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What if? The absurdity of supporting Hamas over Israel

Posted by avideditor on January 15, 2009

Shiva posted this at IBA

What if Ireland made 1080 suicide attacks in the UK

What if Mexico made 4800 suicide attacks in USA

What if Indonesia made 480 suicide attacks in Australia

What if Alaska made 540 suicide attacks in Canada

What if Uganda made 600 suicide attacks in South Africa

What if Belgium made 1140 suicide attacks in France. Read the rest of this entry »

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I highly recommend the movie Defiance

Posted by avideditor on January 15, 2009

It is one of the best movies the year IMHO. If it is playing around you in a theater, you should go see it. If it is not playing around you, download it from your favorite torrent site. It is so good I am sure you will buy the DVD or Blue-Ray. This movie made the top 10 pirated movies of 2008 (it was there but now it appears only in the top 10 of the week), so I am sure there are good copies out there. It is a must see IMHO.  I wish Hollywood made good movies like this more often. 

read more about the movie here and read Mrs. Schlussel review here

The IMDB page is here

Read what the IBA has to say about the movie

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New Pew study: Modest Backing For Israel in Gaza Crisis

Posted by avideditor on January 15, 2009

Read the pew study. Modest Backing For Israel in Gaza Crisis  It seems too many Americans are so wacky that they support the terrorist Hamas. 

HT Israellycool

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A swedish blogger is fired for supporting Israel

Posted by avideditor on January 15, 2009

What is wrong now with Sweden? It looks like their MSM just as delusional as the swedish government. 

From Snapshots


Ah, Diversity: Swedish Blogger Fired for Supporting Terrorism

… by which I mean, daring to support the evil Zionist State.  

Remind me again—Wasn’t the whole notion of having a “freedom of expression” born in the West?

To my friends in Israel and to Israel, my friend.

As I understand it, an article on my case has been published in Maariv today.

I haved dared to blog about the right for Israel to exist and about the attempts by Hamas, a terror organisation, to try to destroy Israel by means of aggressive war – jihad. In doing this I have made use of my constitutional right of expression and opinion.

The Swedish Government hold that same positions: Israel have a right to exist. Hamas is a terror organisation.

My employer did not, however, find it appropriate for me to hold these opinions and to express them publicly. I have, because of my opinions, been forced to leave my employment.

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Digg and the BCC promote Jihadi propaganda

Posted by avideditor on January 15, 2009

Update: It seems the Elder has also written on this. I think the Elder did a better job read it here: Fact: Palestinian Arabs lie.

I woke up in the middle of the night. I checked my digg.com feed and I saw this. Wow. Lets just say I can not go back to sleep. Is the BBC and Digg going to promote the blood liable next? The headline makes no sense other then to portray Israel and Jews as evil. Once you read the story you see how it is only jihadi lies. It is just sad that the western and digg are promoting it. I would not suggest reading digg feeds before you go back to sleep. Digg really hit a new low promoting this Jihadi trash in my book. I never thought the BBC and Digg would side with Hamas so soon. Things are going to get alot darker before they get light IMHO.

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