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Appeasing Ourselves to Death

Posted by Glezele Vayne on December 31, 2009


Thanks to Dr. Paul Eidelberg for calling my attention to this latest by Sultan Knish.

Israel, State and Nation

It is difficult to comprehend the extent to which the left has inserted appeasement into the culture and the educational system of the State of Israel. From the youngest ages children are taught to pursue appeasement dressed up as peace, with the same enthusiasm and verve that Palestinian Arab children are taught to pursue Jihad. The anniversary of the assassination of leftist Prime Minister Rabin is treated as an extended series of events that seems to stretch on forever, as leftist politicians call for peace with Arab terrorists “at any cost” and denounce the right for inciting the murder of Rabin by criticizing his creation of a terrorist state within Israel’s borders. Not the anniversary of Israel’s independence nor the commemoration of the Holocaust has the moral stature anymore that Israel’s left has invested into “Chag Rabin”.And the results of the left’s propaganda campaign can be seen in the falling recruitment numbers and the rise  of draft dodging. As much as a quarter of Israeli men now dodge the draft, and a far larger number of women.  This is all the more shocking in a country where a generation ago draft dodgers were held in contempt and found leading a normal civilian life nearly impossible. The credit for this transformation belongs to the left, whose politicians had preached to a new generation that the army was irrelevant, whose reporters smeared soldiers at every turn, whose activists stood guard at checkpoints to prevent IDF soldiers from doing their jobs, who treated draft dodgers as heroes for refusing to serve in the “Occupation Army”.

The sharp rise in draft dodging by the sons and daughters of the left, from former Prime Minister Olmert’s own son down, has moved the burden of service over to the Religious Zionist community, the patriotic sector of Israel that has not been infected by the left’s agenda. While the left complained that their sons were forced to die for the settlements, the Settlers became the IDF, fighting and dying for Ashkelon and Haifa. The heroes of the last Lebanon war, such as Major Roi Klein, who threw himself on a grenade to protect his men, and the casualties, increasingly came from the settlements. While Olmert’s sons were living abroad, it was the sons of the settlements, from the families of men and women living on Israel’s frontier with Islamic terror, who went out and fought.

Unsurprisingly this also paralleled the left’s war against the Religious Zionist community, from the ethnic cleansing of the Jewish communities of Gaza, to the criminalizing of political dissent for children as young as 13 and a constant demonization campaign by the domestic and international media. With the burden of military service increasingly coming down on Religious Zionist soldiers, even as the left was working feverishly to crush Religious Zionists for representing an obstacle to their plans for Israel, the resulting paradox in which the left needs Religious Zionist soldiers to crush Religious Zionist communities has touched off a feverish debate within Israel.

The debate over whether Religious Zionist soldiers should obey orders that run contrary to their own moral values and the interests of the State of Israel, centers on the balance between obedience to the state vs the duty to the values for which one fights. Increasingly many new recruits are stating that they will not obey any orders to ethnically cleanse Jewish communities, which has brought out the usual manufactured outrage from the media outlets of the left. The soldiers have been accused of undermining democracy, which the Israeli left in its usual fashion interprets as being synonymous with their own agenda, as when former Histadrut union thug and current chairman of the Kadima Council, Haim Ramon, proclaimed in an open forum, “If you do not obey the rules of our democracy we will crush you.”

Many on the right however also believe that it is more important to preserve the forms of the state, that it requires that soldiers follow orders that they find immoral, orders that will ultimately lead to the destruction of the body of the state. Isi Leibler recently expressed a similar view, which while acknowledging the unpleasantness of the orders, denounced Rabbi Eliezer Melamed of the Har Bracha Yeshiva who had stated that soldiers should not follow immoral orders to participate in the suppression and ethnic cleansing of Jewish communities in order to appease Islamic terrorism. The case of the refusniks from the Kfir Brigade, like the case of Rabbi Melamed, has been phrased as one of conflicting obligations, between the supposed democratic rule of law represented by the state, and the private morality of individuals and factions that must subsume their contradictory beliefs for the good of the state.

This model however is an inherently wrong one. The state cannot function outside the values of its citizenry and its armed forces. The army does not fight for the government of the state, it fights for the enduring existence of the nation and for the people of that nation. It is not merely a tool for executing government policy, but a shield and a sword against the enemies of its people. Successive Israeli governments have devalued the army and undermined its moral purpose by watering down the IDF oath and the IDF code of ethics. Prime Minister Rabin took the first step in this direction by recruiting Professor Asa Kasher, a radical left wing activist and co-founder of Yesh Gvul, to remove Zionism and a love of the land from the equation, leaving only obedience to elected authority.

