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Human Trafficking

Posted by Glezele Vayne on April 7, 2010



I have added a new page to my growing collection of videos worth viewing, which can be found at the top of Glezele Vayne, on the “Video Page”. The horror of Human Trafficking is reaching epidemic proportions worldwide, and as the experts tell us, there are probably young girls being trafficked as sex slaves in your town.

I especially recommend the movie Cargo: Innocence Lost, which can be purchased for a nominal fee to watch online. You can educate your children without ruining their precious innocence via this film, because the producers have thoughtfully made available not only an R rated version, but also a G version.

From Glezele Vayne

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Family Watchdog

Posted by DJM on May 5, 2009

One of the most vile practices of Islam is the sexual abuse of children. Individual muslims may be against this abuse, but since their perfect example encouraged it by his own behavior, no one in Islam can outright condemn the practice without violating his own faith.

Muhammad was engaged to a six year old girl. She became ill, so he had to wait until she was only nine before he could rape her.

I hate pedophilia, which, I suppose, is one of the reasons I hate Islam. Not all muslims practice this detestable behavior, but I don’t find a person who worships a pedophile much better than the pedophile himself. Plus, no matter how many muslims reject this practice, they can’t never completely condemn it without condemning a behavior of their own prophet, whom the quran calls “perfect.”

Enough ranting. The purpose of this post is to introduce you to a great website – Family Watchdog. It is a national sex registry that includes maps to pinpoint the location of registered sex offenders living in your area. Use it to protect your children!

NOTE: This post is not intended to provoke a confrontation with sex offenders in your area! It is simply meant to help you be informed and aware of offenders who live near you! Harassing or confronting a sex offender could result in YOU being charged with a crime. Please use your head.

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Muslims Want You To Respect Child Killers

Posted by DJM on April 10, 2009

Alleged Child Killer Nour Hadid

Alleged Child Killer Nour Hadid

Muslimah Nour Hadid confessed to brutally beating a 2-year-old child to death over a four day period. Now her husband and other muslims from her community are OUTRAGED!


Not because a child was horribly and painfully pummeled to death, but because the Orlando Park police had the audacity to treat her like any other criminal and photograph her without her headscarf.

The police booking photo of alleged child killer Nour Hadid released Tuesday is an “insult against our religion,” says Hadid’s husband, Alaeddin.

Orland Park police detectives say the 26-year-old Muslim woman was treated as any other suspect in a murder probe would be, and they did not intend to humiliate her when they photographed her Sunday without her headscarf and wearing only a skimpy top.

That’s right. Muslims are offended she wasn’t given her headscarf. They couldn’t care less about the defenseless child murdered.

From Atlas Shrugs:

And CAIR spokesman in Chicago USA said, “they should respect the modesty of the accused.” Respect? It is alleged she beat the kid to death. The child had 55 separate bruises and was beaten “from head to toe”. If she beat that kid to death, I’d hang her naked.

Right on, Pam.

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Teaching Hatred to Palestinian Children

Posted by Glezele Vayne on March 12, 2009


Arab/Muslim sanctimony is intriguing. In his wrath, Teheran’s Chief Prosecutor, Sayid Mortazavi  has charged 34 Israeli commanders and 115 soldiers with war crimes, in the wake of Israeli defensive measures against Hamas. The Hague is reviewing. More coverage on the likelihood of this actually amounting to something can be found here. Google is your friend. There are several sites that are reporting on this.

Israel seeks to put a stop to the constant barrage of Qassam, et al., rockets which have been launched from Gaza schools, mosques and hospitals. These rockets have been deliberately directed at Israeli kindergartens and other civilian targets for the last 8 years.

Where is Mortazavi when Hamas TV, Palestinian TV, and Lebanon’s al-Manar TV are all busy airing various “educational” children’s programs’ such as the likeness of Mickey Mouse spewing hateful Islamic supremacist messages via the mouths of babes, Hamasnik rabbits threatening to eat Jews, and otherwise encouraging innocent children into vicious hatred and prejudice, brainwashing these children into valuing themselves only for their potential as human bombs???

Here’s the $64,000 question: Where is Disney?!? The Walt Disney Company is known for jealously guarding any trademarked images, to the point of threatening to sue daycare centers in the US, should they have the temerity to paint murals of Mickey Mouse on their walls without prior permission, possibly including steep licensing fees.

Disney suing Hamas via the Hague. I would follow such a case. Get out the popcorn folks, cause this is going to be more entertaining than an episode of The Three Stooges. (Yeah, I don’t have high regard for Disney either.)

Judge Judy, where are you when we need you??

Getting back to the point, if Mortazavi wants to go that route, I suggest some international law specialist draft charges against Hamas, Hezbollah and any other organization which involve themselves with such activities. Charge them with child abuse related war crimes, and present those to the Hague.

