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While You Were Busy Listening to Your Imams and Dictators Blathering About Our Annihilation, the NWO Slipped You a Mickey

Posted by Glezele Vayne on January 26, 2009


Yeah, it’s kind of an insulting title isn’t it? Long too. I usually like nice one liners.

It’s just all so laughable. I’m not trying to smooth any ruffled feathers, because I learned awhile back that my existence alone ruffles some feathers, so why bother? I’m not trying to be nice. I’m trying to get you to pay attention. Muslim hatred of Jews and/or “infidels” is not it’s greatest strength. It will be it’s undoing.

I wish the Muslim world would realize they are merely pawns in a dangerous and profitable-for-the-few game, that goal being what some refer to as the New World Order. Don’t laugh. The insane policies of the Israeli government prove out the existence of the touted conspiracy. The Israeli government is so suicidal in how it conducts it’s affairs, recent pummeling of Hamas nothwithstanding, that the New World Order and an elite group of men pulling the strings of world events seems to me the only logical explanation. How can otherwise intelligent men who run the governments of this world make “mistakes” that the rest of us underlings see are so obviously flawed? So deadly to us all? Read at least ten articles of your own choosing by Professor Eugene Narrett if you think I’m off my rocker. The “Powers That Be” are as dumb as foxes, as the cliche goes.

And it’s not a “Jewish conspiracy to take over the world either.” Palease. That is just plain illogical. First of all, the vast majority of us are exactly like the vast majority of other people: We only want to be left alone to live peaceful lives, raise our families, and in many cases, to pray, to know G-d. Taking over the world is just too much of a pain. It’s not worth it and we know it. Second, we simply cannot be all the things you Jew haters claim we are. We’re evil geniuses and utterly stupid all at once according to the lists I’ve read of all we’ve allegedly done and are supposedly responsible for. Ever noticed the contradictions? They glare so much, I need sunglasses every time I get out the list.

I know I know I know. I do love Rav Shmuel’s song, The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. However, for those who gasp when they listen to the Rav openly confessing his membership in “the club”, or who’s first language is not English, the humor thus being lost on them, — it’s a joke. It’s called irony. Rav Shmuel is poking fun at all you sillie willies out there that actually believe that nonsense. Get a grip. And read some history on it, compare your sources. Didn’t your mother ever tell you not to believe everything you read?

You want to read some real conspiratorial documents that prove the actual existence of a plan to annihilate anyone? Try the Hamas Charter for starters.

If we Jews were really so capable of commandeering the all the banks of the world, as well as the governments and other machinations of society, don’t you think we’d do a better job of protecting our own lives? As you have pointed out from time to time, we Jews really do love life. The Holocaust wouldn’t have happened if we really had that much leverage. Sheesh.

Another thought to ponder: If we were so gifted in banking, wouldn’t Israel’s economy be a little better?? Hm???

Holocaust deniers, you are excused from further discussion. No point in including you in on this, as there is simply no reasoning with you until you do some more reading and thinking. And thinking.  Besides, some of you are making a living off of selling your claptrap. I wouldn’t want to throw you into a crisis of faith and take bread from your children’s mouths. Consider counseling and then a gradual transition into a productive life.

No, the radicalized Muslim world’s overzealous religious sensibilities and passion for the world to attain peace according t0 their way of looking at things (namely, by making the rest of the world submit to the jackboot of Islam by hook or by crook) has made itself vulnerable to the manipulations of the corrupt people who’s goal it is to usher in this New World Order. Islam will not win in the end, any more than the American pioneers won anything of lasting value. Once they got rid of the “injuns”, I notice legislation beginning that slowly eroded their freedoms, and ours as well. It continues to this day, happening in the open light of day, without fear of reprisal from a dumbed down American public, the children of the pioneers. The American settler was used to clear the way, not because the US Federal government was so caring and concerned about them. The Feds just couldn’t do all that work all by themselves. We’ve done our jobs (and sullied our names and our history in the process.)

The jihadi settler is being used similarly. Now Muslims have a job to do, and when that job is done, they will be the next man on the chopping block. The zealous are on the front line, dying on the battlefields, in the streets, on the buses, leaving their wives as widows and their children as orphans. Those too aware of their self-interest await the victory quietly, perhaps fearfully, justifying their silence with creative rationalizations as mankind has done since the beginning. The few people of Muslim heritage who are fully cognizant of the true issues, of right and wrong, regardless of personal peace and prosperity, will shine among us, people of giant character and courage, such as Dr. Wafa Sultan, who now lives under a death threat. She and others who dare speak out have lost their freedom, but it is only portents of things to come for us all, Muslim and Jew, Christian and Buddhist, atheist and Hindu. (Not arranged in any meaningful order in case you’re looking to get even more offended than you already are.)

