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Posted by avideditor on January 22, 2011

My favorite part of the “big lie” is when they tell the kafir how Islam empowers women (engulfed in cloth coffin).

This reminds me of the case in New Jersey where the judge let the Muslim husband off for raping his wife citing …..Islamic (sharia) law (more on that here).

Judge concerned after woman who was raped by husband drops case after community pressure Exposing Islam (Scottish Infidel)

A judge condemned a Muslim community today for putting ‘enormous emotional pressure’ on a wife to drop rape charges against her husband.

Judge Simon Newell said locals from the woman’s mainly Asian [Muslim] neighbourhood had impeded police and prosecutors because they wanted to protect the family’s honour.

The Asian [Muslim} wife, 32, had been due to testify against her 34-year old husband before a jury at Burnley Crown Court after she accused of him of raping her twice.

The husband – who cannot be named – had a conviction for assault causing actual bodily harm against his wife and one for a sexual offence against another woman.

He is already on the Sex Offender Register until September 2014.

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British Imam raped boy many times in mosque over a three month period

Posted by avideditor on January 15, 2011

No surprise that a Imam did this. I bet he allow preached jihad and other absurd things from the koran. Since he got the perversion down he probably also got the violence down.
From here http://eye-on-the-world.blogspot.com/2011/01/british-imam-raped-boy-many-times-in.html

mollah.JPGBritish imam raped boy many times in mosque over three-month period. A prominent imam, who is said to have been regarded as someone very powerful in his local Muslim community of Sheffield, is finally going to trial for raping, attempting to rape, and also for sexual activity with a male child for three months in July to October 2009. 42-year-old Mohammed Hanif Khan is also charged with attempting to rape the young boy’s slightly older, 15-year-old cousin over the same period of time. In an appearance at Nottingham’s Crown Court yesterday, Khan entered not guilty pleas to all eight charges of rape or attempted rape. The rape charges against this imam include lurid details like making the young boy touch his penis and also using lubricant on the 15-year-old’s bottom.

The charges against this British imam also highlight the very devious tactic in which this imam operated in order to, “allegedly,” rape the 12-year-old boy numerous times. Abusing his power and influence as imam of a mosque on Stoke on Trent, Khan would separate the boy from the congregation of his little mosque and order the child to complete his prayers (to Allah, I’m betting) in a separate area. You know, away from prying eyes and all else that is considered inconvenient when an imam rapes a male child. In his authority role as prayer leader and also as educator of boys, the imam enjoyed ultra-special access to young boys and was also protected due to his powerful reputation in the Muslim community. In other words, he had all the conditions that pedophiles and child molesters like him just dream about.

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Rape Jihad

Posted by avideditor on January 14, 2011

Seems the jihadis are using rape in order to continue their sick jihad.
From http://sheikyermami.com/2011/01/15/rape-jihad-4/

Rape Rover:

I was kept prisoner by the Asian sex gang predator: Victim tells harrowing story of ‘boyfriend’ who dubbed his car the ‘Rape Rover’

Trophy: Toni-Marie Redfern was initially flattered by the attention she received from Abid Mohammed Saddique

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13 year old killed by a messed up system that promotes Child rape, Islam

Posted by avideditor on April 9, 2010

Pedophile Mohammed and his child bride Aisha

Agencie France Presse:

A 13-year-old Yemeni girl who was forced into marriage died five days after her wedding when she suffered a rupture in her sex organs and hemorrhaging, a local rights organization said Thursday.

Ilham Mahdi al Assi died last Friday in a hospital in Yemen’s Hajja province, the Shaqaeq Arab Forum for Human Rights said in a statement quoting a medical report.

She was wedded the previous Monday in a traditional arrangement known as a “swap marriage,” in which the brother of the bride also married the sister of the groom, it said.

“The child Ilham has died as a martyr due to the abuse of children’s lives in Yemen,” the non-governmental organization said.

Her death was a “flagrant example” of the results of opposing the ban on child marriage in Yemen, which was leading to “killing child females,” it said.

