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I condem conservative sites linking to the pro #jihadi #AlJazreera especially in news about #Egypt

Posted by avideditor on February 1, 2011

Update: Drudge is linking to those jihadis again 😦

Update: It looks like Drudge removed the link to the jihad’ propaganda channel. Thank you.

From the Jihadis at Al Jazeera “We know the demand is there. We have seen a 2000 percent increase in hits on our English-language website, and more than 60 percent of that traffic originates in the United States. ”
Will sites like Drudge link to the jihadi lies.
I bet people believe the pro muslim brotherhood are closer to 2 million like jihadi stations are lying about to promote there lies to further their goal in reestablishing the caliphate then the 1/4 million the blaze Glenn Beck’s site is reporting. http://www.theblaze.com/stories/massive-egyptian-rally-reaches-250000/

Al Jazzera lies about Israel and promote jihad. No one with a concuss should link to those idiots.

a funny anti jihadi video that talks about the jihadi lies on al jazeera

an example of how pro jihad Al Jazeera is http://www.jihadwatch.org/2003/12/al-jazeera-under-fire-for-links-to-terrorism.html

Al-Jazeera under fire for links to terrorism

An Al-Jazeera broadcast shows a man calling for attacks on the US.REUTERS

John R. Bradley, managing editor of Arab News, writes in Straits Times about the notorious Qatari news network Al-Jazeera’s recent troubles: “Even for a news organisation which frequently makes world headlines, the past two months have been a roller-coaster ride for Al-Jazeera, the Qatar-based, Arabic-language satellite station famous for airing exclusive video and audio messages from Al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden.

“Its best-known Arab reporter, Tayssir Allouni, was arrested in Spain in September for his alleged membership of a Syrian-dominated Al-Qaeda group suspected of close links to the cell responsible for the Sept 11 attacks. He has since been charged.

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Jihadis are taking over Egypt

Posted by avideditor on January 28, 2011

Are the Jihadis going to take over that country? Are they going to burn more important history like they burned the great Library there in the past? I think immediate international military action is needed to crush these jihadis. Remember the domino theory?

From http://pajamasmedia.com/richardfernandez/2011/01/27/dustbins-i-have-known/?singlepage=true

A friend in Egypt sent the following assessment of the situation there yesterday:

1. Most commentators tend to make it [the unrest in Egypt] a “western oriented strongman” v. Islamist thing, whereas the Islamists are already very well placed within this regime, including the military and the security services.

2. Recent Pew poll shows one-in-five Egyptians support Al-Qaeda. Egyptians I spoke to thought this as understatement.

3. The MB [Muslim Brotherhood] seems certain to emerge on top at some point, only question is when. That will give them state-resources for their sophisticated agitprop and penetration efforts in the West.

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Egypt reveals arrest of 19 Arabs linked to al-Qaeda

Posted by avideditor on January 25, 2011

It looks like Egypt is finally going after the Jihadis there.

From Here

The arrests took place last month and are not related to the bombing of the Coptic church in Alexandria.

CAIRO (AP) — Egypt’s interior minister on Tuesday said 19 Arabs suspected of links to al-Qaida were arrested last month in Egypt en route to Iraq.
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Egypt says Gaza’s “Army of Islam” behind Alexandria bombings

Posted by avideditor on January 24, 2011

It turns out that a Gazan Jihadi group linked to Al Queda was responsible for the New Years bombing of a Church in Egypt. Not really surprised. Kill the jihadis before the succeed in killing us.

From http://elderofziyon.blogspot.com/2011/01/egypt-says-gazas-army-of-islam-behind.html

An Al-Qaida-linked group in Gaza was behind the New Year’s Day suicide bombing that killed at least 21 Christians and wounded about a hundred outside a church in the Mediterranean port city of Alexandria, the country’s interior minister Habib al-Adly announced Sunday.

Al-Adly said “conclusive evidence” showed that the shadowy, Gaza-based Army of Islam was behind the planning and execution of the attack, which sparked three days of Coptic rioting in Cairo and several other cities. It was the deadliest attack against Copts in Egypt in more than a decade.

He also suggested that the group recruited Egyptians in the planning and execution of the attack, but that this could not conceal the role it played in the “callous and terrorist” act.

