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THIS DAY March 16

Posted by Shiva on March 16, 2009

March 16, 2008: The Goon Show Pakistan Pakistani police clashed in Lahore with protesters opposing the country’s year-old government, in the most violent demonstrations yet in a five-day standoff. Authorities at first tried to disperse protesters and arrest top leaders, but as thousands poured into the downtown, police abandoned the confrontation.
Pakistani security forces largely succeeded in preventing mass demonstrations by political activists and lawyers earlier this week by blocking roads and arresting hundreds of protest leaders. Police adopted similar tactics early Sunday in Lahore, surrounding the home of opposition leader Nawaz Sharif and deploying scores of officers in riot gear throughout the city.
But Punjab Province is the political stronghold of Sharif’s party and hundreds of demonstrators soon faced off against the police. The crowd pelted the security forces with stones and chanted slogans against President Asif Zardari. Police responded by firing tear gas and beating back protesters with batons.
While the clashes continued, Nawaz Sharif appeared before reporters outside his home, and decried government attempts to stop the demonstrations.
He says the government has turned this country into a police state and this is illegal. Sharif then said he would defy a three-day house arrest imposed on him and his brother and journey out to meet his supporters.
As Sharif’s convoy drove downtown, thousands of people packed into one of the city’s main thoroughfares, cheering the slow moving procession and waving flags and banners.

March 16, 2008: Peshawar, Pakistan. Pakistani Taliban set fire to 20 trucks carrying supplies to Western forces in Afghanistan on Sunday, the first major attack on a vital supply route through Pakistan in several months

March 16, 2009. Kabul, Afghanistan A suicide bomber on foot who was targeting a NATO patrol, but instead killed two Afghan civilians Sunday, said Lt. Gen. Abdul Rahman Rahman, Kabul’s police chief. The bomber also wounded 14 other civilians, the Interior Ministry said in a statement. No foreign troops were wounded or killed,
March 16, 2008:Nangarhar. Afghanistan A roadside bomb attack in eastern Afghanistan has killed four US soldiers, the Nato-led Isaf peacekeeping force has confirmed. Taleban insurgents reportedly claimed responsibility for the explosion which killed the servicemen in the province of Nangarhar. Reports suggest that the bomb went off as a convoy was passing.
Afghan men walk at the site of an explosion in Kandahar A string of bombs ripped through parts of Afghanistan on Sunday, killing four US soldiers and three Afghan civilians, officials said, in attacks linked to a Taliban-led insurgency.
March 16, 2008: Shibam, Yemen. Four tourists – believed to be South Korean – have been killed and two injured in an explosion at a tourist site in Yemen, officials say. The blast happened in the town of Shibam, a UN World Heritage site.

The tourists were passing in a vehicle at the time. A Yemeni man is also said to have been killed, Reuters news agency reports. The cause of the blast is unclear, although Yemen has been seen as a haven for Islamist militants. A local security official told Reuters that Sunday’s incident may have been the work of terrorists but could also have been due to the remnants of dynamite from a mine.
But the website of Yemen’s governing party described the blast as a terrorist attack. March 16, 2008: Nablus, Israel. Two Israeli traffic policemen have been shot dead near the West Bank town of Nablus and an operation is under way to try to catch the attacker or attackers. The officers were in a car that came under fire in the Massua district of the Jordan Valley. Rescue workers say they found the car upside down with one officer dead. Efforts to revive the other failed. It is the first fatal shooting of an Israeli in the West Bank since April of last year. Police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said the main suspicion pointed to a “nationalistic motive”.( this how the BBC reports the incident)March 16, 2008: Luton, Britain: Foul-mouthed mullah Ishtiaq Alamgir—branded “the enemy within” for his loathsome rants against Britain—claims to be working as a teacher. But the lying 29-year-old crazed cleric really claims is £220 a fortnight in unemployment handouts jointly with wife Musert Bashir, 30.
He gets £167 a week full housing benefit to keep him in his comfortable £200,000, three-bedroom home as he orchestrates campaigns against the country that feeds him. And he pocketed thousands of pounds in income support for months in 2006. Scrounging bastard Alamgir—who says he felt “elated” when he watched the 9/11 planes crash into the Twin Towers—was in the public eye last week leading a group of moslem louts in Luton as they spat abuse at 200 Royal Anglian troops on their homecoming march He laughed and goaded police as protestors—holding ‘Butchers of Basra’ banners—clashed with soldiers’ families. In a vile rant, Alamgir said: “They come here to Luton where Muslims live and expect to be greeted like heroes.March 16, 2008: London, Britain: Chowder Chops falsely branded a shocked female radio presenter a “prostitute” who “promoted paedophilia” on air. The vile slur came as respected veteran broadcaster Petrie Hosken quizzed Chowder on London’s LBC channel about his wild past as a drug-taking student.
Chowder Chops 41, retorted: “When you were an undergraduate and you were promoting paedophilia, do you think that was a good thing?” He then accused her of being a prostitute before being cut off.
Dozens of listeners rang the station to voice their disgust at the Islamic radical.
People such as choudary have never been wanted here. We don’t want them to integrate with us. We want them to leave the country and live somewhere else. For the first maybe 40 years of my life, I don’t think I had any hatred for anyone or any organisations. I was, at times, puzzled and disappointed when things happened; for example, the atrocious behaviour of socialists in the 1970s.
Socialists and muslims have come together to collectively destroy England. And, they are getting away with it. Until the day comes when people like choudary are forcibly expelled from England, things will get even worse. If there is ever a popular uprising, I shall certainly now relish taking my revenge on these people; they have brought upon themselves the loathing that I and probably many other decent English citizens feel for them.

