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I condem conservative sites linking to the pro #jihadi #AlJazreera especially in news about #Egypt

Posted by avideditor on February 1, 2011

Update: Drudge is linking to those jihadis again 😦

Update: It looks like Drudge removed the link to the jihad’ propaganda channel. Thank you.

From the Jihadis at Al Jazeera “We know the demand is there. We have seen a 2000 percent increase in hits on our English-language website, and more than 60 percent of that traffic originates in the United States. ”
Will sites like Drudge link to the jihadi lies.
I bet people believe the pro muslim brotherhood are closer to 2 million like jihadi stations are lying about to promote there lies to further their goal in reestablishing the caliphate then the 1/4 million the blaze Glenn Beck’s site is reporting. http://www.theblaze.com/stories/massive-egyptian-rally-reaches-250000/

Al Jazzera lies about Israel and promote jihad. No one with a concuss should link to those idiots.

a funny anti jihadi video that talks about the jihadi lies on al jazeera

an example of how pro jihad Al Jazeera is http://www.jihadwatch.org/2003/12/al-jazeera-under-fire-for-links-to-terrorism.html

Al-Jazeera under fire for links to terrorism

An Al-Jazeera broadcast shows a man calling for attacks on the US.REUTERS

John R. Bradley, managing editor of Arab News, writes in Straits Times about the notorious Qatari news network Al-Jazeera’s recent troubles: “Even for a news organisation which frequently makes world headlines, the past two months have been a roller-coaster ride for Al-Jazeera, the Qatar-based, Arabic-language satellite station famous for airing exclusive video and audio messages from Al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden.

“Its best-known Arab reporter, Tayssir Allouni, was arrested in Spain in September for his alleged membership of a Syrian-dominated Al-Qaeda group suspected of close links to the cell responsible for the Sept 11 attacks. He has since been charged.

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Palestinians greet French minister with stones and shoes

Posted by avideditor on January 21, 2011

In order to prove that they’re a peaceful group of beleaguered victims. That’ll do it, all right. “Palestinians receive French minister with throwing stones,
From Palestinians greet French minister with stones and shoes

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PA continues to make terrorists into heroes

Posted by avideditor on January 21, 2011

The sick jihadis at the PA continue to glorify fellow terrorists.

From PA continues to make terrorists into heroes
PMW once again documents how PA TV – controlled by the government – has shown music videos praising Dalal Mughrabi, the leader of one of the deadliest terror attacks in Israel ever. Both of these were shown within the past mont


This is the textbook definition of incitement to terror.

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Muslims burn effigy of the Pope. Again

Posted by avideditor on January 19, 2011

“Imagine now, the reaction if someone burned an effigy of Muhammad. Better yet, cover him in pig feces. Now notice that no one responds to this in the way muslims respond to any slight, real or perceived.”

From Muslims burn effigy of the Pope. Again

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Anti-Jewish Insanity in the Middle East Transcends All Previous Limits

Posted by avideditor on January 17, 2011

From Anti-Jewish Insanity in the Middle East Transcends All Previous Limits‏

After more than 30 years working professionally on Middle East history and politics, I can still be astonished by things that happen in the region. Yet, precisely as William Shakespeare wrote in his play about Cleopatra:

“Age cannot wither her, nor custom stale/Her infinite variety:”

Well, not exactly “infinite variety.” It’s just more of the same, to an infinite extreme. Who would have thought, say 20 year ago, that the Arabic-speaking world’s obsession with demonizing Jews might go even further than where it was at that time?For one thing, in the 1990s, history seemed to be moving toward moderation; for another thing, who could believe it could become even more intense.
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news about Jihads Jan 12

Posted by avideditor on January 12, 2011


Hamas threats to take over Israel again
Is Bart going to just let the pro jihadi propaganda exist on its trains?
Three Jihadis found Guilty in Australia to do a Fort Hood like shooting
Washington Post does an Orwell and takes Jerusalem away from Israel
The Jihadist Group the Muslim Brotherhood is using it front MSA to infiltrate its lies at UCLA

