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I condem conservative sites linking to the pro #jihadi #AlJazreera especially in news about #Egypt

Posted by avideditor on February 1, 2011

Update: Drudge is linking to those jihadis again 😦

Update: It looks like Drudge removed the link to the jihad’ propaganda channel. Thank you.

From the Jihadis at Al Jazeera “We know the demand is there. We have seen a 2000 percent increase in hits on our English-language website, and more than 60 percent of that traffic originates in the United States. ”
Will sites like Drudge link to the jihadi lies.
I bet people believe the pro muslim brotherhood are closer to 2 million like jihadi stations are lying about to promote there lies to further their goal in reestablishing the caliphate then the 1/4 million the blaze Glenn Beck’s site is reporting. http://www.theblaze.com/stories/massive-egyptian-rally-reaches-250000/

Al Jazzera lies about Israel and promote jihad. No one with a concuss should link to those idiots.

a funny anti jihadi video that talks about the jihadi lies on al jazeera

an example of how pro jihad Al Jazeera is http://www.jihadwatch.org/2003/12/al-jazeera-under-fire-for-links-to-terrorism.html

Al-Jazeera under fire for links to terrorism

An Al-Jazeera broadcast shows a man calling for attacks on the US.REUTERS

John R. Bradley, managing editor of Arab News, writes in Straits Times about the notorious Qatari news network Al-Jazeera’s recent troubles: “Even for a news organisation which frequently makes world headlines, the past two months have been a roller-coaster ride for Al-Jazeera, the Qatar-based, Arabic-language satellite station famous for airing exclusive video and audio messages from Al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden.

“Its best-known Arab reporter, Tayssir Allouni, was arrested in Spain in September for his alleged membership of a Syrian-dominated Al-Qaeda group suspected of close links to the cell responsible for the Sept 11 attacks. He has since been charged.

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Response to Wikileaks “Collateral Murder” Video

Posted by DJM on April 9, 2010

UPDATE: The LiveLeak version is below the fold.

UPDATE: Looks like YouTube has already pulled the plug on it. Or at least, I’m getting a ‘blocked because of copyright infringement’ error message. The irony is, this clip uses the SAME audio and video as dozens of videos currently at YouTube. The only difference is, my video supported our Troops and showed that the ‘journalists’ were with armed insurgents.

If you are having problems, you can still view the video HERE.

It’s amazing, the mainstream completely ignores THIS video (WARNING! Extremely Graphic!) showing the true nature of the enemy we face in Iraq and Afghanistan, but refuse to give our own Troops even the benefit of doubt.

There exists some pictures of the scene immediately after the above video was taken. The U.S. Government has released them, but redacted portions of each image because they are too gruesome. However, releasing them unredacted would clear the the U.S. Military of wrongdoing.

Will Obama authorize that? I doubt it.

It’s time to hold the media accountable. Such misleading ‘leaks’ while suppressing evidence that would vindicate our Troops should be treason.

(If anyone wants an original copy of this video to mirror, please email me. I’m not promoting my blog with it or anything, I just want to see the truth gets out there.)

(Cross-posted at Al Salibiyyah and SnappedShot.com)

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The End of the Global War on Terror?

Posted by avideditor on March 24, 2009

It is now official the pentagon has lost its mind. The jihadis want to destroy all the liberty in the world. The pentagon is no longer on our side. It is a sad day.

The end of the Global War on Terror — or at least the use of that phrase — has been codified at the Pentagon. Reports that the phrase was being retired have been circulating for some time amongst senior administration officials, and this morning speechwriters and other staff were notified via this e-mail to use “Overseas Contingency Operation” instead. 

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Jihadi Jumping

Posted by Glezele Vayne on March 5, 2009


No, I’m not recommending jumping a jihadi. Seems they have the corner on that market. I was jumping around from one jihadi story to the next today…it’s just amazing what a bunch of trouble these folks are stirring up and how wimpy Western democracies are in response. I think we’re stymied because we are under the impression that what we are confronting are religious fanatics, and whatever we do, we don’t want to stifle freedom of religion.

Get that out of your heads as fast as you can. Islam is not primarily a religion. It is an all-encompassing, all-controlling political system with an inseparable religious component to it. An article by Spengler at the Asia Times gives us some perspective on Islam, defining it as both a religion and a political ideology. Spengler cautions us that it is this combination which makes Islam dangerous.

