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Glenn Beck on the caliphate NDAA

Posted by avideditor on February 8, 2012

Glenn beck has a free show up here  on the caliphate. It is worth your time IMHO. Not sure how long it will be up there. No log in or free trial required. I was mad a Beck for having the Blaze post the jihadi side on Israel stories with RT clips. They also called BareNaked Islam a hate site and published CAIR fake press release. The thing is it is not Becks fault directly. He has too much trust and I am afraid pro jihadi idiots got to reign free at The Blaze. It is changing in a good direction.

I am really really afraid of the NDAA. The libtards can call me an enemy and detain me indefinitely. I will only be posting when there is something big. Hey Big Brother or who ever is planning on getting me. Send me a email or a text to leave the country I will leave in a week and never post again. It is cheaper that way. I highly recommend reading Spencers Stealth Jihad and his other books. Not sure what blog I should recommend but there are hundreds of great ones.  Watch Becks show when it is still free. I am not sure if it is based on their terrible video player at GBTV. Give us an audio podcast of your show please. Anyways one trick around it is it like to freeze when you skip commercials  but doesn’t freeze when you mute them. Enjoy.

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