The state-run media said al-Adli briefed President Hosni Mubarak on the evidence and the suspects’ confessions before the start of the Police Day celebrations.

Army of Islam was responsible for the kidnapping of Gilad Shalit.

The group denies its involvement, although it praised the bombing.

Jed in the comments points out that the media is careful not to say “Palestinians” but rather “militants from Gaza.”

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Egypt: Christians call for repeal of dhimmi law restricting church construction

Posted by avideditor on January 22, 2011

It is insane that in modern times people live under the barbaric sharia laws.
From http://www.jihadwatch.org/2011/01/egypt-christians-call-for-repeal-of-dhimmi-law-restricting-church-construction.html

Islamic law (Sharia) forbids dhimmis to build new houses of worship or repair old ones. Egypt is ostensibly an Arab Republic, not an Islamic Republic, but still has an old Sharia-inspired law on the books that is used to stymie church construction — belying the indignant claims of Islamic spokesmen in the West that dhimmitude is a long-forgotten relic of the past, never to be revived. “Collapsing Churches Prompt Protests in Egypt For New Law on Church Construction,” by Mary Abdelmassih forAINA, January 22 (thanks to all who sent this in):

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Egypt warns west to stay out of Arab affairs

Posted by avideditor on January 17, 2011

The jihadis want us to stay out of it. Liberty and freedom are an evil western concept to them.From Egypt warns West to stay out of Arab affairs

CAIRO (AFP) — Egypt’s Foreign Minister Ahmed Abul Gheit warned Sunday the

West to stay out of Arab affairs, days after US Secretary of State Hillary
Clinton urged Arab leaders to work with their peoples to bring reforms.

And in separate remarks, Cairo’s top diplomat downplayed fears that a
Tunisian-style popular revolt could spread to other Arab countries, calling
it “nonsense.”

Abul Gheit made the comments in the Red Sea resort of Sharm el-Sheikh where
Arab foreign ministers are preparing for an economic summit to be held on

Egypt, he said, proposed to Arab League chief Amr Mussa that the summit
issue a statement concerning “attempts by some Western and European nations
to interfere in Egyptian and Arab affairs.”

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News About Jihadis January 10th

Posted by avideditor on January 10, 2011



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Egypt Bombing the Dhimmi Lie

Posted by avideditor on January 5, 2011


like this you might like my recent news about jihadis or this one where it came from https://avideditor.wordpress.com/2011/01/05/news-about-jihadis-jan-5th/

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News about Jihadis Jan 5th

Posted by avideditor on January 5, 2011



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The Egypt Bombings: Al Qaeda Divisiveness at it’s best. Is dhimmi protection a lie?

Posted by avideditor on January 4, 2011

Guest Post by Mandingo

A lot has been made about the bombings in Cairo, and for good reason, Coptics are some of the oldest religious inhabitants of the region. So imporatant, in fact, that they might even make up about 10 percent of the population. Under Islamic Law, they are dhimmi, meaning that they pay for, and are protected against persecution under Islamic Law.
Something happened the other day, that is not in cahoots with what the Koran dictates to its followers. After paying for, and observing all of the rights granted as a dhimmi, the Coptics were bombed during a mass. Shameful, to say the least. However, one must be reminded that even Islamist a code of conduct. One that demands observers to follow the rules. Muslims would be quick to point out in the Koran that everyone is treated equally, and even protected, under Islamic rule. One might even point out that something like Taquiyya is meant to only be used in a life threatening situation.
In this case, the shameful act seems to work against even the rules in place. How this happens is a study in hypocracy. It happens for no other reason than it can. It’s a political boon with hardline politicos in the region, is at the very least tacitly supported by the public, and was targetted for what is (IMO) no other reason than someone could.
Even though the Koran condemns this, one must wonder why it happened. Exactly why was a moral code, written in scripture broken here to advocate such violence in the name of a religion? Is the word the word, the legal system honest, and the people sincerere? I mean, from all that I’m told, there is no justifiable reason to bomb and kill a religious group on one of their holiest of days. Questions abound.

