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Why where the “humanitarian” aid ships carrying marbles.

Posted by avideditor on May 31, 2010

Those where no peace vessels. Marbles are added to rockets to cause more damage to civilians when they strike.
See the 3rd video down Video: Flotilla Muslims Club Navy Commandos – Defense/Middle East – Israel News – Israel National News

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The poor starving people of Gaza /sarc ( photo collage )

Posted by avideditor on May 31, 2010

What could these possibly need from the flotilla boats?  Other than rocket parts, of course!

UPDATE pictures from here

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The poor starving people of Gaza /sarc {photo}

Posted by avideditor on May 31, 2010

Some say a picture is worth a thousand words. Hopefully this one will expose the Jihadi lie.

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Jihadis are spinning Israel protecting its borders into classic Jew hatred

Posted by avideditor on May 31, 2010

from MEMRI – Middle East Media Research Institute

Israel should have sunk the boat. Guess what is Gaza other neighbor? Egypt. How come Egypt blocking supplies is omitted. Why are the lefts and jihadis going crazy about Israel’s non violent attempt at to stopping misguided fools that wanted to resupply Hamas to bomb more innocents?

UPDATE: If the activists really wanted to deliver humanitarian aid to Gaza, they could have sailed directly to Egypt and unloaded there. No fuss, no muss, and plenty of good photo ops of food , clothes, balnkets medicine and medical supplies being off loaded. HT Arbalest

raw video of the “raid”

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Take Time To Remember

Posted by DJM on May 31, 2010

As you enjoy the day today, please take a moment to remember those who gave their lives to keep us free and safe.

If you are able,
save them a place
inside of you
and save one backward glance
when you are leaving
for the places they can
no longer go.

Be not ashamed to say
you loved them,
though you may
or may not have always.

Take what they have left
and what they have taught you
with their dying
and keep it with your own.

And in that time
when men decide and feel safe
to call the war insane,
take one moment to embrace
those gentle heroes
you left behind.

Major Michael Davis O’Donnell
1 January 1970
Dak To, Vietnam

(Cross-posted at Al Salibiyyah and SnappedShot.com)

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John Brennan Calls Jerusalem ‘al Quds’

Posted by Glezele Vayne on May 27, 2010


Hat tip: Northeast Intelligence Network

From Glezele Vayne

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Israeli Foreign Ministry Legal Expert: Why Gaza is Blockaded

Posted by Glezele Vayne on May 27, 2010


by Hillel Fendel of Arutz Sheva

Part 2 of a Two-Part Series. The first part of this series, a detailed account and list of aid Israel provides Gaza, can be seen here. Israel’s Foreign Ministry (MFA) has prepared a three-pronged “counter-attack” to the flotilla of anti-Israel “humanitarian” ships scheduled to arrive in Gaza later this week. Among the elements of the Israeli response is a detailed explanation of the blockade Israel has imposed on Hamas, as outlined below.

Sarah Weiss Maudi, the Foreign Ministry’s expert on maritime and humanitarian law, was interviewed by the FMA website about the justification for the blockade on Gaza. She explained that the reason why ships are not allowed into Gaza is Israel has imposed a maritime blockade on the coast of Gaza. Israel did this, Maudi said, “because Israel is currently in a state of armed conflict with the Hamas regime that controls Gaza.”

Hamas has repeatedly bombed civilian targets in Israel proper, she said, “with weapons that have been smuggled into Gaza by various routes, including the sea… Maritime blockades are a legitimate and recognized measure under international law, and may be implemented as part of an armed conflict at sea.”

She further said that “under international maritime law, when a maritime blockade is in effect, no vessels can enter the blockaded area. That includes both civilian vessels and enemy vessels. Any vessel that violates or attempts to violate the maritime blockade may be captured or even attacked.”

“Various naval manuals, including the naval manuals of the US and UK, recognize the maritime blockade as an effective naval measure that can be implemented in times of armed conflict,” Maudi continued. “And those manuals give various criteria for making a blockade valid, including the requirement to give due notice of the blockade. Israel, in accordance with the requirements of international law, has publicized the existence of the blockade currently in effect, and has published the exact coordinates of the blockade via the accepted international professional maritime channels.”

