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Human Trafficking

Posted by Glezele Vayne on April 7, 2010



I have added a new page to my growing collection of videos worth viewing, which can be found at the top of Glezele Vayne, on the “Video Page”. The horror of Human Trafficking is reaching epidemic proportions worldwide, and as the experts tell us, there are probably young girls being trafficked as sex slaves in your town.

I especially recommend the movie Cargo: Innocence Lost, which can be purchased for a nominal fee to watch online. You can educate your children without ruining their precious innocence via this film, because the producers have thoughtfully made available not only an R rated version, but also a G version.

From Glezele Vayne

2 Responses to “Human Trafficking”

  1. The Dayton Human Trafficking Accords
    WE can end human trafficking and slavery, but only if we solemnly commit ourselves to that common purpose.
    We must confront the global scourge of trafficking and slavery beginning in our own local communities.
    We as individuals and all institutions of society have a moral responsibility to end trafficking and free slaves from their captivity.
    WE undertake a solemn commitment, beginning now, to end the scourge of trafficking and slavery
    And to take immediate action in our communities to
    Stir society’s conscience to action against trafficking and slavery
    Rescue and restore victims of trafficking and slavery
    Identify and punish traffickers and slavers
    Promote legislation and public policies to eradicate trafficking and slavery
    Address the social, cultural and economic causes of trafficking and slavery
    So that
    We will end human trafficking in our time.


    Abraham Lincoln , April 1864

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