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News About Jihadis January 4th

Posted by avideditor on January 4, 2011




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News about Jihadis Jan 3

Posted by avideditor on January 2, 2011



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Jihadis are spinning Israel protecting its borders into classic Jew hatred

Posted by avideditor on May 31, 2010

from MEMRI – Middle East Media Research Institute

Israel should have sunk the boat. Guess what is Gaza other neighbor? Egypt. How come Egypt blocking supplies is omitted. Why are the lefts and jihadis going crazy about Israel’s non violent attempt at to stopping misguided fools that wanted to resupply Hamas to bomb more innocents?

UPDATE: If the activists really wanted to deliver humanitarian aid to Gaza, they could have sailed directly to Egypt and unloaded there. No fuss, no muss, and plenty of good photo ops of food , clothes, balnkets medicine and medical supplies being off loaded. HT Arbalest

raw video of the “raid”

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Egypt kicks Galloway’s ass out

Posted by avideditor on January 9, 2010

Egypt kicks Galloway’s ass out: “

Egypt has declared renegade British politician George Galloway persona non grata, accusing him of incitement after his harsh criticism of Cairo over delays in an aid convoy’s entry into Gaza.

I think this illustration will be appropriate for the case:

The reason, however, for the ‘renegade British politician’ being kicked out is less funny.

An Egyptian border guard was killed and at least a dozen Palestinians wounded in a shooting scuffle along the Gaza Strip border. One official said Wednesday that the border guard was shot dead by a Palestinian sniper while Gazan youths hurled stones across the border at the Egyptian security forces. Egyptian forces opened fire on Palestinians who were pelting them with rocks from the other side of the border over frustration that an aid convoy had been delayed.

It is clear that upon return to his captive British audience, GG, this sorry excuse for a human being, will blame Zionists for all that happened near the border. His rabble-rousing and incessant provocations are not to blame for this death, of course.

And here is another news item, not unrelated to the disgusting subject of this post:

B’nai Brith Canada has condemned the Al-Ameen Post, an Islamic community newspaper, which recently ran an article accusing Jews of bringing into Israel ‘some 25,000 Ukrainian children’ in order to harvest their organs.

The article was reprinted in its entirety from Press TV, the official mouthpiece of the terrorist-sponsoring Iranian regime. According to Al-Ameen’s website, its editorial board members are also the members of the British Columbia Muslim Association Executive Board.

Why is this not unrelated? Because Iranian Press TV is one of the favorite feeding troughs of GG the Spiv, where he is actively encouraged by his hosts to spew his hateful propaganda weekly.

Enough, even a mention of this character smells somewhat awful…

(Via .)

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Egypt, Arab Countries Sign Massive Arms Deals With U.S.

Posted by avideditor on January 7, 2010

Egypt, Arab Countries Sign Massive Arms Deals With U.S.: “Malkah Fleisher
A7 News

US airplane manufacturer Lockheed Martin has been given permission by the US government to sell 24 F-16 jet fighters to Egypt in a $3.2 billion deal. Congress was notified of the deal in October, according to a spokesperson for Lockheed Martin. Pentagon report released by Haaretz newspaper says the Egyptian F-16 deal is aimed at making Egypt a ‘more valuable partner in the Middle East’ in addition to supporting ‘Egypt’s own self-defense needs,’ according to the UPI news agency. Additionally, Israel’s neighbor will receive four batteries of highly advanced Harpoon Block II anti-ship cruise missiles, four fast missile boats, 450 Hellfire anti-tank missiles (to be sold with restrictions on use and transfer, according to the Pentagon), and 156 jet engines for F-16 aircraft.

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Egypt calls George Galloway a liar

Posted by avideditor on January 5, 2010

Egypt calls George Galloway a liar: “From The Daily News Egypt:

The Viva Palestina convoy intended for the Gaza Strip finally docked in the port of Al-Arish some 40 km away from the Rafah border crossing after a protracted delay due to a disagreement over its appropriate landing destination between convoy members and the Egyptian government….

[T]he Egyptian foreign ministry launched a scathing attack on convoy leader British Respect MP George Galloway, claiming that his comments regarding the hold up of the convoy defied ‘honesty and facts.’

‘Being aware that Mr. Galloway loves media exposure, for various reasons, the ministry refrains from engaging in media arguments with someone who deliberately changes facts for personal objectives and masters the promotion of false championships that are based on wrong impressions leading to wrong conclusions,’ it said.

