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Tomorrow the Islamic Leftist Allenance is going to protest Israel’s right to defend itself

Posted by avideditor on December 30, 2008

I got this E-mail from the JIDF. I think the UAC is leading some counter protest. I am sure Stand With Us is also counter protesting. I am going to be heading someplace for NYE but if facing up against the Islamic Lefty allence is you thing then you should be there to show your support


Dear Friends,

The ANSWER Coalition, Muslim American Society Freedom, Free Palestine Alliance, National Council of Arab Americans, and Al-Awda, International Palestine Right to Return Coalition are calling for Tuesday, December 30 to be a “National Day of Action to show solidarity with the Palestinians and to demand an immediate end to the murderous attacks carried out by the Israeli military against the people of Gaza.”

Israel supporters in these cities simply need to appear at the same times and places, in large numbers, with large signs, and megaphones to drown out the terror-supporting noise and to counter protest. They are constantly adding more cities. 

Please visit this site for the latest information, and organize counter protests in your cities.

So far, demonstrations are organized in Phoenix, Albion, Anaheim, Fort Bragg, LA, Sacramento, San Francisco, Santa Rosa, New Haven, Washington DC, Fort Lauderdale, Ocala, Tampa, Honolulu, Chicago, New Orleans, Boston, Ann Arbor, Dearborn, Twin Cities, Albuquerque, NYC, Cleaveland, Columbus, Youngstown, Portland, Philly, Columbia, SC, Sioux Falls, Austin, Houston, Seattle, Tacoma, and in various countries like Chile (today, the 29th!), France (Lyon and Paris), Italy (Florence) and Wales.

Now is the time to speak out and speak out loudly against the terrorist regimes that overwhelmingly represent Israel’s enemies and to show vocal support for Israel’s actions to defend itself. Most mainstream Jewish organizations don’t have the chutzpah or efficiency to organize counter-protests, so it’s up to you to be there, even if you go alone!

Jewish Internet Defense Force
Leading the Fight

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Who does not support Israel in the latest Gaza War?

Posted by avideditor on December 29, 2008

It seems the MSM is on the Jihadist side. Even the lefties I know support Israel. I think what Israel is doing is right and long over due. I guess some people are so brainwashed that they blame Israel for everything. I have not run into anyone that clueless yet. I hope not to but if you do have are some great talking points posted here. It seems like common sense to me to support Israel, but I guess some people need convincing. 2+2 equals 4 and killing Jihadis is good. Want any more truths?

Good news here. The death threats are drastically slowing down and the traffic is going up. I did not know that some many people wanted to read what I had to say. Thanks.

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Posted by avideditor on December 29, 2008

The AFP love the Jihadis IMHO. I do not trust the AFP for the news. It is funny to read there spin though. Power Line seems to think the same read this great article Agence France-Presse (AFP) is one of the world’s most biased news agencies, especially where the Middle East is concerned. Today AFP published this helpful guide to the “key events in 2008” relating to Gaza, Hamas and Israel:


In AFP’s narrative, the story begins with Israel imposing a blockade of Gaza in January. No mention of the rocket attacks launched by Hamas from Gaza that prompted the blockade. The next event that the AFP finds noteworthy is Israel’s five-day “offensive” of February and March 2008, which “kills over 120 Palestinians.” No mention of the 257 rockets and 228 mortars that were fired into Israel from Gaza during the month of February alone, no mention of Hamas’ resumption of suicide bombing in February, and no acknowledgement that many of those killed were Hamas terrorists. In June, AFP reminds us, Israel and Hamas agreed to a six-month truce. Again, context is absent, but the significance of the truce lay in Hamas’ agreement to stop launching attacks on Israel from Gaza. And for a while, it almost did. This graphic shows the number of rocket launchings on a monthly basis:


This one shows mortar attacks:


As you can see, the mortar and rocket attacks never quite stopped, but resumed in earnest last month, when they averaged around three a day. AFP helpfully explains what happened: “Israeli assault sparks resumption of Hamas rocket attacks from Gaza.” What “Israeli assault” was that? The IDF sent special forces 200 yards across the border to destroy a tunnel that had been built to facilitate the kidnapping of Israeli soldiers. Intelligence indicated that such a kidnapping was imminent:

The IDF accused Hamas of jeopardizing the truce by digging the tunnel and plotting to abduct more Israeli soldiers in the immediate future. “The tunnel we uncovered was ready for imminent use, forcing us to act immediately,” the military source said. “We did not know where the other end of the tunnel surfaced. In light of the intelligence we received about its immediate use, plans for special forces to enter Gaza this evening after sundown were approved,” he added. 

