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The end of the World

Posted by avideditor on May 8, 2010

Steyn is right. From The Sprit of Man The Spirit of Man: The end of the worldMark Steyn is a must read authority when it comes to the future of the western civilization. And the following interview is a must see:”

One Response to “The end of the World”

  1. keefe said

    All well and familiar until 33:55:

    Secondly, I do think that unless you’re, unless you have real serious cultural confidence, you should not have mass muslim immigration. My view on that, I say that with regret because I would like to believe that all societies can bring people there and create Americans, create Canadians, create Englishmen, create Dutchmen. But if you look at England, I mean, Englishmen whose families have been living there since 1066 are no English in any meaningful way, so the idea that you can take some child bride off the boat from Mirpuhar and turn her into a functioning British subject in any way is, I think, highly dubious. And so I do think that at some point we have to grasp the nettle of mass immigration which always a sign of societal weakness. Whatever one feels about in theory, a dependence on mass immigration is a sign of a structural defect in society.

    Steyn has made his career on saying politically incorrect things in an acceptable way, and also on leading horses to water but never asking them to drink. It’s why the left likes to call him a “dog whistle racist” since they can’t argue the facts and he leaves the likely prescriptions up to the reader. So it was with the limp conclusion to America Alone.

    This is the first time that I know of that he’s explicitly come out in favour of a restriction on immigration, admittedly with regret and with respect to muslim immigration only. (Of the new Arizona immigration laws, he ducks it by saying that in the long run they won’t matter anyway, as over half of Arizona’s kindergarten kids are hispanic.)

    It’s not much, and it’s about time, but I’ll take it. I’ve been reading Steyn ever since he appeared in the National Post as Conrad Black’s fair haired boy, skewering President Clinton with dick jokes. 12 years on, though Black’s broke and in the hoosegow, he’s survived to hang with the good girls at the National Review, guest host Rush, yak weekly with Prager, and pen a weekly column in Maclean’s.

    You don’t get more mainstream conservative than that, and Steyn has done it by having a keen eye to how far you can push the boundaries of what ought to be done.

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