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News About Jihadis for January 6

Posted by avideditor on January 6, 2011


Daled Amos: Wikileaks on Gaza Shows Israeli Policy and Why It Made Sense

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A new German study shows that boys growing up in pious Muslim families are more likely to be violent

Posted by avideditor on July 20, 2010

The results showed that Muslim boys from immigrant families were more than twice as likely to agree with macho statements than boys from Christian immigrant families. The rate was highest among those considered as very religious, Pfeiffer said. They were also more likely to be using violent computer games and have criminal friends. Read the rest
HT Ploome

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Things That Don’t Offend Muslims

Posted by DJM on April 18, 2010

A couple of years ago, I blogged a list of things that offend Muslims. You can find the complete, extensive list at The Amboy Times blog.

This time, I present a list of things that don’t offend Muslims, courtesy of Planck’s Constant:

* Honor Killings

* The rape of Infidel Women

* Whipping the Victims of Rape

* the slaughter of nearly 3000 innocent people

* Hanging gays simply because they are gay

* Anti-Jewish Cartoons

* Killing Christians simply because they are Christians

* Killing your wife if she asks for a divorce

* Female genital mutilation

Click over to Planck’s Constant for footnotes and source links.

(Cross-posted at Al Salibiyyah and SnappedShot.com)

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Jihadis and Dhimmis attack Ann Coulter taking away her right to free speech

Posted by avideditor on March 23, 2010

Ann Coulter Ottawa speech shut down… 2000 protesters surrounding building with rocks and sticks — pulled fire alarm in building. Cops shut it down! Blogs calling for Coulter to be hurt. MPs were banned from going, Coulter denounced by an MP in the Parliement. From DRUDGE REPORT 2010®
Pro jihadi events like this. Occurred at the same place.

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Muslim urges his son to rape a 12 year old Cousin

Posted by avideditor on January 4, 2010

The morality of the “religion of peace”

Muslim urges his son to rape a 12 year old Cousin: “London Muslim was sickened to be told about the story of a Muslim father and his wife who urged their son to rape a 12 year old cousin.

The sick bastards seemed to have the support of their family in encouraging the rape so the parents were not isolated in their appalling actions. The rape appeared to follow an illegal marriage ceremony.

Where is the outrage in the Muslim community and why does this story appear to be getting brushed under the carpet.

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Why is Obama giving the Muslims Millions of tax payer dollars?

Posted by avideditor on October 24, 2009

Is there one invention in recent history that the muslims invented? Is this a joke or a jizzya?

HT sharku

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Wafa Sultan – ‘Why I Left Islam’

Posted by avideditor on February 2, 2009

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “Wafa Sultan – ‘Why I Left Islam’“, posted with vodpod

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Why Do Muslims Teach Their Children To Hate?

Posted by avideditor on January 14, 2009

From IBA

Hate and violence is taught in the name of Islam. Why is it we never hear Muslims protesting against this hijacking of their religion?

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It is no longer safe for Jews in the US

Posted by avideditor on January 9, 2009

They are attacking our buildings now. The are running through the streets saying things like Hitler was right. I am leaving. Make you own choice. Obama is not yet president and the trouble has already started. Keep in mind I previously said, Obama will kill all the Jews: He will be worse then Hitler or Stalin.

Hopefully the US will change and be safer in a couple of years. Hopefully I am wrong. But my advice is leave, if you can.

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Obama camp ‘prepared to talk to Hamas’

Posted by avideditor on January 9, 2009

I refuse to excerpt and link to the terrorsit supporting scum at The Guardian. I found this link at the Drudge Report. This does not surprise me at all. Obama wrote in his autobiography that he will support the Muslims over the Jews. Obama is scum and he will “talk” to the worst Jihadis out there. 

UPDATE: I like what Atlas Has to say on this. Check it out. 