In a fact sheet disseminated by Egypt’s State Information Service, the authorities said that the foreign ministry had sent at least four messages to Mr. Galloway starting Dec. 10, 2009, briefing him on ‘the Egyptian mechanism for receiving relief assistance convoys to the Gaza Strip,’ through its London embassy, but that they were all ignored.

In this case, I tend to believe the Egyptians.

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Egyptian Religious Endowments Ministry Official: The Pigs Living Today Are Descended from Jews – And Must Be Slaughtered

Posted by avideditor on May 15, 2009

Sheikh ‘Othman: The Jews that Allah Turned into Swine Were the Forefathers of Today’s PigsAccording to the website, Sheikh ‘Othman states in his fatwa that all pigs are descended from the Jews whom Allah transformed into apes, swine and worshippers of Satan, and must therefore be slaughtered. He bases this on Koran 5:60: “Shall I point out to you something much worse than this, [as judged] by the treatment it received from Allah? Those who incurred the curse of Allah and His wrath, those of whom some He transformed into apes and swine, those who worshipped Satan – these are [many times] worse in rank, and far more astray from the even path!”

read the rest.

HT and Video made by DJM

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “Egyptian Religious Endowments Ministr…“, posted with vodpod

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Watch out for the Valentines virus! A video by a crazy jihadist Egyptian Cleric

Posted by avideditor on February 14, 2009

I hope for his sake he is not serious.

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Egypt is Building an Apartheid Wall

Posted by avideditor on April 22, 2008

It looks like Egypt has realized that it needs to separate itself from the fake group of people that it helped create. It looks like the hate filled propaganda of the “pali” is deadly to both arab and jew now.

Egypt is Building an Apartheid Wall: “Is Egypt beginning to understand terrorism? Soon after Hamas broke through the border crossing into Egypt, Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Aboul Gheit seemed to ease up on Israel’s West Bank security fence, ‘Whoever wishes to build a security fence on his land is free to do that.’ Right after that it was announced that Egypt, with $23 million in U.S. assistance, would build its own fence along the border with Gaza. Teams from the Army Corps of Engineers are expected in Egypt shortly to advise the project. Whats behind Egypts acceptance of an ‘Apartheid Fence’ on its border with Gaza? Maybe its the recognition that Hamas is like the Muslim Brotherhood–ON Steroids:

Egypt Builds a Wall, Changes Its Tune on Israels Barrier


By David Schenker

Weekly Standard, April 28, 2008

Much ado has been made of the Israeli security fence isolating the West Bank. When it is completed in 2010, the barrier — which runs roughly along the 1967 border between Israel and Palestinian territory — will span nearly 500 miles. Israelis say the purpose of the structure is to curtail terrorist attacks against the Jewish state. Theres little reason to doubt them: Despite a March attack that killed eight students at a Jerusalem seminary, statistics suggest that the barrier and a corresponding one around Gaza are working.

West Bankers condemn the structure because it encroaches into pre-1967 Palestinian territory, limits mobility, and separates farmers from their fields. Hamas, which has controlled Gaza since June 2007, describes its territory as ‘a big prison.’ Until recently, Egypt too was a vociferous critic. In 2003, Egypts foreign minister at the time, Ahmed Maher, described the structure as ‘defying international legitimacy and world public opinion.’

Even as Israel moves expeditiously to seal off its West Bank threat, however, Palestinians face the prospect of another wall hemming them in. This latest wall is not being constructed by the Israelis, though, but by Egypt, which seeks more protection from its Palestinian neighbors in Gaza.

Cairo has every reason to be concerned. In January 2008, Hamas demolished the Gaza-Egypt border fence, allowing an estimated 700,000 Palestinians — nearly half of Gazas population — to stream into the Sinai desert. Initially, Cairo viewed the Gaza breach as an opportunity to solidify its pro-Palestinian bona fides. Then reality set in. Egypt, it seems, was concerned that Palestinians entering the Sinai might exacerbate Egypts own terrorism problem. In April 2006, 23 tourists were killed in a car-bomb attack in the Sinai resort town of Dahab; two days later, U.N. Multi-national Force Observers, enforcing the Egypt-Israel peace treaty, were targeted by suicide attacks.

