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American progressives support Islamist in Preventing Insulting their religion

Posted by Rodan on October 6, 2009

This has to be one of the most absurd things I have ever seen. Our Progressive Regime supported an Egyptian resolution that condemns attacks on Religions. This in reality is done to set aprecedent to prevent people from criticizing Islam. The Islamo-Fascists in Egypt don’t want their fake Pedophile Prophet insulted, so back by Our Traitor regime the UN passes  resolution condemns this.

GENEVA – The U.N. Human Rights Council approved a U.S.-backed resolution Friday deploring attacks on religions while insisting that freedom of expression remains a basic right.

The inaugural resolution sponsored by the U.S. since it joined the council in June broke a long-running deadlock between Western and Islamic countries in the wake of the publication of cartoons depicting the Muslim Prophet Muhammad.

The resolution has no effect in law but provides Muslim countries with moral ammunition the next time they feel central tenets of Islam are being ridiculed by Western politicians or media through “negative racial and religious stereotyping.”

American diplomats say the measure — co-sponsored by Egypt — is part of the Obama administration’s effort to reach out to Muslim countries.

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This really is nonsense and we must stand up to this. Christians, Jews and others have their religions bashed all the time yet we don’t demand people to stop bashing our faiths. It is not the case with Islam. They cry whenever people point out Muhammad was a pedophile and a genocidal mad man. Well too bad, I don’t care about this UN resolution and will say what I want.

This is another example of the Progressive-Islamo-Fascist Alliance.

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