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Pig blood spread on a Koran for all the jihadis out there

Posted by avideditor on March 4, 2010

Of course, that might lead to a bit of a mess:

Let’s see how absorbent those patented asswipes of allah’s really are:

Oh great, now we’ve got this pig-blood-soaked koran and nowhere to stick it… Hey, wait a minute! Let’s stick it in here!

See? Playing with books is fun, boys and girls!

From here http://www.nicedoggie.net/2007/?p=772

4 Responses to “Pig blood spread on a Koran for all the jihadis out there”

  1. Shahid abdul said

    He or she who challgs islam is do’g great harm than good to himself. Islam will never allow a muslim to desecrate bible this way. You r just a nut and not a christian. To hell be with you!

  2. Ryan said

    Awesome pictures, FUCK MUSLIMS, post more!

    Any hajj have a problem with it, come fucking find me. I killed enough of you child-raping pukes in Afghanistan, I think I got it in me for a few more.

  3. Smarty said

    Great work!! Sly on the dead pig would rather it be a dead Muslim, fuck Islam!!!

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