Antifa is a collective of militant anti-fascists committed to opposing the rise of the far-right in Britain and abroad. They believe in the ‘no platform’ philosophy and the tradition of fighting fascism/racism with violence

They are a network of various organisations and individuals who see anti-fascism as part of the class struggle.

Their initiative aims to bring together those who wish to act and behave like morons rather
than talk. They aim to oppose the far-right’s electoral politics and where possible by means of direct action. As well as street activities they aim to promote militant anti-fascism in the football and music areas.

This should help you understand Antifa rhetoric and their unique interpretation of various words, labels and names!

ANGLO SAXON = The most evil creatures on the face of the earth, They conquered one 5th of the earths surface by accident as they are clearly inferior to such sterling examples of humanity as the Ragged, Bagged, Shagged rapists from Mekka or Rabbid Mongrels of Maghreb

‘ANTIFA’ = Anti-white activist who will ignore minority or moslem-fascist aspirations and conspiracies but will beeat up any-one who criticize islam, minority crime etc…in the name of fighting ‘fascism.’

‘BIGOT’ = What an antifa will resort to calling you when you crush him in a debate, and you happen to be more physically bigger than he is.

‘CHRISTIANITY’ = Religion of hate and violence

‘DIVERSITY’ = Less white people/culture/identity the better society we have.

‘FASCIST’ = A white person an antifa does not like.

‘FREE SPEECH’ = Something they do not truly believe in but will pay lip service to when convenient to do so!

‘FREEDOM/RESISTANCE FIGHTER’ = Any non white person who kills/rapes/bashes/blows up innocent people for any reason whatsoever, such as Hamas, Fatah, Hezballah, ANC, Spear of the nation, Shining path communists, FARC .

‘HATE’ = Criticising the presence of radical Islamic (and other minority) terrorists, gang rapists and/or refugees who skip several safe nations to get the good life within the nation.

‘HATEMONGER’ = An infidel who says gang rapes or sexual groooming of young girls are wrong

‘HERO’ = Moslems who blow people up, rape, pillage, murder and brutalise in order to stick it to the infidel

‘HEROES OF THE PEOPLE’ = Anyone who commits any act of violence in the service of the socialist/islamic paradise that we will all one day live in. This includes attacking anyone wearing a uniform of any kind, when attacking evil “NAZIs old people, mothers with small children and property of the NAZIs or their friends or employers are all ‘LEGITIMATE TARGETS’.

‘HOLOCAUST DENIER’ = Any white non-antifa who criticises Israel

‘ISLAM’ = A religion of peace and love;

‘LEGITIMATE TARGETS’ = Anyone they say, if you disagree with this, then you.

‘MULTICULTURALISM’ = The perfect system of society where white people are the slaves to a non white/islamic elite, repaying the evils that white people have done upon the world [Like electricity].

‘MURDERER’ = A concerned citizen who defends himself from moslemt/antifa attacks!

‘NAZI’ = A white person who disagrees with any view held by an antifa/moslem

‘OPPRESSED VICTIM OF WHITE RACISM’ = Any minority/moslem who kills, rapes or racially abuses a white person.

‘RACE HATE’ = Any act of percieved racism by a white person against a minority/moslem.

‘RACIAL VILIFICATION’ = When a white person condemns an act of racism by a non-white/moslem against a white victim.

‘RACIST’ = Anyone who does NOT believe that minorities/moslems are absolutely perfect in all regards while whites are evil beyond belief!

‘TERRORIST’ = Any pro-white/anti-jihadist activist or group that comes to the attention of the antifa movement

‘THUG’ = Person who uses violence or looks like using violence or just plain refuses to run away when attacked by ‘HEROES OF THE PEOPLE’, This includes members of nationalist groups, christian groups, the police, fire brigade or ambulance service or just plain anyone larger than the average leftard with worryingly scary muscles.