Another way to view Islam can be found at Jihad Watch, in “Islam 101” by Gregory M. Davis. In his words, it has been “transformed Islam from a relatively benign form of monotheism into an expansionary, military-political ideology that persists to this day.” It is easy to observe, in most cases, that Islam as it is interpreted and practiced today, can’t seem to live alongside or tolerate democratic, representative governments. These elements together make Islam in our day positively toxic.

This does not mean I hate Muslims. The system is the problem. Had I been alive when slavery was an accepted insitution, I would have been an abolitionist. Does that mean I would have hated people of African descent? If this is a comparison that seems a non-sequitur to you, just check this site out, and then watch some videos by Dr. Wafa Sultan, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, or Walid Shoebat. I have some here, or you can peruse the stock at Youtube, or Google Video, or get yourself some good books by any of them.

Islam, as it is packaged and sold by the jihadis, is not the ultimate society, in spite of it’s more fanatical adherents insistence. It is the ultimate fascism.

Jews attacked with a steel bar in Antwerp, Arab bulldozes Jews in Jerusalem, Jews grabbed by a security guard at U of Toronto seminar, threatened with beheading with a saw!! (now that’s rude).

Assault and threats to Jewish student following questions

While last night had higher profile anti-Zionists and anti-Semites, what with Naomi Klein and Sid Ryan, tonight had greater righteous indignation of the “oppressed Fakestinians”.

Notably, with Jews visible in the audience, the audience was repeatedly told from the dias that no photography or recording of any type was allowed by anyone without “media clearance”.

On a number of occasions organizers tried to force me to depart with my camera, though I had not taken even one shot. i told them that when everyone with a cell-phone leaves or gives up their phone i will give up my camera too.

Later, during questions, organizers, ” security”, surrounded the area where visible Jews were seated. A Jew asked a question: “Is Hamas’s charter racist “? That question then become the focus of vitriole, the “security” closed in around the Jews, security then started to push the Jews, then the dias demanded that the Jew leave the room. The Jew replied out loud that he would not depart unless told to do so by the Police. They came in from the lobby, and that ensued.

While this went on, I pulled out my camera and started to shoot. All manner of people closed in around me, and tried to obscure my lens. I got a few shots, and left for the lobby to catch the newly-evicted Jews’ fate. Organizers were demanding my photos, and my name. They got neither, though it will be next to impossible to be anonymous tomorrow.

For my efforts, a Police Sergeant came up to me and pushed me out the front doors using his chest and flack-jacket against my chest. I asked him why i was being pushed out the doors and he said that. “you know why”. Why? Because I look Jewish? Because I was photographing the altercation started by the islamo-fascists? OR, because he is brown ? Oh, but I can’t make that silly, facetious, suggestion, all while being profiled myself ……….

Then There Was Light and other sites are carrying the same story.

At the Muslim Day Parade of 2008, this man asks his god god to annihilate Israel with a nuclear holocaust…

Islamic Thinker's Society Sign

Website on sign is http://www.alburuj.com. The site requires a log-in just to visit.

Photo by Urban Infidel at www.urbaninfidel.blogspot.com

Because they’re asking “allah” for a horrific destruction of 6 million Jewish souls, I suppose we’re not to construe this as Muslims threatening Israel. Hm. I wonder who they think “allah” would be  using to carry out his  will. Anybody with ideas…please comment.

You’ll hear that line of reasoning towards the bottom of this post, also found at Wikipedia’s article on the Islamic Thinkers Society. Glenn Beck interviews a guy named Jesse.

I.T.S. threatens jihad against America.

This doesn't look very friendly to me...

Muslim Day Parade, 2007. This doesn't look very friendly to me...

Photo by Urban Infidel at www.urbaninfidel.blogspot.com

Robert Spencer is also threatened by the I.T.S. (that’s a weird one).

“May Allah rip out his spine from his back and split his brains in two, and then put them both back, and then do it over and over again. May He put this friend of shaytaan in the worst part of jahannum. Ameen.”

So, most of us have probably told someone to go to hell, and that is harsh. But I wouldn’t pursue legal action against someone who hopes I go to hell and says so. Hell, I might even laugh at him, slap him on the back. Hard.