The marriage of young girls is widespread in Yemen, which has a strong tribal structure.

The death of a 12-year-old girl in childbirth in September illustrated the case of the country’s “brides of death,” many of whom were married off even before puberty.

Controversy heightened in Yemen recently over a law banning child marriage in the impoverished country through setting a minimum age of 17 for women and 18 for men.

Thousands of conservative women demonstrated outside parliament last month, answering a call by Islamist parties opposing the law.

A lesser number of women rallied at the same venue a few days later in support of the law, the implementation of which was blocked pending a request by a group of politicians for a review.

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Muslim urges his son to rape a 12 year old Cousin

Posted by avideditor on January 4, 2010

The morality of the “religion of peace”

Muslim urges his son to rape a 12 year old Cousin: “London Muslim was sickened to be told about the story of a Muslim father and his wife who urged their son to rape a 12 year old cousin.

The sick bastards seemed to have the support of their family in encouraging the rape so the parents were not isolated in their appalling actions. The rape appeared to follow an illegal marriage ceremony.

Where is the outrage in the Muslim community and why does this story appear to be getting brushed under the carpet.

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“Who are you going to believe? Me or your lying eyes?”

Posted by Glezele Vayne on January 27, 2009


That stolen line ( Richard Pryor) pretty much sums it up don’t it? I think we should pay more attention to Norway and what’s going on up there.

Why? Because they are where we will be if we don’t face facts. Here’s some facts, spelled out clearly enough: “You can see the mainstream media are struggling to make sense of all of this. That’s because they can’t, or don’t want to, see the obvious: This is exactly how an invading army would behave. Rape, pillage and bomb.” HT to Fjordman at Blogspot for this and other uncomfortable insights. (I also thank him for the Richard Pryor line I swiped from the comments on his blog.) Fjordman lives in Norway, and knows what’s what. Believe it.

Here’s more splashes of cold water for the sleepy-eyed American: “For decades now, you believed them instead of what your own eyes and minds told you was right. You allowed yourself to be convinced that being discriminating or judgmental was the worse of crimes and allowed your centuries old traditions of peace and tranquility to be turned on its head rather than say the simple truth that some people are bad and even evil.”

Islam is at war with us. Multiculturalism and “religious tolerance” are the straw man. Islam is not a religion, not a cult…it is a complete system, much like Nazism or Communism. Don’t take my word for it. Do some research. The facts, the statistics, the crimes, the photos all speak for themselves.

On multiculturalism and tolerance, from Fjordman’s comments section: “Northern Europeans have permitted Islamists to not only disrupt their peaceful and orderly society with murder and mayhem, they also pay them from the public treasury, so they needn’t be concerned with seeking gainful employment but can spend their days in coffee shops reinforcing their religion of hate and violence. “

Unless you want your wives, mothers, sisters, children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren to suffer (chas v’ shalom) like the ones in the photos I linked in my previous post entitled Blood Libel.

  • Stop your wishful thinking.
  • Face facts and figure out what you can do to protect your family, your community, your nation.
  • Stop apologizing for these murderous fanatics.
  • Stop giving countries (em…Israel for instance) who are on the front line, and who refuse to cave in, such a hard time.
  • Stop expecting a nation enmeshed in a war not of it’s own doing, a war for it’s very survival, to measure up to standards in warfare that you and your nation can’t possibly measure up to and win.

You sleep more securely at night because Israel is taking the abuse that would otherwise be heaped on you. This is a war between civilization and barbarity, and it’s coming at us from a direction we did not expect. But it is here.

Wake up.

Ellie Katz

P.S. I have video footage in my Jihadi page that shows just how far Europe has come in living up to the commonly used epithet hurled in it’s direction. Not by it’s enemies. Eurabia is the cynical term coined by those who know they are in a war against Muslim settlers, Muslim colonists and they are losing. Watch the videos and welcome to Eurabia. Is AmArabia next?

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