Hamas gunmen opened fire on IDF forces and Hamas fired 45 rockets into Israel the same night. AFP uncritically parrots Hamas’ pretext that Israel’s destruction of the kidnapping tunnel was the reason for its resumption of rocket and mortar attacks. That’s it, as far as AFP is concerned, until December 19, when Hamas “ends [the] truce.” Of course, as the graphics above show, there was no truce to end by December. The AFP says that on December 27, Israeli planes “blitz Hamas targets.” Give them credit for acknowledging the nature of the targets, but isn’t “blitz” a somewhat fraught term to describe Israel’s carefully aimed attacks? While AFP’s summary of “key events in 2008” is useless as a guide to what has happened in Gaza and Israel over the past year, it does accurately reflect AFP’s woefully biased coverage of that part of the world: the Middle East according to AFP.

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Can We Please Bomb Iran Now: Iranian Prostesters Call for “Israel to Be Wiped Off the Face of the Earth”

Posted by avideditor on December 29, 2008

Was there a counter protest? Iran is the biggest threat to freedom and liberty not Hamas IMHO.
From Gateway Pundit

The brutal Hamas-supporting regime sponsored a massive protest today in Tehran.

Shouting “Down with the USA” and “Down with Israel”, the demonstrators carried banners reading“Israel must be wiped off the face of the earth” and “We should all rise and destroy Israel”. (Fars News)

Rise to destroy Israel. (ISNA)

Protesters prayed for the destruction of Israel.

And, of course, flags were torched. (Fars News)

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2008 was the year man-made global warming was disproved

Posted by avideditor on December 28, 2008

Read the great article here.

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Hamas leveraging Gazan lives for political gain

Posted by avideditor on December 28, 2008

Read this great article. Gaza reference articles

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A great Live Blog of what is Happening in Israel

Posted by avideditor on December 28, 2008

Read it. Can Israel or someone please bomb Iran so they can no longer develop Nuclear weapons.

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Little Green Footballs 2 is getting a facelift

Posted by avideditor on December 21, 2008

I and some of the old LGF2 bloggers are blogging here until LGF2 works right.

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The JIDF Facebook page has been reinstated but Jihadi groups are still all over Facebook

Posted by avideditor on December 17, 2008

This also is posted at LGF2.

I personally think Facebook is a fad, so I do not use it. But the Jihadis congregate there. The fact the JIDF was taken down but the Jihadis where not shows that Facebook does support terrorist. From the JIDF page

It’s sad Facebook has the power to take all that away in one quick instant, especially when a simple search on Facebook for the term “Hezbollah” yields dozens of groups and hundreds of people actively supporting the terrorist organization.

I do not agree with the JIDF on everything. I am a Zionist. Although I disagree with the current leaders of Israel, I believe Israel should be a Jewish State.

I think what the JIDF does in response to Jihadist is great.

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An anti-Jihad Conference in Jerusalem

Posted by avideditor on December 14, 2008

I posted this over at LGF2. Read the comment thread there if you are interested.

Robert Spencer and Atlas Shrugs are there. I wonder why Charles has not posted on this? Read more about this event here. 

Thanks Bweep for reminding me of this. I wonder if they are going to post any good audio of this online.

UPDATE: Thanks arwynkafir. A link of the event itself.

Update: Here is a link to the text of Geert Wilders speech. Thanks to Jeppo. If anyone has any links to the texts, audio, or video of what happened today please post them. I recommend reading the speech despite its length.

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“The terrorist memorializing features all point to each other” Flight 93 BLOGBURST

Posted by avideditor on December 12, 2008

“The terrorist memorializing features all point to each other”

Blogburst logo, petition

Crescent video, Part 2, set to everybody’s favorite gunslinger music:

If you have a fast connection, there is a high quality viewing option at the lower right of the viewing screen here.

Part 1 focused on the blatant Islamic symbolism in the Flight 93 memorial, and on Tom Burnett’s efforts to stop this desecration of his son’s grave. Part 2 is about the terrorist memorializing features.