Click here to continue reading….

From Glezele Vayne

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Profile of a thug KHAMENEI

Posted by avideditor on December 29, 2009

From the great freedom fighter Winston,

Profile of a thug: “The recent leaked letter that profiles and explains the weird life style of the Iranian regime’s leader Khamenei should make for an interesting study within the intelligence community.

Read the entire profile here. به فارسی: نسخه فارسی اسرار زندگی خامنه ای گدا

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On Jimmy Carter’s “Repentance”

Posted by Glezele Vayne on December 29, 2009


The three D’s of antisemitism:



Double Standards

It is wise to keep those in mind when you find yourself experiencing cognitive dissonance as you listen to antisemites  who claim to eschew antisemitism. Hat tip on these 3 flags from Shai Ben-Tekoa.

Carter “Apology”: Reaction I

Carter “Apology”: Reaction II

From Glezele Vayne

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Taken With Calling the Ambassadors Home, Barak May be Hinting At Something

Posted by avideditor on December 29, 2009

Taken With Calling the Ambassadors Home, Barak May be Hinting At Something: “Newsmax:

Israeli Defense Chief: Iran Can Build Bomb by 2011
Monday, 28 Dec 2009 07:55

Israel Radio reports that Defense Minister Ehud Barak says Iran will have the technology to build a nuclear bomb early next year and will be able to produce one in 2011.

Defense Minister Ehud Barak delivered this assessment before the Israeli parliament’s defense and foreign affairs committee.

The Defense Ministry said it could not confirm the report, and a Barak spokesman wasn’t immediately available for comment.

Israel rejects Tehran’s claims that its nuclear program is designed to produce energy, not bombs. It has lobbied for tough sanctions against Iran and has not ruled out a military strike against Iranian nuclear facilities.

Iran is under pressure from its domestic opposition and the West to suspend key parts of its nuclear program.

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Islam’s War on America 2009: Jihad in Review

Posted by avideditor on December 29, 2009

Islam’s War on America 2009: Jihad in Review: ”

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Suicide bomber kills 30 in Pakistan during Shia religious ceremony

Posted by avideditor on December 29, 2009

Suicide bomber kills 30 in Pakistan during Shia religious ceremony: “

(Times Online) Riots erupted in Pakistan’s southern port city of Karachi yesterday after a suicide bomber attacked a Shia religious procession, killing at least 30 people in the latest sectarian atrocity.

More than 50,000 Shias, 15 per cent of Pakistan’s population, marched through the city whipping themselves to mark the holy day of Ashura.

The bomber managed to get into the procession despite the presence of more than 10,000 paramilitary troops. The attacker blew himself up at the front of the procession in the city centre.

Witnesses and police said that the streets were strewn with body parts. Women and children were among the dead and about 60 people were injured in the attack.


Arabs News reports one of the witnesses saying:

‘I fell down when the bomb went off with a big bang. My mind stopped working,’ said Naseem Raza, a 26-year-old who had been in the procession. ‘Sometime later, I stood up. People were running. I saw walls stained with blood and splashed with human flesh. I saw bloodstained people lying here and there.’

The Religion of Peace™.

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First There Was Hanoi Jane now There’s Tehran Johnny

Posted by avideditor on December 29, 2009

First There Was Hanoi Jane now There’s Tehran Johnny: “Of Course, the difference is, he has Obamal Blessing:

Hot Air:

Kerry to go to Iran
posted at 10:55 am on December 24, 2009 by Ed Morrissey

The Iranian people have gone into the streets once again to protest against the tyranny of the mullahs after the death of dissident cleric Hossein Ali Montazeri. The Iranian government fears the reaction enough to ban any more memorials for Montazeri after protests erupted in Qom. Will the Obama administration finally show some support for Iranian opposition and refuse to grant any legitimacy to the mullahcracy, which has also defied global calls for an end to its nuclear-weapons program?


Sen. John Kerry has suggested becoming the first high-level U.S. emissary to make a public visit to Tehran since the 1979 Islamic revolution, a move White House officials say they won’t oppose.
The offer comes as mass protests against Iran’s regime are resurfacing and a U.S.-imposed deadline nears to broach international sanctions against Iran.

‘This sounds like the kind of travel a chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee would — and should — undertake,’ said a White House official, adding it would be at Sen. Kerry’s own behest. …

The Obama administration hasn’t decided whether to make Sen. Kerry its official representative if he goes, but as chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Sen. Kerry can visit if the White House and Tehran both approve.