Spencer might want to consider it on this one. Isn’t the above threat a bit over the top? I thought death threats weren’t protected speech? Or does the fact that these men pray out loud that their god will do these heinous acts protect them? Do they actually get to hide behind that, when their descriptions are so gruesome??

I was perusing Jihad Watch…and found some links hacked. Same with WorldNetDaily. I notified them, because I actually do believe in freedom of speech. I’m sure those sites are kept busy by the religion of peace. One of the links that was hacked was to a video of the man who called a woman he disagreed with a whore at an I.T.S. demonstration. I have embedded that video below.  He is a Jewish convert to Islam. Sad. So very sad.

Meanwhile, broadcast news continues reporting mostly local soft news, love triangles and such, along with a few bank robberies, and murders. Okay. Some of that is important. I wish the love triangles could remain private matters. If I want to know about that sort of thing, I’ll watch Access Hollywood or read The Globe. But that’s just me…

But what about the fact that several anti-American, openly jihadist, foreign entities, now operate on American soil?

And this isn't even the most updated version....

And this isn't even the most updated version....

Here’s a video on this that will really curl (or straighten, whatever you need) your hair.

These events aren’t newsworthy??

During the course of my reading today, I ran across another organization that keeps tabs on jihadist activities — Militant Islam Monitor.org. Very worthy of our attention.

We’re all watching each other these days aren’t we? Something’s gone haywire. Oh. Yeah. Our constitution isn’t being implemented. The one that the jihadists now openly tell Americans needs replacing with sharia (Islamic law) under a khalifate. That constitution. The constitution that our government officials take an oath to defend, along with “all enemies, both foreign and domestic”. Don’t these people, who call for our deaths, for the end of our chosen method of government — sound like enemies to you???

Of particular interest on the Wikipedia site regarding the Muslim Thinker’s Society is the link on the bottom entitled, “A Glenn Beck interview of a member of the Islamic Thinkers Society. Glenn hits pretty hard. Sorry, it’s a soundfile not a video.

Below is a video and a photo one of the guy’s from I.T.S.  calling a woman a whore. It can be clearly heard at the beginning of the video. In response, the woman tosses coffee on him. One of his buddies begins asking in a demanding tone, repeatedly, “Will you arrest her?” Several witnesses kept insisting that the man called the woman a whore.

This is so typical of Islamic behavior. They start the fight, the victim defends himself, herself, or in the case of groups, nations etc. they then go complaining about the response!! How about let’s not go picking fights guys??

The guy is a Jewish convert to Islam, calling women "whores".

The guy is a Jewish convert to Islam, a member of Islamic Thinker's Society, expressing his thoughts. He calls a woman he is arguing with a whore. Later, in the video, you'll here him call women who are speaking up on the first woman's behalf "children" and "filthy", and claiming they don't know how to have a discussion.

Photo by Urban Infidel at www.urbaninfidel.blogspot.com

I leave you with a quote from my religion. “Pray for the welfare of the non-Jewish government, since were it not for the fear of it men would swallow each other alive.” (Avot 3:2 and Rashi’s commentary.)

From Schmoozing with Elya & Ellie Katz

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Israel a “Palestinian Territory”?

Posted by DJM on March 3, 2009

UPDATE BY AVID EDITOR: While Newsweek quietly replaced the pop-up image, the big map still has Israel in red (Indicating an “Unfree” Islamic State)

According to Newsweek, it is.


(Thanks, Avid! Without you, this story wouldn’t have broke! Good eye!)

Also according to NewsAppeaser Newsweek, we are at stage 7.

From The Evolution of an Appeaser:

  • Stage 1 (negation): Germany is not at all rearming.

  • Stage 2 (bagatellisation): Okay, but not very much.

  • Stage 3 (relativating): Okay, but in relation to GB, France and Soviets, it is a tiny army.

  • Stage 4 (psychologization): Okay, but try to understand how they must feel surrounded, yes, under siege by many other nations!

  • Stage 5 (disengagement): Okay, but now it is too dangerous to confront them.

  • Stage 6 (appeasement): For hell, don’t provoke them! That will only worsen the situation.