On first examination, the Islamic symbol shapes in the Flight 93 memorial are found to be slightly imprecise:

The giant crescent does not point quite exactly at Mecca.

The Sacred Ground Plaza that sits roughly in the position of the star on a crescent and star flag does not sit exactly in the position of an Islamic star.

But additional features turn these imprecise Islamic shapes into precise Islamic symbol shapes:

Inside the Sacred Ground Plaza sits a separate section of Memorial Wall, inscribed with the 9/11 date, that IS placed in the exact position of an Islamic star.

Remove the symbolically “broken off” parts of the crescent of Embrace (now called a broken circle) and the remaining crescent structure–what symbolically remains standing in the wake of 9/11–points EXACTLY at Mecca.

To find these additional features, just follow the terrorist brick road: the 44 inscribed translucent memorial blocks on the flight path (matching the number of passengers, crew, AND TERRORISTS).

No need to have seen Part 1 before seeing Part 2. All of the parts of this video series will stand on their own, with only a small amount of overlap. There is a brief review of the Mecca orientation, because that is what leads to the discovery of the 44 blocks, but the blocks then lead to this whole further array of terrorist memorializing features.

If there is a group that you want to show this to–conservative campus group, church group, poker group, or just a little half-time patriotism–ask Alec Rawls about getting the video in full resolution, or in television viewing format.

To join our blogbursts, just send your blog’s url.

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Take action. Have more anti Jihadist children and do what you can to crush the jihadis

Posted by avideditor on December 6, 2008

Emboldened, perhaps, by the Jihad’s public success against at killing Jews in Mumbai this week, Southern California Islamists try their hands at wiping-out Judaism’s biblical-homeland and refuge – through a culturally-insensitive demonstration outside the Israeli Embassy in Los Angeles. Read more here

A great video post on that website

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How Modern Liberals Think

Posted by avideditor on December 5, 2008

I think this is great. I think I posted a link to this video before. Enjoy

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Obama To Appoint Anti-Israel Middle East Envoy

Posted by avideditor on December 3, 2008

Update: I wrote this before Obama was the president. I am not calling for anyone to kill the president. Yes I think Obama is evil.

I think Obama is a Jihadi and should be killed before he can do more damage.  I said this in the past Obama will kill all the Jews: He will be worse then Hitler or Stalin I still think this is true.  Read some of todays news here:

Okay…if this is true, it will signal some harsh reality to the Israelis regarding President-elect Obama’s true intentions for Israel and the Middle East – it is being reported that Obama is set to name Daniel Kurtzer as U.S. envoy to the Middle East and Kurtzer’s past relations with the Israelis is controversial, to say the least.

Here’s some of the details from World Net Daily:


President-elect Barack Obama is considering appointing his top Mideast adviser, Daniel Kurtzer, as U.S. envoy to the Middle East, a senior Israeli diplomatic source told Israel’s Haaretz newspaper. Kurtzer, a former U.S. ambassador to Israel, long has been seen in Jerusalem as one of the Jewish state’s greatest foes in Washington. He has been identified by Jewish and Israeli leaders, including prime ministers, as biased against Israel and is notorious for urging extreme concessions from the Jewish state.

“We oppose the appointment of Kurtzer, because of his long, documented record of hostility to and severe pressure upon Israel,” said Zionist Organization of America National Chairman Morton Klein.

Okay, I have suspected all along that Obama was going to be extremely sympathetic to the disgusting palestinians and I didn’t believe one iota of Obama’s speech regarding defense of Israel. The point here is there are dozens and dozens of qualified people to be envoy to the Middle East and this bozo, Kurtzer, is going to get the nod?

It will be interesting to see if Obama bends from Israeli heat on this – if Kurtzer is named officially, then I believe we can pretty much write off any support of Israel by a President Obama. And if that doesn’t scare the shit out of you, it better. Read more of this great post. 

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Pakistan Refuses To Extradite 20 Most Wanted Terrorists To India

Posted by avideditor on December 3, 2008

This is a Great post IMHO. 

