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Arab writer admits: “We [Arabs] are racist to the bones” — “White Skin, Black Mask”: An Interview with Kamel Riahi

Posted by westerncivisheretostay on April 18, 2010

Philip Daniel


A Tunisian Arab writer speaks on the taboo topic of endemic racism (against black Africans, Jews, Kurds, etc) in the Arabized nations of the Maghreb and Levant…

I noticed in my many trips across the Arab world, with my careful observation, that Arabs are perfectly racistEven in Tunisia, the most civilized Arab country, we still refer to whites as “free” and black as “slaves”. Blacks still suffer from being marginalized despite the fact that the law of the land and the constitution call for equality…

We, the whites, will not be liberated until we liberate ourselves from the racist views we have of other races and religions.

We still curse each other using “you’re Jewish” or “you’re Kurdish”, this is also racial and religious discrimination. Watch any Egyptian sitcom and tell me about the image of the Sudanese character. Listen to the Tunisian jokes about the Libyans or jokes about people from Hums in Greater Syria. Listen to the debates regarding noble families and family lineage… even horses now are divided between what is considered “noble” and what is not. We are racists to the bones. Attempting to hide or silence this fact will not help with the matter because we are a sick society which still suffers from the complexes of color and race.

Read the rest here.

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Things That Don’t Offend Muslims

Posted by DJM on April 18, 2010

A couple of years ago, I blogged a list of things that offend Muslims. You can find the complete, extensive list at The Amboy Times blog.

This time, I present a list of things that don’t offend Muslims, courtesy of Planck’s Constant:

* Honor Killings

* The rape of Infidel Women

* Whipping the Victims of Rape

* the slaughter of nearly 3000 innocent people

* Hanging gays simply because they are gay

* Anti-Jewish Cartoons

* Killing Christians simply because they are Christians

* Killing your wife if she asks for a divorce

* Female genital mutilation

Click over to Planck’s Constant for footnotes and source links.

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