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Why where the “humanitarian” aid ships carrying marbles.

Posted by avideditor on May 31, 2010

Those where no peace vessels. Marbles are added to rockets to cause more damage to civilians when they strike.
See the 3rd video down Video: Flotilla Muslims Club Navy Commandos – Defense/Middle East – Israel News – Israel National News

6 Responses to “Why where the “humanitarian” aid ships carrying marbles.”

  1. elyakatz said


    I thought they used nails, screws and bolts for rockets. I was thinking the marbles were for the wrist rockets they had. (sling shots) There was plenty of evidence that this was not a “humanitarian” mission.

    • avideditor said

      marbles can be used for both 😉

    • DJM said

      They use anything that is small and would cause lethal projectiles.

      These muhammadan savages have no concern or respect for innocent lives.

      I thought the marbles were for the slingshots, but in the pictures there are THOUSANDS of them, so Avid makes an excellent observation.

      • elyakatz said


        RE the marbles, yes Avid’s observations make sense. The presence of slingshots were probably a cover for their real purposes. One question…wouldn’t the marbles turn into glass dust in an explosion? I don’t imagine they’d be as effective as ball-bearings, nails and bolts…would they? Why would they use marbles instead of small metal objects??

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