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THIS DAY March 16

Posted by Shiva on March 16, 2009

March 16, 2008: The Goon Show Pakistan Pakistani police clashed in Lahore with protesters opposing the country’s year-old government, in the most violent demonstrations yet in a five-day standoff. Authorities at first tried to disperse protesters and arrest top leaders, but as thousands poured into the downtown, police abandoned the confrontation.
Pakistani security forces largely succeeded in preventing mass demonstrations by political activists and lawyers earlier this week by blocking roads and arresting hundreds of protest leaders. Police adopted similar tactics early Sunday in Lahore, surrounding the home of opposition leader Nawaz Sharif and deploying scores of officers in riot gear throughout the city.
But Punjab Province is the political stronghold of Sharif’s party and hundreds of demonstrators soon faced off against the police. The crowd pelted the security forces with stones and chanted slogans against President Asif Zardari. Police responded by firing tear gas and beating back protesters with batons.
While the clashes continued, Nawaz Sharif appeared before reporters outside his home, and decried government attempts to stop the demonstrations.
He says the government has turned this country into a police state and this is illegal. Sharif then said he would defy a three-day house arrest imposed on him and his brother and journey out to meet his supporters.
As Sharif’s convoy drove downtown, thousands of people packed into one of the city’s main thoroughfares, cheering the slow moving procession and waving flags and banners.

March 16, 2008: Peshawar, Pakistan. Pakistani Taliban set fire to 20 trucks carrying supplies to Western forces in Afghanistan on Sunday, the first major attack on a vital supply route through Pakistan in several months

March 16, 2009. Kabul, Afghanistan A suicide bomber on foot who was targeting a NATO patrol, but instead killed two Afghan civilians Sunday, said Lt. Gen. Abdul Rahman Rahman, Kabul’s police chief. The bomber also wounded 14 other civilians, the Interior Ministry said in a statement. No foreign troops were wounded or killed,
March 16, 2008:Nangarhar. Afghanistan A roadside bomb attack in eastern Afghanistan has killed four US soldiers, the Nato-led Isaf peacekeeping force has confirmed. Taleban insurgents reportedly claimed responsibility for the explosion which killed the servicemen in the province of Nangarhar. Reports suggest that the bomb went off as a convoy was passing.
Afghan men walk at the site of an explosion in Kandahar A string of bombs ripped through parts of Afghanistan on Sunday, killing four US soldiers and three Afghan civilians, officials said, in attacks linked to a Taliban-led insurgency.

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Brothers Meir and Shmuel Schijveschuurder

Posted by Glezele Vayne on March 16, 2009


“We’ll Kill Freed Terrorists”, Brother’s Warn by Arutz Sheva’s Maayana Miskin

“Rap rejected accusations that those who threatened revenge were ignoring the rule of law. The politicians planning to release terrorists are ignoring the law, he alleged.’

I strongly suspect Yeshiva World News’ headlines are more true to the spirit of what the brothers have in mind: Bereaved Families Plan to Track Released Terrorists

Three Schijveschuurder children murdered at Sbarro’s

Wikipedia article on the Sbarro Pizzeria bombing, which decimated the Schijvesschuuder family.

Mideast Dispatch on the Schijveschuurder Family

Child Victims of Hamas

I think maybe Israelis have had their fill of the suicidal policies of their so-called government…

Sbarro Massacre Exhibit at Al-Najah University, Nablus

Sbarro Massacre Exhibit at Al-Najah University, Nablus

— Ellie Katz

From Schmoozing with Elya & Ellie Katz

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