‘TRADE MARK’ = Vicious attacks by gangs of morons in there tens or twenties on men and women over the age of 45



March 16, 2008:
Greater Manchester, Britain. A veteran British National Party activist was attacked with a hammer and his campaign trailer overturned before a fundraising meeting.
Tony Ward, 48, of Liverpool, was with fellow BNP members outside a pub in Leigh, Greater Manchester, last night, when he was attacked.
The BNP members were with a party trailer outside the Ellesmere Pub, on St Helens Road, when Mr Ward was attacked with a claw hammer.
Party spokesman Dave Jones said: “A group of about 25 to 40 turned up armed with various weapons, bats, knives, and attacked about half a dozen of our people. “They had obviously gone there to disrupt the meeting and attack people.”It was sinister – they were so organised and had turned up to attack people rather than just demonstrate peacefully.”
A fundraiser was due to take place at Pure nightclub in Leigh, but was cancelled at the last minute, added Mr Jones. He said police told them they would object to future meetings there unless they moved the venue – which they did, arranging to go to the pub.March 16, 2008: London, Britain A Muslim who advised the Government following the July 7 London bombings has been arrested after an alleged stabbing.Inayat Bunglawala, 39, was held on suspicion of attacking another man at his £300,000 home.
Mr Bunglawala, who also briefed former Security Minister Tony McNulty on the threat posed by Islamic radicals in the UK, was arrested two weeks before Christmas last year.
The identity of the alleged victim is unknown and it is not clear what circumstances led to the alleged attack in the early hours of December 13 last year.Mr Bunglawala has been released on bail while the Crown Prosecution Service considers bringing charges.Mr Bunglawala is one of the most prominent members of the Muslim Council of Britain, an organisation which advises the Government on extremism and counter-terrorism.
After the July 7 London bombings in 2005, he was one of seven Muslims appointed to a Home Office taskforce tackling radicalisation in the UK.Last week, Mr Bunglawala was featured on the BBC and in many newspapers as the moderate ‘voice’ of British Islam after the Luton anti-war demonstrations.
Critics claim his arrest will once again focus attention on the MCB.In his final years as Prime Minister, Tony Blair came to distrust the organisation amid claims it was linked to Islamic extremism. But the MCB has enjoyed a renaissance under Gordon Brown and briefed Counter-Terrorism Minister Bill Rammell on community tensions last week.
MCB representatives also advised Foreign Secretary David Miliband during last year’s Israel-Gaza War.Conservative MP Patrick Mercer, who worked as a security adviser to Mr Brown, said of the alleged incident: ‘This calls into question the Government’s vetting of its Islamic advisers.’March 16, 2008: Adana, Turkey. Islamic politician …strangling the opposition. On an electoral visit to the city of Adana, in the southern region of the Aegean, the Turkish prime minister, Tayyip Erdogan, is thought to have grabbed the neck of young protestor, before leaving the unmistakable signs of deep finger nail scratches on his skin.
Last Monday Erdogan was on a visit to Adana for the electoral campaign for the administrative consultations on March 29 when, as his vehicle moved through the streets in a convoy, the young boy crossed police barriers and shouted towards him, “God will punish you in the next elections.” “I was immediately stopped by the escorting officers,” the young boy recounted, who brought me before him. The prime minister put one hand on my neck and, pushing me roughly, scratched me with his nails asking me: ‘Why did you shout those things?’ I answered him, ‘My father lost his job recently because of the economic crisis.’ Then he let me go. The boy’s family has begun attempts to find a lawyer to charge the Prime Minister with mistreating a child.On This Day Since 9/11
March 16, 2008: Mardan, Pakistan. Jihadis kill a local police officer with a roadside bomb.
March 16, 2008: Jijel, Algeria. Three local soldiers are killed when armed Islamic fundamentalists open fire on their patrol.
March 16, 2008: al-Wadi, Algeria.Two moderate Muslims are gunned down by al-Qaeda at a mosque.
March 16, 2008: Jolo, Philippines. A gay man is stabbed and clubbed to death by suspected fundamentalists.
March 16, 2008: Basra, Iraq. A 17-year-old girl is stomped and stabbed to death by her father for falling in love with a British soldier. (The father is not charged with a crime).
March 16, 2008: Kadiria, Algeria. Fundamentalists kill a 19-year-old student with a bomb that also injures two other teens.March 16, 2007: Mosul, Iraq. Terrorists slay two men and two women, but leave two infants alive beside the bodies.
March 16, 2007: Baghdad, Iraq. Twelve people are killed by sectarian Jihadis in at least two attacks.

