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Baroness Cox of the House of Lords on the 1992 Azeri Pogrom Against the Armenian Village of Maraghar

Posted by westerncivisheretostay on February 28, 2010

Philip Daniel


An interview with House of Lords Baroness Caroline Cox (most notorious alongside Lord Pearson for inviting Geert Wilders to screen Fitna in the House of Lords in February 2009) on the 10th April 1992 massacre and plunder of Armenian civilians by Azeri combatants in the village of Maraghar during the Nagorno-Karabakh War between Armenia and Azerbaijan (1988-1994). Baroness Cox remains one of the few in Europe fully cognizant of the theology of Jihad at-Talab and the threat its zealous practitioners today pose to the preservation of Western Civilization, as well as of the danger surrounding the current unimpeded Muslim immigration into Europe sans survivalist preconditions of assimilation and rejection of Shari’a. She is one of Europe’s few staunch defenders of besieged kaffir nations around the world — Israel, Artsakh, and Sudanese Christians foremost — and for that her name ought to be heralded to the rooftops, as there are few who possess such intellectual lucidity and strength today.

Warning: the following photographs are not recommended for the weak of heart, spine, spleen, stomach, or mind…

Despite the seeming “secularity” of the Azeris (a result of decades-long Sovietization and attempted de-Islamization), the Maraghar Massacre, like so many other atrocities committed with impunity by Azeri soldiers against Armenian non-combatants, followed the classical Muhammadan paradigm of ghazwat against bastions of the Dar al-Harb — massacre of the males, captivity and abuse of the females and children (some “dependents” were killed and mutilated — “they are from them”, quoth Muhammad). The method of viricide utilized by the Muslim Azeri troops — beheading — is an inextricable element of Sunna, enshrined by Muhammad through the records of his many venerated maghazi, inspiring the tactics of still-binding institutions of ghazwat and sariya’ which comprise both Jihad at-Talab and Jihad ad-Daf’.

Nagorno-Karabakh — what its indigenous Armenian inhabitants call Artsakh — is Dar al-Ghasab, and must, according to the Shari’a, be reverted to the status of Dar al-Islam — as Waqf (a trusteeship endowed exclusively for all generations of the Ummat al-Muslimin until the Hour of Resurrection); this “reconquista” is termed Jihad ad-Daf’ and is a fardh ‘ain (obligation incumbent upon all Muslim males in such a capacity to fight as mujahedin or otherwise assist them).

“On April 10, 1992, forces from Azerbaijan attacked the Armenian village of Maraghar in northeastern Karabakh. The villagers awoke at 7 a.m. to the sound of heavy shelling; then tanks rolled in, followed by infantry, followed by civilians with pick-up trucks to take home the pickings of the looting they knew would follow the eviction of the villagers.

Azeri soldiers sawed off the heads of 45 villagers, burnt others, took 100 women and children away as hostages, looted and set fire to all the homes, and left with all the pickings from the looting.

I, along with my team from Christian Solidarity Worldwide, arrived within hours to find homes still smoldering, decapitated corpses, charred human remains, and survivors in shock. This was truly like a contemporary Golgotha many times over.”

Baroness Caroline Cox
April 1998

Survivors of Maraghar massacre: It was truly like a contemporary Golgotha many times over

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