If Muslims could manage to regain rational thinking (face it, it’s been awhile fellas) and understand this, that the Jews are not the New World Order, nor are Muslims, but merely two of it’s first victims, maybe we could all get on with life and effectively fight all the other nasty business being imposed upon us. Sometimes I think the end game is worldwide sharia law, and maybe for a time it is, may it never be. In the moments when I remember all I’ve studied over the last few decades, not from conspiracy buffs (okay, them too) but from history books, I remember…the goal is even more far reaching and alienating to me and those I know and love.

The men who orchestrate all these wars, fanning the flames of hatred between various peoples, are in a win-win game, for them. They get to eliminate “useless eaters” and they sell armaments. Very profitable indeed. These men are careful to stay out of the headlines. These are the men who put the men in the headlines in place. It’s a very wealthy and shadowy world they live in. They have no political, national or religious allegiances. All they want is money, control and power. They truly believe they can manage the world better than anyone else, and that it must be them who does the managing. Part of the plan is to have many fewer people to manage, by about 80%. The Muslims are cooperating handily, what with the whole shahid thing so fashionable today among eligible young men.

Here is an incomplete list of  few worthwhile concerns that we could all work together on if we’d stop blaming each other and begin blaming the men who are really the problem.

  • Toxic substances that are being marketed as medicine. Have you read the disclaimers on most of these “medicines” lately? Why haven’t more comedians grabbed these disclaimers for their routines? These disclaimers are gold-mines of irony, black irony. And who’s the genius who decided putting mercury in our fillings was a good idea anyway?
  • Toxic substances that are being marketed as food. Organic isn’t even organic anymore. It’s been redefined almost out of existence. Read the claim/term  “USDA organic” and translate it as “more expensive”, with a few exceptions, of course.
  • Toxic substances (i.e. fertilizer, herbicides) marketed as necessary to agriculture. The Rodale Farms in Pennsylvania, as just one example among many, have proven for decades that while yields are important, the main priority must be nutritional content, which is achieved mainly through natural, non-chemical means, through knowledge, planning and yes — hard work. It can be done, and it tastes better that way too.
  • Toxic treatments marketed as medical care (see item #1). Why is it that I am now a master diagnostician compared with most medical doctors I encounter these days? That doesn’t make me feel. smart. It makes me worry. As the late Dr. Robert Mendolsohn pointed out years ago in his book Confessions of a Medical Heretic, doctors don’t learn to be good diagnosticians anymore, except via expensive gadgets of which most can’t possibly own all. They learn to be drug salesmen and insurance adjusters, not health care professionals.
  • Toxic ideas that are being marketed as entertainment. According to Michael Medved, R rated movies, back when there was a difference between R and PG were less profitable on average than most PG, family friendly movies? Yet Hollyweird continues cranking out the smut. So much for “we’re only giving the public what they want.” Don’t believe it.
  • Toxic morality foisted on our kids from every direction, music, movies, school, guidance counselors, and now, even religious institutions. “Alternative” moralities are promoted because they don’g produce children. TPTB don’t want us ordinary people to have kids, or not many. They think there are too many people on the earth as it is, and are trying to figure out how to get rid of us without us catching on. Fight them by having a large family and raising them morally.
  • Toxic politics that are marketed as legitimate ideologies. We all know what we’re looking at.
  • Toxic laws that infringe on G-d given rights, such as property rights Witness the confiscation of private lands in the name of watershed management or saving insects from becoming extinct.
  • Abusive economic policies that are ruining everyone. Three words: Federal Bail-out.
  • Enslavement of the people, in the guise of those economic policies: Debt combined with dead-end jobs, an almost universal requirement to obtain those jobs through amoral corporations, chronic unemployment and underemployment, financial booms and busts. This has been around so long, Americans don’t even remember a time (era) when the majority of Americans were solvent.
  • Gross mismanagement of land resources. There is no worldwide  overpopulation problem. There is a worldwide resource management problem.
  • Governmental elites that are robbing us all blind. ’nuff said there.

In that spirit, I am putting a link up to blog/post which covers just one issue with which I am deeply concerned. Our food is denatured, nutrient deficient, even totally devoid of nutrients. Nutrient deficient food is the number one cause of chronic, degenerative illness all over the world, even in the “wealthy” (okay, once wealthy) America. It also affects brain function and productivity.

Here it is: (and going on the blogroll)

Legalizing Raw Milk

Can’t we all just get along, and boot the dirty rats out of power???

Blind anger and hatred makes otherwise intelligent, creative people into death driven robots. Just remember that when you watch your Imam rant and rave about “al Yahood!!” and how he is such a blight on your existence, how everything would be just peachy without the Jews or Israel, or unbelievers. They are trying to keep you enslaved.

I’m not just picking on Muslims. Muslims are just the latest in a procession of peoples stretching back hundreds of years, maybe longer, who have been baited into doing the will of their masters, only to find out they were only being  used, and that now…it was their turn.

I’m going to go get me some hot chocolate and watch something funny, or maybe apocalyptic. (hey, that’s all that is left to me unless and until the useful idiots come  get smart again.)