  • Stage 7 (resignation): We can’t do anything about it.

Why bother with all those pesky stages in between?

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Wafa Sultan and Ayaan Hirsi Ali Confront Sleeping Americans

Posted by Glezele Vayne on February 15, 2009


A hat tip goes to Wafa Sultan and Glenn Beck for calling my attention to the lovely, courageous Ayaan Hirsi Ali. Wafa Sultan’s full speech is featured below. I have several other videos of Dr. Sultan linked on the “Videos” page located at the top of this blog. Ayaan’s video follows.

Wafa Sultan:

“Now I am free. But I cannot forget my niece. She was forced to marry her cousin when she was ten. He was over forty. Her marriage was valid and legalized under the Islamic sharia, because Mohammed the prophet of Islam married his second wife when she was six. He was over fifty. I always remember my niece coming back to her father’s house begging him not to send her back to her husband. He would say ‘In Islam, it is shame for a woman to leave her husband (sic) house. god will reward you for obeying him.’ At the age of twenty-five, my niece committed suicide by setting herself on fire. She was burned to death, leaving four children behind her. Read the rest of this entry »

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IDF Criticized for Being Competent

Posted by Glezele Vayne on January 22, 2009


I missed another memo.

Apparently, effectiveness in battle is prima facie evidence of war crimes. Using children as human shields and storing rockets under their beds is not. I’m going to go muse on this new information as I watch some more videos of pro-Hamas demonstrations in America. These peace loving folks were singing anti-war songs like “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free!”, and “In spirit and blood, we shall redeem Al Aksa!” … obvious references to the desired two state solution. Oh and they were also singing “Khaybar, Khaybar, ya Yahood! Jaish-Muhammad saya’ud!” (Khaybar, Khaybar oh Jews, the army of Muhammad will return!), and “Hamas, Hamas, Jews to the gas!”. Isn’t it cute how often they refer to us Jews in their songs? They just can’t seem to get over us.

I remember war protesters in the 60’s (now I’ve dated myself) singing “Kumbaya my Lord, Kumbaya” and sitting peacefully on college campuses demanding an end to the war in Vietnam too.

Something seems vaguely different about these protests. I just can’t quite get my hands around it. Give me time. I’ll figure it out. In the meantime, for your reading pleasure, I’ve posted an Arutz Sheva article on the outcome of the recent “Gaza war”. Enjoy.

Ellie Katz (follow link to Elya and Ellie’s blog)

Thanks goes to Avid Editor for graciously giving me space on his blog.

IDF Backs Gaza Reports, Says 1,300 Killed in Cast Lead by Maayana Miskin (IsraelNN.com)

Some highlights for your enlightenment below:

“A report issued by Italian journalist Lorenzo Cremonesi earlier in the day charged Hamas with vastly overstating the number of deaths in Gaza.”

“IDF spokesmen said they believe that approximately 1,300 people were killed in the operation, as Hamas has claimed.”

“There is, however, a major difference between the casualties reported by the IDF and those reported by Hamas: the IDF believes that most of those killed were members of Hamas and at least 500 belonged to the group’s armed forces…”

“The IDF still believes that the majority of those killed were armed, adult members of Hamas with blood on their hands.”

“… the estimated number of civilians killed was much higher than the actual number because many Hamas terrorists who were actively participating in battle at the time of their deaths were wearing civilian clothes.”

“… Gaza civilians were afraid of Hamas, and said the group had used civilians as human shields against their will and had fired from United Nations buildings.”

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Weeds on the Dome

Posted by avideditor on March 26, 2008

This is proof the only reason the jihadis care about the Dome of the Rock is because we want it. I pray every day that they abomination falls and the third temple will be built.

Weeds, part 2: “As a followup to my first Weeds post:

I just found another book showing a large number of photographs of Jerusalem and the rest of the Holy Land, these from 1904. Called ‘The Cruise of the Eight Hundred to and Through Palestine: Glimpses of Bible Lands’ it is a pictorial recounting of a trip of 800 Sunday School teachers to Palestine.It is fully downloadable in PDF format, as was the book I referred to yesterday.Here again is a scene of the Dome of the Rock, from a different angle, showing the steps to go into it (click to enlarge):Again, notice the huge number of weeds, even on the steps. Notice also what is not in the picture – people.In contrast, once again, here is a similar photograph of the Western Wall of the Temple from the same book:No weeds, lots of people. And the descriptions of the Wall in all of these books are similar, as the writers are struck by the heartfelt sadness that the praying people felt for the destruction of the Temple.The book includes hundreds of photographs and is a lot of fun to browse through.

