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Outcry over Muslim “Morality Police” operating in …Oslo, Norway

Posted by avideditor on January 25, 2011

The jihadis are installing there backwards “Morality” in Norway

From http://olehgirl.com/?p=6234

From Norway’s News in English “One of Oslo’s most multi-cultural neighborhoods, Grønland, has suddenly emerged as an area far from the ideals of cultural and religious tolerance. Many immigrants claim it’s “more Muslim” than the countries they left, and newspaper Aftenposten reports that both they and others face harassment on the streets if they don’t conform to a code of conduct that some stricter Muslims try to impose.
A form of “morality police” has evolved in recent years, mostly in Grønland but also in other areas of the Norwegian capital, and its self-appointed members are making life difficult for their fellow immigrants and some ethnic Norwegians as well.
One man from Iran, who’s not Muslim, told Aftenposten that he was scolded by two strangers who spotted him eating during the religious holiday period when Muslims are supposed to fast from sunrise to sundown. He said they confronted him by aggressively demanding “Don’t you know it’s Ramadan? You should know better.”
Young immigrant women also face harassment if they’re spotted in fashionable western clothing that members of the “morality police” think are too revealing or not in line with Muslim standards. Some women report that they’ve been yelled at, been the target of unfriendly stares, spitting or worse.Gay men have also been harassed on the streets of Grønland and nearby Tøyen. Two men seen walking hand in hand through the neighborhood, which is home to several popular bars and cafés as well as some apartment buildings known for attracting gay residents, were verbally abused last summer. One gay man from Bergen told Aftenposten he moved to Grønland because he wanted to live in a multicultural neighborhood. Now he’s almost reluctant to leave his apartment because of hostility he can face on the streets.
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Norway Funds the blood libel

Posted by avideditor on January 3, 2010


FM Store: What’s wrong with my praising
a book the Norwegian government funded?
The present Norwegian government is beyond contempt, it has crossed over from being just (typically) overly critical of Israel, into being openly hostile of Israel and anti-Semitic as well. The Norwegian government funded a project by Gilbert and Fosse, which involved their traveling to Gaza in order to cover the war between Israel and Hamas,  and then publish a book about their experiences.
The Tundra Tabloids believes that its entirely possible that they (Gilbert, Fosse and the Norwegian government) saw a chance to circumvent the Israeli ban on the medias coverage on the war in Gaza, and travel there under the guise of offering aid to the civilian population, but with the main intention to act as conduits for Hamas propaganda.

Its a fact that they became the de facto ‘mouthpiece’ for the Hamas during the war, dishing up one false story after another. Heres the video once again of Mads Gilbert and his Arab helper in an arranged scene for the CNN camera, where he makes up dialogue as his colleague gives fake heart compressions to an already dead, or even healthy boy faking it for the camera.

It’s a sad state of affairs no matter how you look at it. If the boy was indeed dead, it’s a tragedy, but it also shows the lengths at which these (supposedly) medical professionals are willing to throw their proffessionalism out the window, in order to present Israel in the worst light possible. This also shows the present Norwegian governments willingness to be complicit in the spreading of blood libels against the Jewish state of Israel. KGS

FM Jonas Gahr Støre contemplating another blood libel
against the Jewish state of Israel