How do opposition leaders view this visit? As a betrayal, and as an endorsement for tyrants:

Many opponents of Tehran’s regime oppose such a visit, fearing it would lend
legitimacy to President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad at a time when his government is
under continuing pressure from protests and opposition figures. Hundreds of
thousands of demonstrators took to the streets again this week to voice their
opposition to the government following the death of a reformist cleric.

Well, what do they know? Let’s ask the peace activists, the ones who believe that talking always solves problems. Surely this idea will get them excited, especially coming from the Hope and Change administration, right? Right?

‘We’ve eschewed high-level visits to Iran for the last 30 years. I think now — when the Iranian regime’s fate is less certain than ever — is not the best time to begin,’ said Karim Sadjadpour, an Iran analyst at Washington’s Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.

‘The wrong message would be sent to the Iranian people by such a high-level visit: The U.S. loves dictatorial regimes,’ said Hossein Askari, a professor at George Washington University and former adviser to Iranian governments.

In other words, everyone outside of the White House and Magic Hat Land agree that this would be a bad idea.

The truth is that we don’t have any good options on Iran and its nuclear-weapon program. Sanctions won’t work, because the Russians and the Chinese conduct too much trade with Iran. The Chinese won’t agree to them, and the Russians will cheat to get around them. Military strikes sound good, but Iran has significant military capabilities of its own that can hit us in Iraq, the Straits of Hormuz, and throughout the Persian Gulf — and Iran has dispersed its nuclear program to avoid having it destroyed by airstrikes. Invasion would be almost impossible, thanks to the terrain and the 72 million Iranians that would resist it.

The best option we have in dealing with the Iranian nuclear and terrorist threats is regime change. Replacing the radical mullahs with almost anything else would improve the situation,
and a popular uprising that replaced the theocracy with a secular republic

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Cyber-security chief resigns in protest: calls consolidation of power in National Security Agency ‘bad strategy’, “unwise to hand over the security of all government networks to a single org”

Posted by avideditor on December 29, 2009

Cyber-security chief resigns in protest: calls consolidation of power in National Security Agency ‘bad strategy’, “unwise to hand over the security of all government networks to a single org”: “

Obama – its all bad.  The National Policy Institute is reporting:

A. Beckstrom has resigned director of the National Cyber Security Center in the
Department of Homeland Security.

The official in charge of coordinating the U.S. government’s cyber-security
operations has quit, saying the expanding control of the National
Security Agency
over the nation’s computer security efforts poses ‘threats
to our democratic processes.’

‘Even from a security standpoint, it is unwise to hand over the security of
all government networks to a single organization,’ said Rod A.
, the head of the Department of Homeland Security’s National
Cyber Security Center
(NCSC) when speaking to United
Press International

‘If our Founding Fathers were taking part in this debate [about the future
organization of the governments cyber-security activities], there is no doubt
in my mind they would support a separation of security powers among different
[government] organizations, in line with their commitment to checks and
balances,’ he said.

In a letter to Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano last week, Mr.
Beckstrom said the NSA ‘dominates most national cyber efforts’ and ‘effectively
controls DHS cyber efforts through detailees, technology insertions and the
proposed move’ of the NCSC to an NSA facility at the agency’s Fort Meade, Md.,

‘I believe this is a bad strategy on multiple grounds,’ Mr. Beckstrom wrote
in the letter, a copy of which was obtained by UPI. ‘The intelligence culture is
very different than a network operations or security culture. In addition,
threats to our democratic processes are significant if all top-level government
network security and monitoring are handled by any one organization.’

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What do President Obama and O.J. Simpson have in common?

Posted by avideditor on December 29, 2009

What do President Obama and O.J. Simpson have in common?: “

‘Ssssssh. I think the al-Qaeda terrorists are hiding in the sand traps surrounding the 14th green.’

President Obama channeled O.J. Simpson today when he said, ‘We will not rest until we find all who were involved and hold them accountable.’

Then, according to Politico, ‘A half-hour after President Obama vowed to catch the terrorists behind a plot to blow up a plane on Christmas, he arrived at 10:40 a.m. at the Luana Hills Country Club, where a golf course winds through a rain forest, the pool reports. The club is below inland cliffs and the towering Mt. Olomana.’

Apparently, golf courses are now the preferred choice of hideouts for bloodthirsty killers. After erroneously being found not guilty of killing his wife, O.J. Simpson also declared that he would spend the rest of his life searching for the real killers, then went out and played 18 holes.