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There are lies damn lies and then Islamic Propaganda

Posted by avideditor on March 19, 2008

See what the jihadis think about our war against them. It is funny they sound just like the left and they are projecting there ability to lie on us. Well here is a blog entry for you jihadis at MPACUK. Well here is a blog entry for you jihadis at MPACUK.  MPACUK is just like CAIR but it is the british version.

Warning the following link and segment contains Islmo-fasicst propaganda

This is the war that started with lies, and continues with lie after lie after lie: “It has been a war of lies from the start. All governments lie in wartime but American and British propaganda in Iraq over the past five years has been more untruthful than in any conflict since the First World War. The outcome has been an official picture of Iraq akin to fantasy and an inability to learn from mistakes because of a refusal to admit that any occurred. Yet the war began with just such a mistake. Five years ago, on the evening of 19 March 2003, President George Bush appeared on American television to say that military action had started against Iraq.” 


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Contact Barbara boxer and tell her to not meet with terrorist funders

Posted by avideditor on March 17, 2008

Update: She is meeting with them again. 😦

CAIR has been caught funding the terrorist group Hamas which it openly supports. It doesn’t believe Israel has a right to exist or defend itself. It wants to spread these lies to Senator boxer. Write to her and express your distaste in her meeting with a group that openly calls and funds the destruction of Israel. You can email boxer here. https://boxer.senate.gov/contact/email/policy.cfm

For More Info On CAIR click here 

This is CAIR’s press release:   Muslim, Interfaith Leaders Meet Boxer Staff Over Gaza Crisis: “(LOS ANGELES, CA, 3/13/08) – Southern California Muslim and interfaith leaders met Wednesday with representatives from Senator Barbara Boxer’s (D-CA) office to express their concerns about Israel’s blockade of the Gaza Strip and the resulting humanitarian crisis.”Those joining the meeting were: Sharaf Mowjood, Government Relations Coordinator of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, Greater Los Angeles Area; Salam Al-Marayati, Executive Director of the Muslim Public Affairs Council; Rabbi Allan Freehling, Executive Director of the L.A. City Human Relations Commission; Rabbi Steven Jacobs, Rabbi Emeritus of Temple Kol Tikvah; Rev. Peter Laarman, Executive Director of Progressive Christians Uniting; and Rev. Darrel Meyers, Friends of Sabeel.Al-Marayati asked for the senator to take a leadership role in urging Israel to end its blockade of humanitarian relief for Gazans.”Senator Boxer, as a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and the Subcommittee on Near Eastern Affairs, must break the silence on the humanitarian crisis and suffering in Gaza,” said Al-Marayati. “There is a growing interfaith peacemaking community that she should listen to as opposed to the war-making industry in Washington.”Mowjood said Israel’s blockade had caused severe food shortages, worsened the healthcare system and nearly collapsed the water and sewage systems for the 1.5 million people of Gaza.“Our Administration’s silence on Palestinians’ suffering and the lack of a call for a ceasefire indicate that our Administration places less value on the lives of Palestinians than Israelis,” Mowjood said.Rev. Laarman urged Senator Boxer to take the initiative in furthering peacemaking efforts in the region.“We, in the progressive religious community, were saddened and disappointed at the failure of so many political leaders, especially one as well-known for her peacemaking work as Barbara Boxer, for not having spoken out on the horrendous suffering of Palestinians in Gaza or on the threat to a resolution of the conflict posed by the new settlements in the West Bank,” 

Peter Laarman.Rabbi Freehling said he stands with the Muslim American community in their grave concern over the profound suffering of too many Palestinians and Israelis. He reminded the senator of their long-standing relationship, and urged her to remain steadfast in pursuing peace in the region despite the pressure she must be facing from special interest groups.The leaders expect to hear back from the senator’s office in a week’s time.- END -CONTACT: CAIR-LA Communications Coordinator Munira Syeda, (714) 776-1847, socal@cair.com; MPAC Communications Director Edina Lekovic, (213) 383-3443, communications@mpac.org.