For Cairo, the threat extends beyond Sinai. Islamists in Egypt — led by the Muslim Brotherhood — have been making significant political gains in recent years, winning an unprecedented 88 of 444 elected parliamentary seats in 2005. The prospect of Hamass hooking up with the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood terrifies the government of Egypt. As one Egyptian political analyst describes it, ‘Hamas is the Muslim Brotherhood on steroids.’

Less than two weeks after the Gaza breach, Cairo took draconian measures to return the Palestinians to Gaza. It arrested dozens — including a group of armed Palestinians reportedly planning to attack Israeli tourists in the Sinai — and quickly resealed the border with miles of barbed wire. Hamas cried foul and pledged that it would not allow the border to remain sealed. In February, two Egyptian border guards were injured by Palestinian gunfire and several more were treated for broken bones after being hit by rocks thrown across the border.

With tensions along the border increasing, Egypt has softened its position on Israels West Bank barrier. In March, Foreign Minister Ahmed Aboul Gheit said, ‘Whoever wishes to build a security fence on his land is free to do that.’ Subsequently, it was announced that Egypt, with $23 million in U.S. assistance, would build its own fence along the border with Gaza. Teams from the Army Corps of Engineers are expected in Egypt shortly to advise the project.

At least in part, Cairos change in attitude was driven by Washington. For more than a decade, weapons have moved freely into Gaza via ubiquitous smuggling tunnels linking Sinai to Palestinian areas and bypassing Israeli scrutiny. Since Hamass Gaza takeover, though, the issue has increasingly garnered attention, as longer-range katyusha rockets — presumably transported via these tunnels — have started falling on Israeli cities with greater frequency. During the 2008 budget discussions, Congress was so concerned about perceived Egyptian inaction on the tunnels that a clause was inserted to condition nearly $100 million in U.S. aid on Cairos countering these smuggling routes.

For Cairo, the U.S. pressure was a blessing in disguise. The Egyptian government gives a lot of lip service to the humanitarian crisis in Gaza, while privately it is apprehensive about the militant nature of Hamas-ruled Gaza. These sentiments have only been heightened by recent political and social inroads made by Egypts own Islamists.

At the end of the day, the Gaza border is above all else a matter of Egyptian national security. So despite the obvious comparisons that will be drawn between the Israeli and Egyptian barriers, Cairo had few alternatives other than to move ahead with a wall of its own. As Israel learned some time ago, good fences make good neighbors, especially when your neighbors are your enemies.

David Schenker is senior fellow and director of the program in Arab politics at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy.


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A solution to the “Palestinian” curse on Israel

Posted by avideditor on April 9, 2008

           Israel since its founding has been attack by Arabs around them that don’t want any Jews to live in land they once controlled. It is against Islam to give up land that was previously under the control of Muslims. That is why the muslims created a fictitious people called the “Palestinians” , after Israel defeated the armies of the arab countries which out gunned and out number the Israelis. All of Israel’s major wars where won with the help of G-d, for this reason students of war strategy do not study the major Israelis wars (48, 67, and the yom kipper war). The  defeated the armies of the arab countries realized this and but they did not give up because it was a holly war to rid the land of the Jews because the Koran forbid them from living on previously controlled Islamic land. 

As long as Israel doesn’t lose faith in G-d Israel will be protected. The muslims deiced to take lessons from their holy book the Qu’ran and copy how there profit Mohammed. In one of the major battles of the Qur’an Mohammed destroys the neighboring jewish tribes by destroying their faith in G-d by making false promises and deceit. That is what the arab countries did in creating the myth of the Palestinian people.

      There where very few Arabs living in Israel most of them where nomads. The zionist saying was “a land without people for a people with out a land.” When England controlled Israel the jews called themselves the Palestinians. However do to a great amount of reconstructing of facts and history funded by oil money and spread by anti semites, the world now believes there is such thing as the Palestinians who where refugees when Israel was founded.  

    There where more Jews kicked out of Arab lands then nomads and arabs that willing left what is now Israel. Before Israel was created the arabs didn’t call themselves Palestinians, they called themselves “Southern Syrians”. The segment of land was divided into Jordan for the Muslims, and Israel for the jews. But after Israel started winning wars against the arab nations,  the Arab counties paid people and emptied their jails into what they called “refugee camps”. They purposely left them in a state of neglect and  didn’t let them into their counties. The arabs realized they would have no chance to defeat Israel on a military level so they created a class of people to try to break the will of the Israelis through Guerilla warfare.  