The president reportedly spent a lot of time in the sand traps looking for the al-Qaeda terrorists in their native habitat.

Source: Politico

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Al-Qaeda practiced passing explosives through airport security

Posted by avideditor on December 29, 2009

Europe: Al-Qaeda practiced passing explosives through airport security: “Europe: Al-Qaeda practiced passing explosives through airport security

A central intelligence source says in response to the additional scanning equipment at Schiphol airport that al-Qaeda have their own scanning and x-ray equipment with which they practice making bombs as much as possible. More than that: al-Qaeda practiced in the past in passing body-scanners at major European airports.

‘Al-Qaeda is being constantly under-estimated. They have at their disposal high-quality technical equipment and train with it. They undertook ‘test-runs’ in European airports in order to deceive the inspections,’ according to the intelligence source, who was active in the Dutch military security service for years. Schiphol purchased in recent years fifteen body-scanners, which looks at the bodies of passengers through their clothing using sound waves. they also see non-metallic objects and materials.

Due to strict European privacy regulations, the body-scan can only be used now in trials on internal European flights and for inspecting airport personnel.

Schiphol doesn’t guarantee that the body-scans would have detected Umar Farouk Abdulmuttalab’s explosive powder. Al-Qaeda says on a website that Friday’s unsuccessful attack was a retaliatory operation for an American attack on the group in Yemen and calls to kill workers in Western embassies in the region.

Source: Telegraaf (Dutch)

See also: Netherlands: Airport guards cheered 9/11

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Cutting to the chase in the NYTimes airline security debate

Posted by avideditor on December 29, 2009

Cutting to the chase in the NYTimes airline security debate: “THE NYTIMES ASKED 3 SUPPOSED EXPERT ABOUT AIRLINE SECURITY:

Room for Debate

What’s Missing in Airport Security?

Can safety rules be tightened without clogging up air travel?






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Profiling is Essential

Posted by avideditor on December 29, 2009

Profiling: “


Dry Bones: Profiling

Meanwhile, CAIR’s instant response was to issue a press release:

Plane Incidents in Ariz., Mich. Raise Profiling Concerns:

…The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) today called on airline passengers, crews and security personnel to avoid ethnic and religious ‘profiling’ in the wake of the attempted bombing of a flight arriving in Detroit on Christmas Day…

And pay no attention to that man behind the curtain…

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Posted by avideditor on December 29, 2009


I want to thank all of you who pressured the US government over the past few years to release my fellow jihadis from Gitmo. Thanks to all of your efforts, we almost pulled this latest terrorist attack off. If not for a faulty charge, I would be right now enjoying my 72 year old virgin instead of nursing my badly burnt balls.

Abdul Mutallab, the Detroit Ball Bomber.

Remember folks, though B.Hussein Obama was not the president at the time of the release of these two jihadis from Gitmo, he was most certainly a part of the chorous in the Senate demanding Gitmo to be closed, and in part, responsible for the pressure heaped on the then president, G.W.Bush, to be releasing prisoners as soon as possible.
(picture courtesy of Weasel Zippers)
This goes to show that the worst of the worst are being held at Gitmo, and that they, and future jihadis captured, should remain there until the jihad is defeated. However long that takes. KGS
Two of the four leaders allegedly behind the al Qaeda plot to blow up a Northwest Airlines passenger jet over Detroit were released by the U.S. from the Guantanamo prison in November, 2007, ABC News is reporting, quoting American officials and citing Department of Defense documents.
American officials agreed to send the two terrorists to Saudi Arabia where they entered into an ‘art therapy rehabilitation program’ and were set free, according to U.S. and Saudi officials, ABC News reported.
Guantanamo prisoner #333, Muhamad Attik al-Harbi, and prisoner #372, Said Ali Shari, were sent to Saudi Arabia on Nov. 9, 2007, according to the Defense Department log of detainees who were released from American custody. Al-Harbi has since changed his name to Muhamad al-Awfi.
Pamela at Atlas has this off topic but related observation: Buffoon of the blogosphere. Who is paying this clown?

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And now let’s extend a warm welcome to the latest Obama haters, the Huffington Post

Posted by avideditor on December 29, 2009

And now let’s extend a warm welcome to the latest Obama haters, the Huffington Post: “

President Obama puckers up and prepares to kiss his presidency goodbye

President Obama puckers up and prepares to kiss his presidency goodbye

Hell hath frozen over. The leftist Huffington Post is starting to sound absolutely conservative in its criticism of The One. They’ve opened their eyes. They’re seeing the Obama the rest of us have been seeing for a couple years.

