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Drudge Report Fear Mongers about Latins, but stay silent on the Dutch being Dhimmis to Muslims

Posted by Rodan on August 13, 2008


I am a fan of the Drudge Report, but this heading is fearmongering in my opinion.

Whites no longer Majority by 2042

Honestly who cares. what’s the big deal? we are all Americans, this headline is really aimed at Hispanics as the article focuses on Latins. What these idiots don’t realize is that 48% of Hispanics are Ethnically White and culturally come from the same civilization as Most Americans. I really don’t get this color obsession. It’s civilization that counts. As long as America is Judeo-Christian, who cares! At least Latins aren’t Muslims.

Let’s look at Europe on the other hand. The Muslim who are alien to European Civilization are immigrating there. Instead of integrating, they are imposing their way on Europeans. The Europeans are bowing to them. They even legalized Polygamy in Holland!

Netherlands Recognizes Polygamous Muslim Marriages

Yet no Drudge headline on this. I recalled that it was 19 Muslims, not Latins that attacked us on 9/11. Many of the anti-Latin, Americans don’t realize that there are plenty of Latins in the Military fighting the Jihad. They need to wake up and realize, Islam is the enemy, not Latins.

One Response to “Drudge Report Fear Mongers about Latins, but stay silent on the Dutch being Dhimmis to Muslims”

  1. melo said

    The caving on the polygamy is just spineless and disgusting. And you’re right, there’s no need for the weight they put on the “ethnic” composition articles.

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