The interviewer then said, “Let’s talk about the transfer of supplies over land. Why can Israel decide what goes in and what can’t?”

Ms. Weiss Maudi responded, “In order to answer that question, we need to think about the events of the past few years. In 2005, Israel completed its disengagement plan and completely withdrew from the Gaza Strip, so that no Israeli military or civilian presence remained in the Gaza Strip. The disengagement plan ended Israel’s effective control of the Gaza Strip after almost 40 years of effective control… What currently exists is a state of armed conflict.”

She added that though Israel had hoped “that the disengagement would be used as a springboard for more positive relations with our neighbors in Gaza, in actuality, the opposite occurred. Instead of positive relations happening, the terrorist organization of Hamas seized power in Gaza and stepped up the rocket and mortar attacks on Israeli communities and towns in Israel proper adjacent to the Gaza Strip.”

Click here to continue reading the article….

From Glezele Vayne

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Youtube Suspends Expert On Islam For Exposing Truth

Posted by DJM on May 27, 2010

Youtube called it “Hate Speech.” I call it “Dhimmitude.”

Youtube has temporarily suspended the channel of my dear friend IQ al Rassooli. For those who haven’t played his videos, IQ (aka AhmadsQuran3) presents short audio lessons about islam, Muhammad, and the Quran. He quotes his sources, all of which are Islamic texts such as the Quran or the authentic Hadiths.

Since all his chapters use Islamic texts as their sources, it is IMPOSSIBLE for Muslims to dispute or disprove any of them. Instead, they resort to flagging campaigns to silence IQ.

Please contact Youtube and show your support for IQ’s channel.

(Cross-posted at SnappedShot.com and Al Salibiyyah)

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Relativism Versus Reality: Ralph Peters and Endless War

Posted by Glezele Vayne on May 26, 2010


Prof. Paul Eidelberg

Since 1968, when my essay “The Crisis of Our Times” appeared in the Congressional Record, I have written several books warning of the subversive influence of the university-bred doctrine of moral and cultural relativism. Nineteen years later Allan Bloom wrote The Closing of the American Mind: How Higher Education Has Failed Democracy and Impoverished the Souls of Today’s Students. And now Melanie Phillips has just published The World Turned Upside Down: The Global Battle over God, Truth, and Power, which blames relativism as the root cause of the Western decadence.

Relativism dominates the social sciences and humanities. It has stultified generations of college students who become our politicians, diplomats, judges, and journalists.  Relativism, known also “moral equivalence,” was the target of my recent critique of former US ambassador to Israel Martin Indyk who, like Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, is a university graduate that advocates the “two-state” solution to the Israel-Palestinian conflict. 

Such university-education officials can’t cope with stark reality: Jews and Muslims have utterly antagonistic ideas of human nature and society. One exalts peace and democracy, the other war and autocracy. The two-state solution implies moral equivalence.  That Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu endorses this solution only reveals his lack of moral courage, since his insistence on a demilitarized Palestinian state confirms Islamic bellicosity. Read the rest of this entry »

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Dear Human Beings…

Posted by DJM on May 23, 2010

My name is Shabana and as my name suggests, I am an animal. I was born as a human being, but being a Muslima, I chose to live the life of an animal. Today, I proudly consider myself an animal, though I look like a human being. I am ashamed of my physical appearance, so I cover myself with a tent like garment called Burkhah. Only my eyes are seen outside. I told you about my dress only to make you understand how much we Muslims hate human beings. We are even ashamed of our appearance, i.e. of human beings. All kafirs are dirty human beings. All Muslims are proud animals. Like you human beings have your own religions called Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism etc, we animals also have our own religion called Islam. Animals who follow Islam are called Muslims. All animals are not Muslims, but all Muslims are animals. We have our own animal god called Mr. Allah, the most merciful (Allah is his surname). There are 1.4 billion Muslims all over the world. So we are not a rare species like polar bears. The scientific name for Muslims is Islamo Homo sapiens.

