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Warning don’t see the movie Paul It is Boring, leftwing antigun, anti christian terrible propaganda

Posted by avideditor on March 19, 2011

Not only is it anti Christian and anti Gun, It is really really boring. The trailer has the only funny parts. The rest of the movie is terrible. I want my hour and 1/2 back. Luckily many others felt the same way and we where given free passes for our trouble. Don’t waste your time or your money.

Here is the tailer the only funny parts of the terrible movie.

It is a terrible movie and really left wing. Hope it fails like all the other bs lefty films Hollywood tries to make us pay for. Guess it was okay to insult Christianity like they did but if some one does the same thing to Islam they would be killed. Even point out that radical Islam causes oppression of women and violence and you will be censored.

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Even Coptic Christians fleeing to Australia are not safe from islam

Posted by avideditor on January 27, 2011

It seems Jihadis are most places. Lets destroy them before they take over the world.

From http://infidelsarecool.com/2011/01/24/even-coptic-christians-fleeing-to-australia-are-not-safe-from-islam/

Funny how jihad follows wherever islam goes. Sad, too.

Australia – Safe Haven No More

I am an Australian, I am Coptic and I was born in Alexandria, Egypt.My parents immigrated to Australia when I was a very young child.

Neither of my parents could speak English and they had no acquaintances or relatives here. I recall arriving in Australia, and getting into a taxi. My father handed the taxi driver a note with an address. It was the address of the only Coptic Priest here in Australia, the very Rev Fr Mina Nematalla (May God have mercy upon his soul and grant him eternal peace).

After a long taxi drive from the airport, we arrived at a house in Pendle Hill.

It was a Sunday, it was summer and hot. We arrived and the house was locked; no one was home. I was hungry and fell asleep on the verandah.

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Bulletin of Christian Persecution January 11 – January 22, 2011

Posted by avideditor on January 22, 2011

It seems like the jihadis are going extra crazy against the Christens recently. Wake up before it is too late
Bulletin of Christian Persecution January 11 – January 22, 2011

Bulletin of Christian Persecution

January 4 – January 22, 2011

January 4, 2011
Lebanon (Hat tip to GatesofVienna)
Have Christians “ceased to count” as Pierre Valognes’ “Vie et mort des chrétiens d’Orient” (Life and death of Eastern Christians) suggests? Are they a “race on their way to extinction” as a diplomat said privately?

January 5, 2011
The World
Despite Communist North Korea topping the annual Open Doors World Watch List for the ninth consecutive year, the most dangerous countries in which to practice Christianity are overwhelmingly Islamic ones.

January 11, 2011
Nigeria (Hat tip to NewEnglishReview)
A policeman was shot to death and another was seriously wounded while they were guarding a Christian church. Watch a video HERE (from Kitman TV via CreepingSharia) on the Islamisation of Nigeria.

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In Pakistan Another Christian family on the run from blasphemy law

Posted by avideditor on January 16, 2011

It seems the Jihadis in Pakistan are doing there best to take out anyone that does not believe there insane views.

From http://www.jihadwatch.org/2011/01/pakistan-another-christian-family-on-the-run-from-blasphemy-law.html

Since the aftermath of Salman Taseer’s assassination has firmly established the wild popularity of Pakistan’s blasphemy laws, perhaps it is to be expected that they will see even more use. The blasphemy bandwagon has become a popular place to see and be seen.

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Egypt Bombing the Dhimmi Lie

Posted by avideditor on January 5, 2011


like this you might like my recent news about jihadis or this one where it came from https://avideditor.wordpress.com/2011/01/05/news-about-jihadis-jan-5th/

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