Huffpo writer Drew Weston said:

Consider the president’s leadership style, which has now become clear: deliver a moving speech, move on, and when push comes to shove, leave it to others to decide what to do if there’s a conflict, because if there’s a conflict, he doesn’t want to be anywhere near it…

Like most Americans I talk to, when I see the president on television, I now change the channel the same way I did with Bush. With Bush, I couldn’t stand his speeches because I knew he meant what he said. I knew he was going to follow through with one ignorant, dangerous, or misguided policy after another. With Obama, I can’t stand them because I realize he doesn’t mean what he says — or if he does, he just doesn’t have the fire in his belly to follow through. He can’t seem to muster the passion to fight for any of what he believes in, whatever that is. He’d make a great queen — his ceremonial addresses are magnificent — but he prefers to fly Air Force One at 60,000 feet and ’stay above the fray.’…

I don’t honestly know what this president believes. But I believe if he doesn’t figure it out soon, start enunciating it, and start fighting for it, he’s not only going to give American families hungry for security a series of half-loaves where they could have had full ones, but he’s going to set back the Democratic Party and the progressive movement by decades, because the average American is coming to believe that what they’re seeing right now is ‘liberalism,’ and they don’t like what they see. I don’t, either.

Welcome aboard, HuffPo. Better late than never.

Source: Huffington Post

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Is Obama’s Weak Approach to War on Terror Inviting More Attacks?

Posted by avideditor on December 29, 2009

Is Obama’s Weak Approach to War on Terror Inviting More Attacks?: “

Obama has not made us safer. Just the reverse!

Remember when Obama worshipping columnist Andrew Sullivan opined that electing Obama would be the best weapon in the war on terror?

Here’s a reminder:

It’s November 2008. A young Pakistani Muslim is watching television and sees that this man—Barack Hussein Obama—is the new face of America. In one simple image, America’s soft power has been ratcheted up not a notch, but a logarithm. A brown-skinned man whose father was an African, who grew up in Indonesia and Hawaii, who attended a majority-Muslim school as a boy, is now the alleged enemy. If you wanted the crudest but most effective weapon against the demonization of America that fuels Islamist ideology, Obama’s face gets close. It proves them wrong about what America is in ways no words can.

Yeah. How’d that work out!

First we had the Muslim shooting at the Army recruiting station in Little Rock, Arkansas killing one soldier in June. Then, in November, the Muslim massacre at Fort Hood killing 13 soldiers and wounding 30. Now, the botched Christmas Day attack on the airliner carrying 300 people.

One might make the case that the tempo and seriousness of these attacks is on the rise.

And yet, from the beginning of the Obama Administration, they have downplayed the seriousness of the problem. Obama and company refused to call this a ‘war on terror.’ Janet Napolitano, Sec. of Homeland Security choose to call these attacks ‘man caused disasters.’ It’s no wonder that Mark Steyn dubbed Ms. Napolitano ‘Janet Incompetano’ after she claimed ‘the system worked’ in the wake of the failed underwear bomber (bomb photos here). Let’s not forget that Sec. ‘Incompetano’ seemed to be more concerned with ‘rightwing extremist activity’ than she was by Islamic terrorists who have killed thousands of Americans.

Obama too has had trouble calling terrorism by it’s name. After the Little Rock killing, a belated White House statement called it a ‘senseless act of violence.’ After the Fort Hood shooting Obama referred to the attack as a ‘horrific outburst of violence.’ Later at the memorial service at Fort Hood he only managed to call the attack a ‘tragedy’ that killed ‘13 men and women who were not able to escape the horror of war.’

Obama ‘Alleged’ Terror Attack?

Three days after the failed Christmas bombing, Obama finally took a break from his vacation and commented on Monday. His statement referred to an ‘alleged’ attempt to ignite an explosive by an ‘isolated extremist’ despite mounting evidence that the attacker was trained by an Al Queda group in Yemen led by terrorists released from the detention facility at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba. At least Obama was able to admit that this was an ‘attempted act of terrorism.’

But what is the Obama Administration reaction to this ‘attempted act of terrorism?’ It seems that instead of working to assure that no more terrorists were preparing further attacks White House officials fanned out to blame the incident on Bush. Never mind that the Obama Administration had thoroughly reviewed the Bush anti-terror policy and also, that the vital warning by the would be terrorist’s father was passed up the chain of command to Washington after the initial report on November 19th.

