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The Egypt Bombings: Al Qaeda Divisiveness at it’s best. Is dhimmi protection a lie?

Posted by avideditor on January 4, 2011

Guest Post by Mandingo

A lot has been made about the bombings in Cairo, and for good reason, Coptics are some of the oldest religious inhabitants of the region. So imporatant, in fact, that they might even make up about 10 percent of the population. Under Islamic Law, they are dhimmi, meaning that they pay for, and are protected against persecution under Islamic Law.
Something happened the other day, that is not in cahoots with what the Koran dictates to its followers. After paying for, and observing all of the rights granted as a dhimmi, the Coptics were bombed during a mass. Shameful, to say the least. However, one must be reminded that even Islamist a code of conduct. One that demands observers to follow the rules. Muslims would be quick to point out in the Koran that everyone is treated equally, and even protected, under Islamic rule. One might even point out that something like Taquiyya is meant to only be used in a life threatening situation.
In this case, the shameful act seems to work against even the rules in place. How this happens is a study in hypocracy. It happens for no other reason than it can. It’s a political boon with hardline politicos in the region, is at the very least tacitly supported by the public, and was targetted for what is (IMO) no other reason than someone could.
Even though the Koran condemns this, one must wonder why it happened. Exactly why was a moral code, written in scripture broken here to advocate such violence in the name of a religion? Is the word the word, the legal system honest, and the people sincerere? I mean, from all that I’m told, there is no justifiable reason to bomb and kill a religious group on one of their holiest of days. Questions abound.

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Billy Connelly On Suicide Bombings

Posted by DJM on February 9, 2009

(Language Warning – NSFW)

Hat Tip to Curmudgeon’s Corner

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Posted by avideditor on May 18, 2008

It looks like Hamas is now bombing itself. Thanks to the IDF for protecting Israel’s borders, these genocidal maniac jihadis are now attacking themselves. Watch them try to spin this and blame it on the Jooos. Hopefully soon the jihadis will start blowing up there training institutions due to some on handling the Koran improperly. The “religion of peace” will hopefully be only in pieces soon.  

Assailants have detonated a bomb outside a popular cafe in Gaza City in what appears to be part of an extremist campaign against targets seen as signs of Western influence.

There were no casualties in Sunday’s explosion. But the blast smashed the cafe’s windows and damaged its door. Owner Khalid Harbid says another bomb went off outside his cafe last month. He blames Gaza’s Islamic Hamas rulers for not protecting his business.

A Hamas official said only that police are investigating.

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