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Proof the jihadis are Nazis is found once again in the new Bosnian party

Posted by avideditor on April 9, 2010

The jihadis not only allied with the Nazis back in the day. There are nazis now IMHO. HT Phil Hey, ho! Hey, ho! Western Civ is Here to Stay!

Bosnian neo-nazi organization was birthed today that insists that Bosnia belongs to the Bosniaks, an invented nationality with which Bosnian Muslims identify in order to avoid their religious background when talking to the Western press.

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Palin On Obama’s Nuclear Strategy: Like Asking For A Punch In The Face

Posted by avideditor on April 9, 2010

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13 year old killed by a messed up system that promotes Child rape, Islam

Posted by avideditor on April 9, 2010

Pedophile Mohammed and his child bride Aisha

Agencie France Presse:

A 13-year-old Yemeni girl who was forced into marriage died five days after her wedding when she suffered a rupture in her sex organs and hemorrhaging, a local rights organization said Thursday.

Ilham Mahdi al Assi died last Friday in a hospital in Yemen’s Hajja province, the Shaqaeq Arab Forum for Human Rights said in a statement quoting a medical report.

She was wedded the previous Monday in a traditional arrangement known as a “swap marriage,” in which the brother of the bride also married the sister of the groom, it said.

“The child Ilham has died as a martyr due to the abuse of children’s lives in Yemen,” the non-governmental organization said.

Her death was a “flagrant example” of the results of opposing the ban on child marriage in Yemen, which was leading to “killing child females,” it said.

The marriage of young girls is widespread in Yemen, which has a strong tribal structure.

The death of a 12-year-old girl in childbirth in September illustrated the case of the country’s “brides of death,” many of whom were married off even before puberty.

Controversy heightened in Yemen recently over a law banning child marriage in the impoverished country through setting a minimum age of 17 for women and 18 for men.

Thousands of conservative women demonstrated outside parliament last month, answering a call by Islamist parties opposing the law.

A lesser number of women rallied at the same venue a few days later in support of the law, the implementation of which was blocked pending a request by a group of politicians for a review.

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The Jihad Genocide of the Yezidi Nation

Posted by westerncivisheretostay on April 9, 2010

Philip Daniel


The Yezidis are an ancient and esoteric Mesopotamian religious sect known to venerate seven angelic emanations of a single god, the primary among them called Melek Taus (the Peacock Angel), and likewise posses holy scriptures called Qawls (hymns). These people are deemed mushrikun (outright idolators, in the archaic and absolutist parlance of Islam and the Shari’a); thus, the bloodthirstingly pious mujahedin have been at their throats for nearly 14 centuries, reducing the numbers of the Yezidis dramatically in one of the longest-lasting and most devastating continuous genocides the world has known, persisting to this day in spite of the (diminishing) American presence in Iraq (where most of the Yezidis are located, and where they were the target of a particularly-brutal campaign of genocide concurrent with those against the Kurds and Marsh Arabs under Saddam Hussein, the rest of this forgotten people residing — albeit in an insecure manner — in Syria and Turkey, only the small minority in nearby Armenia finding refuge from impune and unmourned slaughter and captivity and plunder and the concern that such calamities may strike them at any moment from their more numerous and privileged and dare-I-say bigoted Muslim neighbors.) Like other kuffar, the Yezidis are accused of not only kufr and shirk but also the heinous crime of taghut (worshipping Shaytan, i.e. rejecting taslim, following a path other than siratul-mustaqeem and thus speading fasaad, being in a state of harb with Allah and Rasul’allah and causing fitna), a factor which thoroughly dehumanizes this small and unique Gnostic-like cult in the eyes of the al-Muwahiddun and thereby “justifies” their complete annihilation (their blood and property being mubaa’, the purchase of aman by the taking of the jizya unacceptable from them).

Hat-tip to the invaluable and inexhaustible online resource Assyrian International News Agency.

The Unknown Turkish Genocide Of Yezidis

Yerevan — In 1915-1918 the upper circles of the Ottoman Empire, taking advantage of the conditions of the World War, organized and realized genocide of Turkey’s national minorities. During a few years the Ottoman Empire actually completely slaughtered the native peoples of the country: Armenians, Assyrians, and Greeks. Nowadays the world is aware of numerous facts and details of these terrible atrocities committed by Turkey’s authorities endowed with state power. The world’s most progressive countries condemned the Armenian Genocide in the Ottoman Empire on the state level and mark mournful data of the Genocide’s beginning together with Armenians, Greeks and Assyrians.

However, in this sorrowful list of peoples destroyed by Turks Yezidis, a distinctive and native nation on the territory of the Ottoman Empire, are actually never mentioned. Meanwhile, even an incomplete list of settlements of Yezdistan (a territory in the north of Iraq), where Turkish vandals slaughtered Yezidis, is quite and quite impressive: Sinjar, Sinoun, Gobal, Dgour, Gali Ali Bage, Dhok, Zorava, Karse and Bare, Siba, Tlizer, Tlzafe, Khrbade Kavala, Grzark, Rmbousi, Sharok, Tlkazar, Tlbanta, Kocho, Khotmi, Mosoul, Rndavan, Amadia. Over 200,000 Yezidis were slaughtered in these settlements. Read the rest of this entry »

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Response to Wikileaks “Collateral Murder” Video

Posted by DJM on April 9, 2010

UPDATE: The LiveLeak version is below the fold.

UPDATE: Looks like YouTube has already pulled the plug on it. Or at least, I’m getting a ‘blocked because of copyright infringement’ error message. The irony is, this clip uses the SAME audio and video as dozens of videos currently at YouTube. The only difference is, my video supported our Troops and showed that the ‘journalists’ were with armed insurgents.

If you are having problems, you can still view the video HERE.

It’s amazing, the mainstream completely ignores THIS video (WARNING! Extremely Graphic!) showing the true nature of the enemy we face in Iraq and Afghanistan, but refuse to give our own Troops even the benefit of doubt.

There exists some pictures of the scene immediately after the above video was taken. The U.S. Government has released them, but redacted portions of each image because they are too gruesome. However, releasing them unredacted would clear the the U.S. Military of wrongdoing.

Will Obama authorize that? I doubt it.

It’s time to hold the media accountable. Such misleading ‘leaks’ while suppressing evidence that would vindicate our Troops should be treason.

(If anyone wants an original copy of this video to mirror, please email me. I’m not promoting my blog with it or anything, I just want to see the truth gets out there.)

(Cross-posted at Al Salibiyyah and SnappedShot.com)

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