If I’m ticking you off, maybe you need to ask yourself “Why?” Have I hit a nerve??


Ellie Katz

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Digg.com and Wikipedia attack truth and promote anti Semitic hate

Posted by avideditor on May 14, 2008

To clear some stuff up. I was kicked out by a moderator from digg.com because he didn’t like the views I was posting. I was not spamming. To think the hate from forums like digg.com do not translate to real life read my latest post. Seattle Court rules it is Okay to shoot Jews: A jihadi who shoot 6 while screaming “Death to Jews!” gets a mistrial America is no longer safe for Jews

UPDATE: WOW it looks like this is now on the front page. All the Obama supporters check this out CHANGE– Obama Plays Pretend At AIPAC Today OBAMA still hates Jews and Israel

UPDATE: It looks like this post has been dugg called “How Israeli Activists Cheat on Digg In their own words” which I find strange considering the fact that the pro jihadis are the ones gaming digg by reporting their opposition as spam and getting them kicked off digg. The 3rd party tool some one left in my comments doesn’t help anyone cheat digg.com it just show the bias. Diggers don’t for get to read my solution to the “Palestine” problem.

When searching for something in a search engine wikipedia and digg.com stories are usually the first results. It looks as if anti-Semitic moderators at these two sites are trying to rewrite history with anti-Israeli lies. It is important to do what ever we can in order to prevent jihadi propaganda from brainwashing billions of internet users. Do what you can to help win this war against influential misdirected moderators that control the flow of information.

     Honest Reporting has the story about what is going on at wikipedia. It looks like the moderators are going after people that are trying to correct the anti-Semitic lies and anti Israel propaganda. I have personally experience the same disgraceful moderation and uncheck hated of jews and the truth at Digg.com just see what digg.com readers have to say about the wikipedia story. It is scary. I highly recommend reading what Honest Reporting wrotes but I think Honest Reporting is being too civil in response to the problem.

continue reading to hear more about more problems with digg.com . 

    For the last three years I have been trying to combat the anti-Semetic bigots on digg.com.  It got so bad over the last six months that I spent more then two hours a day building up like minded people and creating a collation to combat stories and comments ranging from out right lies about Israel to blood liable to blaming the Jews for all the worlds problems including 9-11.

    Two months ago I was kicked out but it was understandable because I was posting muliti paragraph responses and multiple links to clear up misinformation in one comment thread. I was given an option to restore my account, after I complained. But I didn’t want to admit that I was braking the terms of service with the site because I saw so many promoting baseless hatred of the jewish people and jihadi propaganda use the same approach. I also had hundreds of electro-jihadis (extreme leftist and fundamentalist muslims from around the world using electronic means to spread hatred of Jews, Israel, and America, in an attempt to brainwash and demoralize others so Radical Islam can be established world wide) following me, so I decieded to start out fresh. 

    I changed my practices. I didn’t post multi paragraph responses and I only put one or two different links to overcome jihadi counter points per story. However, yesterday I was kicked out of digg.com. I was for sure not breaking the terms of service. I posted links to a story showing Hamas’s support of Obama. It looks like the digg.com moderators don’t care when people say Hitler was right and put links blaming jews for all the worlds problems, but they do care if one wants to show a different light on someone who they support. When I asked why this time I got a response saying that I was breaking the terms of service and that the decision was final. Keep in mind electro-jihadis post several times more links in the comment section were not banned. 

     I conclude the only reason I was banned is the ideological values of the digg.com moderators. But I might be wrong in regards to being banned for that Obama link because I also left links in different stories ranging form refuting charge that the Israel Lobby is responsible for the war in Iraq, to posting link in a story pointing out how people calling Israel founding a catastrophe are misguided. 

I am starting to document disgusting digg.com comments with screen shoots. I am trying to capture the hate-filled comments next to the advertisements on the page. I think it is important for companies to know what there product is being associated with. It is the advisors  that are supporting the hate and paying the salaries of the misguided, jihadi, or just plain evil moderators.

 Once I get enough screen shoots I am going to make a short video and lead a campaign to persuade companies to not help fund the hate-fest at digg.com. I could use some help in collecting screen shots and ideas for the short. I am also looking for a good voice for voice overs. Leave a comment if you have a good voice and a microphone. I don’t have the best voice and it is easy to send audio files these days.  

Digg.com and wikipedia need fair and unbiased moderators that will ban electro-jihadis not people that are trying to correct them. Wikipedia and Digg.com get top search results. The lies being told at these sites due to poor moderation gives miss information to the billions of internet users that could read these lies and be mislead. 

It is important to do something now before it is too late. This amount of miss information if it goes unchecked will result in another holocaust. 

UPDATE: It seems as if Digg.com has blocked my IP address from logging in. 

UPDATE: A new story on the front page of Digg.com that looks like a chapter from the protocols of the elders of zion 

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