Contact Barbara Boxer and lets prevent this meeting from happening.

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An Islamic Jihad Insight Into Pallywood

Posted by avideditor on March 17, 2008

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Palestinian Child Abuse

Posted by avideditor on March 9, 2008

click the link bellow to see the amazing video documenting how the pali jihadis use children as expendable human shields. I was trying to post the video here but I couldn’t figure it out. Sorry I am new to this.  

Palestinian Child Abuse: “Here’

s a video showing how the palestinians use children as human shields and have them perpetrate terrorist acts themselves.Keep these images in mind next time you hear of a palestinian child being killed.”(Via Israellycool.)

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ANOTHER TRUTH pt 1 , pt 2 and pt 3

Posted by avideditor on March 8, 2008

A sad but true look at the look of the jihadis that call themselves Palestinian

ANOTHER TRUTH pt 1 , pt 2 and pt 3: “



Palestinian children wear white and fake blood as they march during a rally against Israeli strikes in Gaza, in the Jebaliya refugee camp, northern Gaza Strip, Friday, Feb. 29, 2008. Israel’s deputy defense minister warned on Friday of a disaster in the Gaza Strip after Israel activated an air raid system to protect a major city from increasingly threatening Palestinian rocket barrages. The Arabic on large banner at top reads’Stop assassinating childhood in PalestineThe blood here is real Israeli bloodBlood is seen on a religious text inside a Jewish religious school after a shooting attack in Jerusalem March 6, 2008YES REAL BLOOD

NOW GET A LOAD OF THIS18 Mar, 1968 2 killed, 28 children injured in landmine attack on school bus in Negev desert6 Mar, 1969 29 injured (mostly students) by bomb in cafeteria at Hebrew University, Jerusalem8 May, 1970 there was a brutal attack on an Israeli school bus by Palestinian terrorists who crossed the Lebanese border.Avivim, an agricultural community established in 1963, is just metres from the border with Lebanon. Settled and built from the ground up by Moroccan immigrants, the majority of the residents belonged to one of two families; Peretz or Biton. The local council bus picked up children each morning to take them to two schools.The terrorists knew the schedule of the bus and were able to ambush it. They fired on the bus, killing the adults instantly. The bus driver continued until he himself was shot. Then the bus crashed, injuring many of the remaining children. The attack caused the death of 9 children (aged between six and nine) and 3 adults, and left 19 others crippled for life.20 May, 1970 12 killed, 19 injured (mostly children) in attack on school bus with three bazooka rockets11 April , 1974 a team of three members of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine General Command penetrated the Israeli border town of Kiryat Shmona from Lebanon. Although they had apparently been instructed to take hostages, they instead entered an apartment building and killed all eighteen residents they found there, including nine children. The terrorists then barricaded themselves in one of the apartments and were eventually killed in an exchange of fire with Israeli forces.May 15, 1974 (Israel’s Independence Day) a group of 11th grade students from Safed (Tsfat) were on a field trip to the Golan, a full day of hikes. That night, the children were housed at a school in Ma’alot where they slept on the floor. During the night, three Arab terrorists dressed as IDF soldiers attacked the school, killing the guard and some of the children. Some of the children escaped by jumping out of a window on the second floor and the rest were held as hostages.In the morning the terrorists were identified as members of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP) who had infiltrated from Lebanon. The DFLP is a Marxist-Leninist and formerly pro-Soviet group that split from the Popular Font for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) in 1969. They presented their demands: release Arab terrorists from Israeli prisons, or they will start to kill the children. The deadline was set at 6:00PM the same day.The Knesset met in emergency session. Although Israel’s policy forbid negotiation with terrorists, the plight of the children forced an exception. By 3:00PM a decision was reached to negotiate, but the terrorists refused a request for more time.At 5:45PM a unit of the elite Golani brigade stormed the building. All of the terrorists were killed in the assault, but not before they took the lives of 21 children. There were a total of 26 victims, including several people murdered by the terrorists on their way to the school the night before.

In Beirut, eloquent demonstrations honoring the fallen fedayeen as noble martyrs of the cause were ordered by Nayef Hawatmeh, the DFLP leader.

