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Obama continues his anti Jew programs.

Posted by avideditor on April 7, 2010

From here LATEST OUTRAGE: All Israeli Nuclear workers refused US Visa – New policy of Obama When will people wake up and realize we have a Marxist, anti semite, 3rd worlder in the white house.

NRG/Maariv reports today that workers at the Dimona reactor who submitted VISA requests to visit the United States for ongoing University education in Physics, Chemistry and Nuclear Engineering — have all been rejected, specifically because of their association with the Dimona reactor. This is a new policy decision of the Obama administration, since there never used to be an issue with the reactor’s workers from study in the USA, and till recently, they received VISAs and studied in the USA.

Israeli Defense Officials have stated that these reactor researches have no criminal background in Israel or in the USA, and yet they are being singled out purely because of their place of employment at the reactor.

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The Spreading of Terror Tariq Ramadan’s American “spread the lies” tour

Posted by avideditor on April 7, 2010

This guy is scum and a jihadi. It is sad that an execption to this jihadi promoter and supporter was given. This mad man is preaching terrorism.  While Obama to delete references to Islamic extremism from national-security policy

Cross posted with permission from here Tariq Ramadan’s American tour › 2.0: The Blogmocracy


Tariq Ramadan, the famous silver-tongued Islamist (click on the first link), wasgranted a Visa exemption by Hillary Clinton, and so he will be off on his American tour. He was previously banned from the USA for donating money to Hamas. This is a man who stands for wife beating, is the grandson of Muslim Brotherhood founder Hassan al-Banna, and justifies jihad on Israel…but is considered a “moderate Salafi Islamist.” (whatever that means)

So first off will be a speaking engagement, co-sponsored by the ACLU (of course), at Cooper Union, the school which previously had that “famous luminary,” Hugo Chavez, come and speak. I guess Tariq Ramadan is in good company!

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Human Trafficking

Posted by Glezele Vayne on April 7, 2010



I have added a new page to my growing collection of videos worth viewing, which can be found at the top of Glezele Vayne, on the “Video Page”. The horror of Human Trafficking is reaching epidemic proportions worldwide, and as the experts tell us, there are probably young girls being trafficked as sex slaves in your town.

I especially recommend the movie Cargo: Innocence Lost, which can be purchased for a nominal fee to watch online. You can educate your children without ruining their precious innocence via this film, because the producers have thoughtfully made available not only an R rated version, but also a G version.

From Glezele Vayne

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