Read the rest of this entry »

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What Goes Round

Posted by Shiva on May 23, 2010

At Jihad Watch

South African cartoonist gets death threats for drawing in which Muhammad tells shrink, “Other prophets have followers with a sense of humor!”

Another worthy item for our Thank You For Proving Our Point Department. “Cartoon gets Zapiro death threats,” by Bianca Capazorio for the South African Press Agency and Reuters, May 22 (thanks to Rick):

Days after an alleged al-Qaeda operative detailed sketchy plans to attack World Cup teams over cartoons of the Muslim Prophet Muhammad, the Mail & Guardian newspaper has made waves locally and internationally by also publishing a cartoon of the Prophet.
A cartoon by award-winning satirist Jonathan Shapiro, known as Zapiro, in the M&G yesterday depicts the Prophet grumbling to a psychiatrist about the furore in the Muslim world created by a Facebook page called Everybody Draw Muhammad Day.
“Other prophets have followers with a sense of humour!” complains the turbanned, bearded figure, stretched out on the psychiatrist’s couch. […]
Yesterday, the paper reported it was receiving a flood of calls about the cartoon, and had even received death threats against the cartoonist.
“Phone ringing off the hook. Making the point that I have faith in Muslim South Africans’ tolerance and openness to debate,” [Mail & Guardian editor] Dawes tweeted yesterday.
The debate raged online too, with hundreds of comments appearing on stories about the cartoon, either defending freedom of speech or expressing disgust.
Several blogs also had the cartoon as a topic. International news media such as Reuters, the BBC and the Guardian were also reporting the story widely yesterday.
Blogger Khadija Pattel wrote: “Waking up to news that an interdict against the Mail & Guardian publishing a Zapiro cartoon depicting the Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) had failed left me a little unsettled.
“I only believed it once I saw it. And when I did see it, it was disappointment I felt most acutely.”
City Press editor and former Mail & Guardian editor Ferial Haffajee tweeted: “Draw Muhammad Day is as much about free expression as the Youth League is about advancing young people.”
She however defended Zapiro’s right to freedom of expression and was quoted: “His right to draw must be supported unequivocally.”…..


Anyway here is more from this despicable jewish, jew hating cartoonist Zapiro

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Some of the best pictures from Draw Mohammed day

Posted by avideditor on May 20, 2010

Found here Everybody Draw a POSITIVE Mohammed Day : The Current Truth

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Happy Draw Mohammed Day

Posted by avideditor on May 20, 2010

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Arizona’s message to libtards from California that pro Illegal stance is to get more people that do not understand to pass their marxist agenda

Posted by avideditor on May 18, 2010

Read the bill. It is not what the Marxist are telling you. It is just Arizona deciding to enforce commonly ignored laws. I hope the pro jihadi Marxist fail. They don’t have the numbers now to promote their insanity.

from Father Of 10: Hey California! Greetings from Arizona.

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I will not tolerate any more finger pointing” Barack Obama

Posted by avideditor on May 18, 2010

HT Skept

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The Obsession With Israel

Posted by Glezele Vayne on May 13, 2010


From Glezele Vayne

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David Horowitz exposes a Jihadi at UCSD

Posted by avideditor on May 12, 2010

Are you for our against Hamas? Wow
HT Ploome

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Motoonist Lars Vilks Attacked

Posted by DJM on May 11, 2010

Attacked for drawing this:

This moment of violence is brought to you by the Religion of Peace®, “Killing is a small matter to us!

(Hat Tip: Jihad Watch)

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Armenian Genocide Survivor Alice Muggerditchian Debunks Turkish Lies

Posted by westerncivisheretostay on May 9, 2010

Philip Daniel


Armenian Genocide survivor, Alice Muggerditchian, defeats Turkish rumors that Armenians were waging war against Turkey. This was not a war. It was a massacre. It was a genocide.

Hat-tip to ilonamna.

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The end of the World

Posted by avideditor on May 8, 2010

Steyn is right. From The Sprit of Man The Spirit of Man: The end of the worldMark Steyn is a must read authority when it comes to the future of the western civilization. And the following interview is a must see:”

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