Obama camp ‘prepared to talk to Hamas’

Incoming administration will abandon Bush’s isolation of Islamist group to initiate low-level diplomacy, say transition sources   

Jonathan Freedland: Talking to Hamas is a step toward peace

U.S. President-elect Obama steps out from behind a curtain     

US president-elect, Barack Obama, steps out from behind a curtain. Photograph: Jim Young/Reuters

The incoming Obama administration is prepared to abandon George Bush’s doctrine of isolating Hamas by establishing a channel to the Islamist organisation, sources close to the transition team say. Read the rest of this entry »

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Islam does not mean peace

Posted by avideditor on December 3, 2008

This is a great post IMHO

“We are clear of you and of whatever ye worship besides Allah: we have rejected you, and there has arisen, between us and you, enmity and hatred forever, unless ye believe in Allah and Him alone” (Surah 60:4)

This blog is about common arguments used by Islamists and their supporters. If you’ve ever had a debate with a “moderate” Muslim, some of these will be very familiar:

1. “Islam” means “peace” – The word Islam means “submission.” When confronted, most Islamists will argue it does mean “submission,” but only to Allah. This doesn’t just apply to those who choose to embrace the Islamic faith. To the Muslim world, peace can only come when all humans submit to Allah, whether by conversion or subjugation.

2. Jihadis make up only a small percentage of Muslims – Recent polls in Indonesia indicates differently. One in ten Muslims polled supported violence against innocent people, while a third wanted the Sharia as the highest law in the land. Polls in America show 15% of Muslims support terrorism. Similar polls in the U.K. shows as many as 40% support terroristic violence and/or the Sharia. The Sharia, or Islamic Law, supports such barbaric, draconian punishments as stoning to death rape victims who cannot provide four male witnesses to the crime. So, almost half of the Muslims in this Western country want to impose Islam on all.

There are over one billion Muslims in the world. Using the most conservative number of 10% who support radical views, that leaves one hundred million Islamic extremists. A small percentage…

3. Islam forbids the killing of innocent people – This is true. However, what constitutes an “innocent person” might surprise you. In Islam, there are no innocent non-Muslims. Disbelief is a crime against Allah. Anyone who commits a crime against Allah is a legitimate target for Jihadis. “Disbelievers are an open enemy to you.” (Surah 4:101). The Qur’an commands Muslims to kill the enemies of Allah (Surah 2:191).

4. The Qur’an is misinterpreted or out of context – A very common defense, Muslims will usually go straight for this one, especially when infidels use direct quotes from the Qur’an. Once, when I asked a Muslim how long “forever” meant in Surah 60:4 (see the verse at the top of this article), the response was “In Muhammad’s time.” Either Muslims have little grasp of the English language, or they choose to deceptively ignore the qualifier “until you believe in Allah.” The verse could not be clearer. But because Muslims do not want to admit the true intent of Islam, they continue to mislead and misrepresent about the Qur’an. Disbelievers are FOREVER the enemy of Allah, until they submit to Islam.

5. The Qur’an is mistranslated – This is also true. The question you should ask is how it is mistranslated. According to Arab speaking apostates, the English version of the Qur’an is less violent. One example is the word “kartillo.” It is most often translated as “fight.” But the definitions are different. The English word “fight” suggests a struggle until the enemy is overcome. The Arabic word, however, means to the death. To either die fighting or fight until you kill your enemy. When Muhammad said, “And fight [Disbelievers] until persecution is no more, and religion is for Allah.” (Surah 2:193), he did not mean struggle against non-Muslims, resist them, or battle until victorious. He meant kill them.

Read the rest Here

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Council on American Islamic Relations CAIR parody site

Posted by avideditor on August 17, 2008

CAIR is a terrorist organization that is pretending to be a civil rights group. Luckily they are being exposed by Emerson and others. It is just sick the US government gives CAIR any legitimacy at all. Well until CAIR is completely thrown out of our country, you can laugh at there hypocrisy with this clever parody site. 

This is one of the funniest post on there in my opinion. 

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Video: WAKE UP! The Jihadis are going kill us. Unless we destroy them first.

Posted by avideditor on August 12, 2008

HT Mosque Watch

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A Discovery of olympic proportions: China discovers Al Qaeda in its backyard

Posted by avideditor on August 11, 2008


Read more about it here.

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