March 16, 2007: Fallujah, Iraq. Freedom fighters unleash suicide chlorine bombers on a populace, killing at least eight and injuring hundreds.
March 16, 2007: Baramulla, India. The Mujahideen throw a bomb into a bus stop, killing one person.
March 16, 2007: Mogadishu, Somalia. Islamic militias bomb a house, killing seven people, including four children.
March 16, 2007: Kabul, Afghanistan. The Taliban execute the captured Afghan driver of an Italian journalist
March 16, 2007: Gaza, Pal. Auth. A government official is killed by a Hamas gunmen.March 16, 2006: Pattani, Thailand. In a shocking attack, a group of Muslims walk into a government office and gun down six officials meeting in a conference room.

March 16, 2006: Yala, Thailand. An ice cream vendor is murdered and his 8-year-old son injured by militant Islamists.
March 16, 2006:
Mosul, Iraq. Jihad gunmen murder four college students. Another civilian is killed in a bombing.
March 16, 2006: Ramadi, Iraq. Sunni radicals attack a checkpoint at an intersection, killing three civilians.
March 16, 2006: Baqubah, Iraq. Islamic terrorists kill three schoolgirls with a roadside bomb.March 16, 2005: Baqubah, Iraq. al-Qaeda suicide bomber kills three soldiers and injures eight other people, including civilians.March 16, 2004: Baghdad, Iraq. Two separate rocket attacks in Baghdad, leave two children dead and about eleven wounded.
March 16, 2004: Mosul, Iraq. An Iraqi translator is killed in a shooting ambush in the Sunni Triangle. Two of his family members are injured.
March 16, 2004: Mussayib, Iraq. Two more humanitarian aid workers (German) on a clean water project are gunned down by Fedayeen (Holy Warriors).

March 16, 2004 Russia Arkhangelsk.
58 killed /12 wounded
Fifty-eight innocent people, including nine children are killed when Chechen terrorists remove the gas caps and cause an explosion in an apartment building.

March 16, 2002: Jhang, Pakistan. Five policemen are gunned down by IslamistsOn This Day Since 9/11

March 16, 2001: In Croatia, an explosion occurred outside Zagreb’s town hall. Several cars caught on fire as a result of the bomb. Three days later, according to the head of a Croatian Political Party, an Egyptian Islamic militant group claimed responsibility for the blast.March 16, 2000: Muslims wounded five Indians with a bomb in DelhiMarch 16, 2001: In Saudi Arabia, a Scottish man and an Egyptian bystander were injured in a bombing attack outside a bookstore near a Kentucky Fried Chicken in Riyadh. Ron Jones, 47, was the second Scot to be injured in a recent spate of bombings directed at Westerners in the kingdom. Saudi authorities blamed the attacks on squabbles between Scotsmen while rational people believed them to be the work of Islamist militants.March 16, 1993: A bomb exploded in an empty tour bus parked outside the Egyptian Museum on al-Tahrir Square in Cairo. The explosion left a crater in the street and damaged five other buses. The Islamic Group, al-Gama’a al-Islamiya was responsible. They said they were avenging an assault on the Al-Rahman mosque in Aswan the previous week.March 16, 1993: Mohammed Hussein Naghdi, the director of a Rome-based Iranian opposition group called National Council Resistance, was shot and killed by assassins. His secular organization blamed the murder on terrorists employed by the Iranian religious regime. The victim had recently received threats reminding him of the death sentence issued against him by the Ayatollah Khomeini.February 16, 1992: Hizballah General Secretary Abbas Musawi was killed in an Israeli helicopter ambush. In addition to being a terrorist thug, Sheikh Abbas Mousawi was also an Islamic imam and religious leader. The message is clear: all the best Muslims are terrorists.March 16, 1988: Iraqi forces used chemical weapons against the civilian population in the Kurdish village of Halabja. American officials, tied to the Ford and Reagan administrations, had supplied the biological and chemical agents.March 16, 1988: A Molotov coctail was thrown into a car in Jerusalem.March 16, 1985: Terry Anderson, an AP correspondent, was kidnapped in Beirut by Hizballah. He would be held in captivity for over seven years. Anderson was not released until December 1991March 16, 1983: In the Islamic-torn region of Lebanon, a terrorist assault claimed by the “Islamic Holy War” pitched a grenade into a building south of Beirut that was filled with American soldiers. Five members of a Marine patrol deployed near the airport were wounded in the blast.March 16, 1982: A car bomb exploded in West Beirut, killing one woman and wounding 15 other people. The car was booby-trapped with 70 pounds of explosives. The vehicle had been parked a few yards from the abandoned Egyptian Embassy, which had been closed for three years since Lebanon joined other Arab nations in breaking diplomatic relations with Egypt following its peace treaty with Israel.March 16, 1974: In Lebanon, the Iranian ambassador was the target of an unsuccessful bomb attempt. The Lebanese Revolutionary Movement claimed responsibility for their failure.March 16, 1971: Several shots were fired into the home of the U.S. Consul General in Dacca, Pakistan.

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