7 Apr 1980 3 killed (1 child, 1 soldier, 1 civilian), 16 injured (4 children, 10 soldiers, 1 civilian, 1 other) in attack in Misgav Am Kibbutz; 5 terrorists seize a children’s dormitory and take 9 infants hostage, with casualties incurred during attempted rescue; all terrorists killed26 Oct 1986 1 injured when terrorist attempts to gain control of bus filled with students, intending to crash bus26 Oct 1986 1 injured when terrorist attempts to gain control of bus filled with students, intending to crash bus29 Oct 1998 1 soldier killed by car bomb driven into jeep escorting a school bus in Gaza20 Nov 2000 2 killed, 9 injured (including 5 children) by roadside bomb exploding next to a school bus near Gush Katif2 Mar 2002 10 killed (including 6 children), over 50 injured by suicide bomber in Orthodox neighborhood of Jerusalem; the terrorist detonated the bomb next to a group of women with baby carriages outside a synagogue31 Jul 2002 7 killed (including 4 U.S. citizens and 1 U.S.-French citizen) and 86 injured in explosion of bomb planted in cafeteria at Hebrew University’s Mt. Scopus campus28 Jun 2004 2 killed (including 1 child), 11 injured by Kassam rocket striking near a nursery school in Sderot, Gaza Strip

Jun 30, 2006

Hamas threatens to hit infrastructure

Hamas’s armed wing, Izaddin al-Kassam, on Sunday threatened to attack infrastructure facilities inside Israel, including schools, hospitals and universities. The threat, the first of its kind since Hamas won the parliamentary election last January, was issued in response to continued Israeli military strikes in the Gaza Strip.

‘If they continue with these attacks, we will strike at targets in Zionist territory that we have not struck until now,’ said the organization’s spokesman.


March 6, 2008


JERUSALEM — A mass shooting in a Jewish religious school in Jerusalem last night killed at least eight people and wounded 10 others, dealing a near-lethal blow to fragile Israeli-Palestinian peace talks.It was the largest such attack in the city since the height of the intifada in 2003, and the worst single-incident death toll from a Palestinian attack since a 2006 suicide bombing at a falafel stand in Tel Aviv that killed nine.Despite initial witness reports of two attackers, Israeli police said later there was just one gunman, shot dead inside the school’s library.The gunman entered the school, or yeshiva, just after 8:30 p.m., and was said to have hidden his gun inside a bag or cardboard box. He began shooting in the entrance before moving to the library.Yitzhak Danon, a student, told Israel’s Channel 2 television that an Arab man wearing torn jeans fired for several minutes at students in the library, using an AK-47 assault rifle. ‘I saw the gunman, and he fired a long burst in the air. But then he disappeared,’ Mr. Danon said. ‘I saw him again when he approached the door of the library. I shot him twice in the head. He started to sway and then someone else with a rifle fired at him, and he died.’That shot was fired by an Israeli army officer who lived nearby and came running when he heard gunfire.The shooting was still going on even as the first ambulances arrived. ‘They was still shooting when we got here,’ paramedic Yaron Tzuker told Israel’s Channel 10 television. ‘We took cover and the ambulance was hit. It’s horrible inside – dead bodies and wounded – it’s horrific.’

An Israeli rescue worker from Zaka holds a body bag as he stands next to six covered bodies at the Merkaz Harav Yeshiva in Jerusalem. Israel went on alert as crowds mourned eight teens killed by a Palestinian at a Jewish religious school in an attack claimed by Hamas
A member of the Israeli emergency service Zaka stands next to a weapon and spent ammunition inside a Jewish religious school after a shooting in Jerusalem March 6, 2008


Hamas supporters in Jebaliya camp, northern Gaza Strip, celebrate the attack on a Jewish seminary March 6, 2008. Hamas vows more attacks

GAZA CITY–Hamas militants in the Gaza Strip praised yesterday’s deadly attack on a rabbinical seminary and thousands of Palestinians took to the streets of Gaza to celebrate.

Hamas stopped just short of claiming responsibility for the Jerusalem shootings, which left nine people dead including the gunman.

‘We bless the operation. It will not be the last,’ Hamas said in a statement sent to reporters by text message.