Pakistan has defied India’s request for the hand over of 20 Lashkar e-Taiba terrorists and leaders today. This refusal to extradite these jihadists to India is only going to fuel the tensions between the two countries. Here’s some of the details from DEBKA:

President Asif Ali Zardari Wednesday, Dec. 3, rejected New Delhi’s demand to extradite Lashkar e-Taiba chief Hafiz Mohd Sayeed and 19 other fugitives implicated in the Mumbai and other terrorist outrages in India. He said that if evidence were provided, they would be tried in Pakistani courts.
In New Delhi, US secretary of state Condoleezza Rice pledged Washington would work with India and Pakistan to find the perpetrators of the Mumbai attack and bring them to trial. She landed in the Indian capital as Adm. Mike Mullen, chairman of the US Joint Chiefs, arrived in Islamabad to defuse the war tensions between the two subcontinental nuclear countries.
India’s wanted list includes also Mumbai underworld don Dawood Ibrahim and Jaish-e-Mohammad chief Masood Azhar. In demanding the fugitives’ handover, Indian foreign minister Pranab Mukherjee said his country has every right to protect its territorial integrity and would take appropriate action to deal with terror strikes emanating from Pakistan. He did not rule out military strikes against terror camps across the border.

Now, this doesn’t surprise me in that I doubted that Pakistan would just comply 100% with this demand of India’s but at the same time, one has to believe that Pakistan’s government isn’t dumb enough to just refuse this without some sort of alternative plan. Pakistan has to realize that the Indians are dealing with a public that is going to get only more enraged and demanding of heads to roll. I don’t see how the trying of any convicted terrorists in Pakistan of these terrorists will appease India. The crimes were commited in India!

At the same time, this is really Pakistan’s new government’s first real international crisis where they find themselves having to make some tough decisions. In the past six months, we have seen the Pakistani government back down in most cases – they’ve backed down on threats to the U.S. over UAV strikes inside the country and we’ve also seen them back down to the Taliban in several NW provinces.

I would guess that if India’s response is adamant enough, we will see some sort of compromise come out of this.

Read the Rest

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Islam does not mean peace

Posted by avideditor on December 3, 2008

This is a great post IMHO

“We are clear of you and of whatever ye worship besides Allah: we have rejected you, and there has arisen, between us and you, enmity and hatred forever, unless ye believe in Allah and Him alone” (Surah 60:4)

This blog is about common arguments used by Islamists and their supporters. If you’ve ever had a debate with a “moderate” Muslim, some of these will be very familiar:

1. “Islam” means “peace” – The word Islam means “submission.” When confronted, most Islamists will argue it does mean “submission,” but only to Allah. This doesn’t just apply to those who choose to embrace the Islamic faith. To the Muslim world, peace can only come when all humans submit to Allah, whether by conversion or subjugation.

2. Jihadis make up only a small percentage of Muslims – Recent polls in Indonesia indicates differently. One in ten Muslims polled supported violence against innocent people, while a third wanted the Sharia as the highest law in the land. Polls in America show 15% of Muslims support terrorism. Similar polls in the U.K. shows as many as 40% support terroristic violence and/or the Sharia. The Sharia, or Islamic Law, supports such barbaric, draconian punishments as stoning to death rape victims who cannot provide four male witnesses to the crime. So, almost half of the Muslims in this Western country want to impose Islam on all.

There are over one billion Muslims in the world. Using the most conservative number of 10% who support radical views, that leaves one hundred million Islamic extremists. A small percentage…

3. Islam forbids the killing of innocent people – This is true. However, what constitutes an “innocent person” might surprise you. In Islam, there are no innocent non-Muslims. Disbelief is a crime against Allah. Anyone who commits a crime against Allah is a legitimate target for Jihadis. “Disbelievers are an open enemy to you.” (Surah 4:101). The Qur’an commands Muslims to kill the enemies of Allah (Surah 2:191).

4. The Qur’an is misinterpreted or out of context – A very common defense, Muslims will usually go straight for this one, especially when infidels use direct quotes from the Qur’an. Once, when I asked a Muslim how long “forever” meant in Surah 60:4 (see the verse at the top of this article), the response was “In Muhammad’s time.” Either Muslims have little grasp of the English language, or they choose to deceptively ignore the qualifier “until you believe in Allah.” The verse could not be clearer. But because Muslims do not want to admit the true intent of Islam, they continue to mislead and misrepresent about the Qur’an. Disbelievers are FOREVER the enemy of Allah, until they submit to Islam.