When Obama aides aren’t blaming Bush they are busy promulgating ridiculous new airline security regulations which take away passengers blankets and pillows and demand passengers remain in their seats with their hands visible during the last hour of flight. Why not just insist that passengers be shackled to their seats during the entire flight?

Obama Attitude a September 10th Mentality

When Obama does talk about these recent attacks he looks pained when he places them within the context of a war. He seems far more comfortable treating these attacks as criminal incidents instead of acts of war. Just as he is allowing Khalid Sheikh Mohammed to have his day in court in New York with the world’s press there to broadcast the entire trial, Obama has granted this Nigerian terrorist wannabe the full panoply of constitutional rights of an American citizen. He’s now lawyered up and able to refuse the questioning by the FBI or CIA that might lead to the discovery of information which could prevent future attacks.

It’s clear that Obama’s evident weakness in perceiving the nature and reality of this threat have only emboldened the terrorists. After learning that one of their own was able to walk past security and onto a plane they will likely try again. No doubt they won’t be bothered by the lack of a blanket or a bathroom visit in the last hour of the flight.

Instead of seeing that iconic figure described by Andrew Sullivan above, the terrorists see a President who has continued many of his predecessors policies, but who also spends a great deal of time validating the terrorist’s propaganda against the United States by apologizing for past wrongs at every available opportunity. It isn’t just the French President who sees Obama as weak and ineffective. Everything about Obama invites the terrorists to try harder. Bush scared them, but Obama couldn’t frighten anything larger than a fly.

Has Obama’s election made America safer? Clearly the answer is NO!

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79% Say Another Terror Attack Likely Within Year (Rasmussen Reports)

Posted by avideditor on December 29, 2009

79% Say Another Terror Attack Likely Within Year (Rasmussen Reports): “

Rasmussen Reports:
79% Say Another Terror Attack Likely Within Year  —  A Nigerian Muslims attempt to blow up an airliner landing in Detroit on Christmas Day has Americans much more concerned about the dangers of another terrorist attack.  —  A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 79% …

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So, Which Is It?

Posted by Glezele Vayne on December 27, 2009


A Tale of Two Gazas: Website Pictures Deny ‘Humanitarian Crisis’ by Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu Arutz Sheva News

Pal Today Arabic Site shows a Gaza living in abundance

Pal Today English Site shows a suffering Gaza

Sigh. These people must have forgotten that the rest of the world has nifty little items, such as iPhones. High speed internet ‘n’ stuff.

Cross-posted at Avid Editor’s Insights

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Ahmadinejad AKA Dinner Jacket kills four protestors so far in a jihadi attempt to destroy freedom

Posted by avideditor on December 27, 2009

It looks like the people of Iran do not want Dinner Jacket or to be bombed by his polices to get a nuke. I wish the protestors good luck. Hopefully I will see nice pics of Dinner Jacket hung when I wake up. 😉

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Revolution In Iran

Posted by avideditor on December 27, 2009

UPDATE Ahmadinejad AKA Dinner Jacket kills four protestors so far in a jihadi attempt to destroy freedom

Witnesses: Iran’s police deployed to stop protests

Iran’s Green movement prepared for street protest against hardline regime mullahs

Not Your Mother’s Student Movement: ”

It’s not even a student movement anymore. It’s a force of nature. Watch this old lady lead a group of people in chanting anti-regime slogans on a bus in Tehran yesterday:

Today is the big day. It is 7 days after Montazeri’s death, so it is an official day of mourning. It is also the biggest holiday of the year (Ashura) for Shia Muslims, and the protests which are to take place have been planned for weeks, unlike the spontaneous ones which erupted last week. People have also been protesting late into the night the last two days.

You can see in the above video all the Basijis moving in. They have been brutal these last two days, and that’s just toward Khatami and the memory of Montazeri, whose house they vandalized yesterday.

As far as their treatment of the people, a group showed up on the 22nd to protest the hangings of some young men and ended up beating back regime forces to save them. (Warning: graphic.)

Basiji forces killed a protester in the ensuing melée:

The Washington Times is calling the situation ‘Iran’s Perfect Storm.’ This should get very interesting pretty soon.

I will be keeping tabs when I can tomorrow.

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Posted by avideditor on December 26, 2009


The Lockerbie bomber Abdel Baset Ali al-Megrahi is surrounded by his family at home in Tripoli, Libya, after his release from jail in August on compassionate grounds.


(Via .)

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