At mosques in Gaza City and the northern Gaza Strip, many residents performed prayers of thanksgiving, only performed in cases of great victory.

The United Nations, United States, Russia, France, Britain and Germany all condemned the school shooting.

Bush assured Ehud Olmert, the Israeli Prime Minister, of full US support.

How many times do we hear this from how many leaders over the last forty years, since the 18 Mar, 1968 where the pali scum where behind 2 killed, 28 children injured in landmine attack on school bus in Negev desert



Palestinian Muslims celebrate the cold-blooded murder of eight Jewish seminary students in the name of their god.

Israel gunman’s identity revealed

Alaa Abu Idheim, 26, was a bus driver who lived with his family on School Street on Jbel (Mountain in Arabic) Mukhaber, a high piece of ground overlooking Jerusalem to the south of the city.

He drove for a bus company that specialised in driving schoolchildren and students. Israeli police were investigating reports Abu Idheim had driven students from the yeshiva he attacked on Thursday night.

His home lies within East Jerusalem, the traditionally Arab part of the city, and from the point of view of the Israeli security services, Abu Idheim’s emergence as a terrorist was a nightmare scenario.

For the past four years Israel has built at huge expense, both financially and in terms of international standing, a barrier to keep the 2.4 million Palestinians in the West Bank separate from Israel.

The barrier – a wall in some areas and a fence in others – was supposed to provide safety for Israelis by making it difficult for hostile Arabs to get at them.

But East Jerusalem was kept on the Israeli side of the wall and its 200,000-strong Arab population have no wall or fence separating them from Israelis.

The fact Abu Idheim came from this population means the Israeli security services must rethink completely in terms of controlling East Jerusalem’s Arab population.Within minutes of his being shot dead, his East Jerusalem identity document – coloured distinctive Israeli blue rather than the orange of a West Bank – had alerted Israeli police to this awkward fact.

They rushed round to School Street and, according to neighbours, arrested several members of Abu Idheim’s family and took them in for questioning.

By early morning yesterday FRI the family’s compound had been turned into a funeral tent for Abu Idheim with plastic chairs lined up to receive mourners and flags of resistance movements hostile to Israeli flapping in the early spring breeze.

There were the green flags of Hamas, the militant Palestinian group, a yellow one symbolising Hizbollah, the Lebanese shia group, and a single, stark black flag to represent mourning.



UNITED NATIONS (AP) — For the second time in two months, Libya on Thursday blocked the U.N. Security Council from condemning violence and unrest in the Middle East.

In closed-door discussion among the 15-nation council’s diplomats, Libya insisted the statement should be ‘balanced’ by including condemnation of Israeli actions in Gaza, a Libyan U.N. representative said after the meeting. 

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Crazy Jihadi Preacher

Posted by avideditor on March 5, 2008

These are some of the crazy quotes from this guy. 

Islam teaches us to do things professionally. Doing things professionally is a religious duty.The Prophet said that Allah ordered to excel in everything. He imposed excellence and professionalism. Professionalism must be followed in everything. “If you kill, do it properly, and if you slaughter, do it properly.” Even when killing, you must do well.Unfortunately, we do not excel in either military or civil industries. We import everything from needles to missiles. This is our nation. We still haven’t manufactured an engine in our Arab countries.[…]How come the Zionist gang has managed to be superior to us, despite being so few?It has become superior through knowledge, through technology, and through strength. It has become superior to us through work.We had the desert before our eyes but we didn’t do anything with it. When they took over, they turned it into a green oasis.How can a nation that does not work progress? How can it grow?

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Iranian Regime Smacks John McCain In Bizarro Video

Posted by avideditor on March 4, 2008

I hope McCain wins. This video is amazing. It looks like Iran is trying to appeal to the american left. The funny thing is they don’t see Soros as being on their side that is weird. 

Iranian Regime Smacks John McCain In Bizarro Video: “Well, not everyone was happy with John McCain’s night  

The Iranian Regime knows that John McCain is not the candidate they want to see sitting in the White House come November. 

So the regime thought that it would do its part to sway voters by producing some bizarro John McCain YouTube video, via MEMRI 

Hat Tip Winston

John McCain did not exactly expect to get the mullah’s backing anyway. 

They had already endorsed Obama.” 

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