Norwegian minister under fire for praise of Cast Lead book

The Norwegian foreign minister’s praise for a controversial book accusing Israeli troops of perpetrating a ‘monstrous, systematically implemented and comprehensive massacre’ in Gaza aroused harsh criticism yesterday from Israeli officials and Jewish organizations.
Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon told Haaretz that the book being endorsed by Jonas Gahr Store is ‘outrageous and borders on incitement made up of fabrication and lies.’
‘It is problematic that a representative of a democratic government is praising such things,’ Ayalon added.
The book in question is called ‘Eyes in Gaza,’ written by Mads Gilbert and Erik Fosse after their stay in the Strip during Operation Cast Lead last year.
Dr. Moshe Kantor, president of the European Jewish Congress, said he was ‘deeply disappointed’ by Store’s endorsement of ‘slanted and baseless libel.’ ‘Norway, which I hope will continue to live far away from terrorism, needs to know that such statements feed and assist the terrorists,’ Kantor said.
‘As can be recalled, journalists and reporters were not allowed into Gaza,’ a spokesperson for the Norwegian foreign ministry said when asked about the back-cover praises which Store wrote for the highly controversial book.
‘When war rages, civilians are made mute,’ Store wrote, adding that Fosse and Gilbert ‘told of what they saw. It was not their duty, but their responsibility. When military might fences out all voices, the few which remain become extra strong and important.’
The two celebrity physicians and political activists from the Norwegian far-left frequently visit the Gaza Strip and the West Bank as part of the government-funded medical nonprofit NORWAC, and are among Norway’s fiercest critics of Israel.
Gilbert defended the book to Haaretz as ‘accurate testimony.’ ‘It turned out to be true. There was a massacre. It was no mistake, but obviously a planned, systematically implemented military operation of the Israeli army,’ Gilbert and Fosse wrote, describing an incident in which they said IDF forces put a family into a house ‘only to bomb the house the following day, full of people.’
The IDF spokesperson said no families had been targeted during Operation Cast Lead.
Another passage in the account by the two doctors reads: ‘The Israelis knew well what they were doing. The purpose was to collectively punish the entire Palestinian population of Gaza [with] a merciless slaughter of women and children, old and young, men and women.’
Cecilie Willoch, press officer for the Norwegian foreign ministry said that Store ‘expressed his personal appreciation of the medical and humanitarian work of Drs. Gilbert and Fosse in Gaza. The lack of access for the media made [these] important for international media.’ She added that Store has ‘underlined’ the fact that Gilbert and Fosse ‘only represent one voice’ of what took place.

Earlier this year Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman accused Norway of ‘promoting anti-Semitism’ and pursuing a ‘hostile policy’ toward Israel.


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“Who are you going to believe? Me or your lying eyes?”

Posted by Glezele Vayne on January 27, 2009


That stolen line ( Richard Pryor) pretty much sums it up don’t it? I think we should pay more attention to Norway and what’s going on up there.

Why? Because they are where we will be if we don’t face facts. Here’s some facts, spelled out clearly enough: “You can see the mainstream media are struggling to make sense of all of this. That’s because they can’t, or don’t want to, see the obvious: This is exactly how an invading army would behave. Rape, pillage and bomb.” HT to Fjordman at Blogspot for this and other uncomfortable insights. (I also thank him for the Richard Pryor line I swiped from the comments on his blog.) Fjordman lives in Norway, and knows what’s what. Believe it.

Here’s more splashes of cold water for the sleepy-eyed American: “For decades now, you believed them instead of what your own eyes and minds told you was right. You allowed yourself to be convinced that being discriminating or judgmental was the worse of crimes and allowed your centuries old traditions of peace and tranquility to be turned on its head rather than say the simple truth that some people are bad and even evil.”

Islam is at war with us. Multiculturalism and “religious tolerance” are the straw man. Islam is not a religion, not a cult…it is a complete system, much like Nazism or Communism. Don’t take my word for it. Do some research. The facts, the statistics, the crimes, the photos all speak for themselves.

On multiculturalism and tolerance, from Fjordman’s comments section: “Northern Europeans have permitted Islamists to not only disrupt their peaceful and orderly society with murder and mayhem, they also pay them from the public treasury, so they needn’t be concerned with seeking gainful employment but can spend their days in coffee shops reinforcing their religion of hate and violence. “

Unless you want your wives, mothers, sisters, children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren to suffer (chas v’ shalom) like the ones in the photos I linked in my previous post entitled Blood Libel.

  • Stop your wishful thinking.
  • Face facts and figure out what you can do to protect your family, your community, your nation.
  • Stop apologizing for these murderous fanatics.
  • Stop giving countries (em…Israel for instance) who are on the front line, and who refuse to cave in, such a hard time.
  • Stop expecting a nation enmeshed in a war not of it’s own doing, a war for it’s very survival, to measure up to standards in warfare that you and your nation can’t possibly measure up to and win.

You sleep more securely at night because Israel is taking the abuse that would otherwise be heaped on you. This is a war between civilization and barbarity, and it’s coming at us from a direction we did not expect. But it is here.

Wake up.

Ellie Katz

P.S. I have video footage in my Jihadi page that shows just how far Europe has come in living up to the commonly used epithet hurled in it’s direction. Not by it’s enemies. Eurabia is the cynical term coined by those who know they are in a war against Muslim settlers, Muslim colonists and they are losing. Watch the videos and welcome to Eurabia. Is AmArabia next?

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