans for five minutes and show a little back bone for once. Just once! Or, do we want to spend the rest of our lives cowering like frightened mice from a handful of violent bigots who think they have a right to poke a finger into our chest and tell us how we are allowed to live. . . what we can and can’t do, say and think. Well, I don’t know about you but anyone who asks me that question is going to get a very short answer. I’ll give you a clue, it won’t contain the words ‘allah’ or ‘akbar’. Peace, wouldn’t that be nice?

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