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Newsweek Compares the Obama To Lincoln

Posted by avideditor on January 20, 2009

Update: To read more of what I think of Obama check out my post RASHID KHALIDI On Gaza and Obama’s Middle East Policy

I thought Newsweek lost it when they started claiming global warming on data that was proven false. Then Newsweek sided with Hamas a terrorist group. It seems that Newsweek is now comparing Obama to Lincoln. I am still waiting for them to remove “News” from their title. 


When people start thinking they are Napoleon we lock them up in mental hospitals.

When Obama starts taking on the mantle of Lincoln we celebrate him?

The inmates truly are running the asylum.


You and I read a Lincoln biography and conclude that Lincoln was great.Obama reads the same book and concludes that he is Lincoln.

Not only does Obama conclude that he is Lincoln, so does Newsweek:



Funny, I recall a few things about Lincoln. He saw this country through a devasting civil war with massive casualities and saw it through to the end. He did not concede defeat, nor tuck his tail and run.

Obama saw his country defeating a foe, and demanded we turn tail and run.

Lincolnesque he is not.

Also recall how Lincoln suspended the writ of habeus corpus, seized people and tried them without due process. Something the left and their mouthpieces at Newsweek rail against.

But somehow, someway, Obama is comparable to Republican President Lincoln.

But hey, keep on with idol worship. The high expectations they are putting in place for the messiah is setting Obama up for a huge failure.

I absolutely love it!


Read the whole story at Winds Of Jihad.  

2 Responses to “Newsweek Compares the Obama To Lincoln”

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  2. P3epe said

    Public education turns men from the past into gods. And Obama has not done anything deserving of such admiration.

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