  Some jews love peace so much they are blinded by it. In their blinded state some jews and factions of the government that wanted political power tried to help out their unfortunate pali neighbors (I am now going to refer to “Palestinians” as Pali). The more Israel gives or acknowledge the existence of the fictional palis the more power the palis gain and the more jews they end up killing.   Jordan got sick of the palis and killed thousands of them during black september but the world said nothing.  “Palis” use children as human shieds and when one dies the media manipulation called Paliwood funded with oil money cause the world to cause condemnation.

     Israelis have a great value for human life and they respect the lives of even their enemies. This causes palliwood to have to make up deaths like the Al Dura tapes. Where the french media showed and caused world outrage on a fictional killing. If you look farther in the tape the boy is not dead and he gets up. It is just sick that the french media aired this piece of propaganda. The Al Dura tapes gave rise to the second intifada which took the lives of thousands of innocent jews. Al Queda in Iraq gave the Al Dura tapes as justification of beheading Daniel Pearl. 

    The United States pressured Israel into giving the most historically Jewish regions in Israel over to the Palis which will use them as launching grounds to try to destroy Israel and to “push all the jews to the sea.” The anti semites at the state department give hundreds of millions of dollars and guns to the palis knowing full well that almost all of the money is going to be embezzled and used to buy weapons to kill jews, while keeping the average pali in a state of poverty. When foreign governments have given the “Pali” enough money to build every family a 2 story house with a pool. 

Most of the Israelis know anything they give to the Palis will just be used to try to kill them. A vast majority of the people do not want to give the Palis any land. However, politicians that want to stay in power and lefty loons in Israel believe that by making consions they will appease the Palis but if you listen to their “moderate leaders” and watch their “moderate leaders” actions the appeasing branch of the Israeli people are wrong. 

   I started writing this proposal when the news that the “Palestinian” jihadis attacked Israel when Israel was trying to give give their enemy fuel. This news came as no shock to me, niether did the news that palis where planning on lacing the plates at a restaurant they work at with poison. If Israel gives the palis jobs they will use the jobs to try to kill Israelis. The same thing is true with land. Israel should not be supplying its enemy anything especially fuel. What do you think they use to launch several rockets at civilians everyday?  Fuel. The utter blindness of some of Israels leaders to agree to supply the terrorist with weapons to kill jews just socks me.

The solution to the “palestinian” problem is Israel should move all the so called “Palestinian” out of the Judea and Summeria and into Gaza. If Jordan, Egypt or any of the other arab counties that are a million times bigger then Israel want to take them it would be great. But I doubt the arabs want to give up their most effective strategy to destroy Israel.  The palis are turing the world favor against the only free democratic society in the middle east. Jews have been hated with out just cause through out history but the jews suffer most when they lose faith in G-d. The arab states see that following Mohammeds example and through lying and deception they are causing more jews to lose their faith in Israel and G-d. Hopefully the Jews will not fall for the same trap that the pedophile blood lusting profit pulled on the Jews in the Koran. 

    So once you get the Palestinians in to Gaza build a Large wall and missile shied around gaza and let the Jihadis figure their own problems out. I am sure the international community will condemn Israel but it is already condemning Israel for defending itself. If Israel just follows this course it will be able to flourish with out the guerrilla armies of the arab states trying to kill every jew they have a chance to in Jewish land. Israel should just take these actions to protect themselves.

         Gaza has Egypt to the south. I am sure the world can pressure Egypt to provide fuel electricity and food. The Egypt is one of the greatest recipients of US foreign aid thanks to Carter and I am sure it would not want to give that up. So I am sure Egypt can supply the palis with fuel electricity, water, and food.

        Israel should not supply food, water, fuel or anything to these terrorist. It is not Israelis fault these people that call themselves “Palestinians” have started a death cult and use their land and everything else Israel has given them to attack Israel instead of grow food and starting an economy.  If you see what they are indoctrinating their children with you will see there is no chance that the “Palestinians” would ever have a lasting true peace with Israel. 

I am going to add pictures, links, and videos when I have time. 

PS I know there are grammar mistakes this is a blo,g not the MSM or a book. I will fix them at a later time. 


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