5. The Qur’an is mistranslated – This is also true. The question you should ask is how it is mistranslated. According to Arab speaking apostates, the English version of the Qur’an is less violent. One example is the word “kartillo.” It is most often translated as “fight.” But the definitions are different. The English word “fight” suggests a struggle until the enemy is overcome. The Arabic word, however, means to the death. To either die fighting or fight until you kill your enemy. When Muhammad said, “And fight [Disbelievers] until persecution is no more, and religion is for Allah.” (Surah 2:193), he did not mean struggle against non-Muslims, resist them, or battle until victorious. He meant kill them.

Read the rest Here

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Will someone please kill Obama? and LGF2

Posted by avideditor on December 3, 2008

UPDATE: Hey lizards just so you know CJ will us any donation to him to Jeopardize your life and your families life. Read here.

UPDATE: I guess CJ the crazy wackjob is now promoting this post. I repeat I do not call in any way for the death of a siting president of the United States. I wrote this way before 0 was the president. I added this update in other post. But for some reason this has now gotten CJs attention. I am also not mad any more at the fine people over at LGF2. If you are interested read my latest posts.

Someone deleted my comment from LGF2 because I asked that question. It is still legal because Obama is yet to be President of the USA. I think he cheated to get Elected and that Obama is a Jihadi. I am leaving America because he is going to be president. I love America and I really do not want to leave. That is why I asked that question. I am no longer posting at LGF2, unless I receive an apology. It has already been a day and the traffic is already down there. Here are some of the stuff I posted there.

Video used to Convict HLF

A great video. It is a good watch IMHO. Why doesn’t Charles link to it? Is he afraid to lose his Jihadi support? Maybe Atlas is right he seems like a C.A.I.R. shill.

Is it illegal to say you want an over throw of the US government by a Paramilitary force that will kill all the Jihadist?

Is it illegal to say you want an over throw of the US government by a Paramilitary force that will kill all the Jihadist? Just a question. If it is they should arrest Umar for saying he wants to install a caliphate in the US.

Stop the Jihadis now or there will be a nuclear or biological attack here

“When you really consider this, it is absolutely bone-chilling…a bipartisan commission is making that claim that the U.S. will see some sort of nuclear or biological attack by 2013. Here’s some of the details from this shocking news …

Read the rest from Holger Awakens

What to do when you see a footbath in a public place.


Call me a bigot or what ever you want. I think this blog entry is so good I an going to post some of it.

“One of the biggest falsities in the political dialogue today is Islam is a religion of Peace. Islam was started by Muhammad who spread his religion through military power and masscres of the innocents.

For example in the case of the Khaybar Jews, Muhammad had the male leadership killed, and plundered their riches. The terrorized Khaybar survivors—industrious Jewish farmers—became prototype subjugated dhimmis whose productivity was extracted by the Muslims as a form of permanent booty. (And according to the Muslim sources, even this tenuous vassalage was arbitrarily terminated within a decade of Muhammad’s death when Caliph Umar expelled the Jews of Khaybar.)Source.

Throughout history and through today, Islam has believed in spreading its influence vial terror and violence:

Muhammad and Mumbia By Joseph Klein
FrontPageMagazine.com | 12/1/2008

Islam was born as a religion spread through violence. There is a direct line from the prophet Muhammad to today’s Islamic terrorists, whose latest deadly attacks wreaked havoc in Mumbai, India. The ongoing effort in the United Nations and the politically correct media to disassociate Islam from terrorism is a sham.” Read the rest Here.

Charles still supports Israel. That is enough for a lib right?

LGF has changed. But Charles still supports Israel. That is enough for a lib right?

Obama is a Jihadi that wants to create Brown shirt again

I love America. But I am leaving America before Obama is my president. I do not trust him. I think he will ruin America. Well I will get back to packing. Obama wants there to create brown shirts. He said so in Germany. Here is video of him saying it himself and more info on it if you forgot.

A Jihadi on TV explains how to beat ones wife

I hope this guy is killed by his own or us. (I did not repost the video here if you want to see it click on the link)

Would you go back to LGF if it changed back to what it was? What do you think requires changing?

Would you go back to LGF is it changed back to what it was? What do you think requires changing?

If Charles banned Killore and other people that IMHO made LGF anti-G-d and pro Jihadi in many cases, and Charles said this in a post. I would go back to LGF. Until that day I am going to keep posting here.

Is Charles a pro-censorship Fascist?

I think he is. I am glad to see that LGF page view are down.

PS It is still hard to type since my surgery. I am now going to post here because I am not afraid of what I say would be deleted.

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