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Abu Sayyaf Mujahedin Slay 11 (UPDATE: 15 KAFFIR CASUALTIES) in the Southern Phillipines For Allah

Posted by westerncivisheretostay on April 13, 2010

Philip Daniel



There’s a deafening and disturbing silence emanating from governments and NGOs on the Jihad-genocide of Filipino Catholics by Moro Muslims in Mindanao and the Sulu Archipelago…

Yet we know that if it were the reverse — Filipino Catholics wantonly massacring Moro Muslims (something which is de facto highly unlikely) — then there would be global outrage from kuffar and Muslimin alike…

It’s as if the elites in the mushrik West have willingly accepted that the life of a mu’min is far more valuable than that of a so-called mufsid, and that the blood and property of a kaffir harbi is mubaa’ — even that slaughtering kuffar who have not purchased aman and persist in rejecting the Shari’a (siratul-mustaqim) and the political hegemony of al-Dawla al-Islamiyya will purchase everlasting intercourse with ‘aynhour and ghilman in Jannah.

There is only one phrase fit for the indifference of the West following a massacre by those who call themselves ghazi — and that phrase is ahl al-dhimma.

11 dead as Muslim militants attack Philippine city

By JIM GOMEZ (AP) – 2 hours ago

MANILA, Philippines — Muslim militants disguised as policemen and soldiers detonated bombs and opened fire Tuesday in a series of coordinated attacks in a southern Philippine city, triggering clashes that killed at least 11 people, officials said.

About 25 Abu Sayyaf militants were involved in the attacks in Isabela city on the island province of Basilan, one of the most daring operations by the al-Qaida-linked group in recent months, regional military commander Lt. Gen. Benjamin Dolorfino said.

The dead included three marines and three militants, including an Abu Sayyaf commander identified as Bensar Indama, who wore a police camouflage uniform. A policeman and four civilians were also killed, Dolorfino said. Five people were wounded by gunfire, including two militants, who were captured, he said.

Isabela is one of two Christian regions on predominantly Muslim Basilan, the birthplace of the Abu Sayyaf, which has long been blacklisted by Washington as a terrorist organization due to its involvement in kidnappings, bombings and other acts of banditry.

American counterterrorism troops based in a military camp in Isabela, about 550 miles (880 kilometers) south of Manila, were unaffected by the attacks and were providing intelligence to help local troops pursue the Abu Sayyaf gunmen, Rear Adm. Alex Pama said. Read the rest of this entry »

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