Any organization that can be proven to be actively indoctrinating children to glorify suicide in any form, or that encourages them to become  suicide “martyrs”, or that clearly allows or coerces children into becoming combatants/child soldiers, military couriers or in any other military capacity– should be charged with war crimes.

If any parent can be proven to be encouraging their children to become suicide bombers or to enter in military zones to engage soldiers in any manner, then that parent can be subject to charges of parental incompetence, or child abuse, and can then be vulnerable to loss of said children.

If a parent can be proven to be cooperating with organizations, such as Hamas, Fatah or Hezbollah, that make a practice of using children in their conflicts, or of indoctrinating their children to commit suicide, or to entering into a military conflict when they are minors, then those parents can be subject to the same charges.

If parents feared they would lose their children when abusing them in this manner, we might see a very quick reversal in these activities. I’m sure there are many international law experts capable of drafting sufficiently specific and effective charges to this effect, and introduce them to that bastion of truth and justice, the Hague.

“They forget the usual rules of morality and law.  For example, when a murderer takes a hostage and fires from behind his human shield, and a policeman, in an effort to stop the shooting accidentally kills the hostage, the law of every country holds the hostage taker guilty of murder even though the policeman fired the fatal shot.  The same is true of the law of war.  The use of human shields, in the way Hamas uses the civilian population of Gaza, is a war crime–as is its firing of rockets at Israeli civilians.  Every human shield that is killed by Israeli self defense measures is the responsibility of Hamas, but you wouldn’t know that from watching the media coverage. “ The Hamas War Crime Strategy by Alan Dershowitz

More excellent articles on the subject of Israel’s right to self defense, and what actions do constitute a violation of international law HERE.

From Schmoozing with Elya & Ellie Katz

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11-year-old Palestinians: Martyrdom better than this world

Posted by Glezele Vayne on March 10, 2009


From Schmoozing with Elya & Ellie Katz

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Palestinian children taught to aspire to martyrdom

Posted by Glezele Vayne on March 1, 2009


From Schmoozing with Elya & Ellie Katz

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Hamas is Guilty of Child Abuse

Posted by Glezele Vayne on February 25, 2009


Good, loving parents all over the Western world are harassed by government agencies because they believe in disciplining their children, because they may place restrictions on what they watch on television, or Youtube,  or the sort of peer influences they allow. These same parents will be blamed if their children do get into trouble as a result of what they watch on television, learn from the internet, or bad peer influence. They’ll be accused of not disciplining their kids. Can’t win for losing.

On to even more absurd inconsistencies. Everyone is gasping over the carnage of Gaza. I agree. It is horrible.

The question is: Who is responsible for these horrors? Isn’t it obvious that Hamas wants these children to die? It’s great PR for them…to make Israel look like the monster. That has been the strategy since the Arab world refused to settle the Arab refugee population they created in 1948.

“The Arab armies entered Palestine to protect the Palestinians from the Zionist tyranny but, instead, they abandoned them, forced them to emigrate and to leave their homeland, and threw them into prisons similar to the ghettos in which the Jews used to live.”

— Palestinian Authority (then) Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen) (Falastin a-Thaura, (March 1976)

I don’t see Israeli parents dressing their toddlers up like suicide bombers and encouraging them to murder Arabs. Israeli parents nurture their children for life, not death. A necessary fact of Israeli life, due to overwhelming and unceasing Arab aggression, is the military draft, which takes effect at eighteen years of age. Like all civilized nations, Israel focuses on legitimate self-defense against the unprovoked belligerency of their enemies, not on the glorification of blood and gore.

Israeli parents lose sleep while their children do their required service in the IDF. Israelis don’t pass out candies if, chas v’shalom, one of their precious children dies. They do what normal parents do. They weep. They also weep over the death of their enemy’s children. But Israelis, by and large, are not foolish enough to blame themselves. They didn’t create this mess just because they insist on living.

Why don’t these same Western governments, so quick to point fingers at responsible parents, start casting their critical eye towards Hamas? Why, instead of begrudging Israel her legitimate right to protect her own children, don’t these concerned governments condemn Hamas for it’s obviously callous use of innocent Arab children? How is teaching children, some who have only mastered walking, that their highest purpose in life is to murder Jews — if necessary by suicide — not the most serious form of child abuse??

Hamas is what has to go. Arab belligerency is the problem.

Not Israel.

From Schmoozing with Elya & Ellie Katz

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Palestinian Child Abuse

Posted by avideditor on March 9, 2008

click the link bellow to see the amazing video documenting how the pali jihadis use children as expendable human shields. I was trying to post the video here but I couldn’t figure it out. Sorry I am new to this.  

Palestinian Child Abuse: “Here’

s a video showing how the palestinians use children as human shields and have them perpetrate terrorist acts themselves.Keep these images in mind next time you hear of a palestinian child being killed.”(Via Israellycool.)

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