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THIS DAY March 5

Posted by Shiva on March 4, 2009

March 5 2009: Copenhagen, Denmark. On Sunday night two masked youths, connected to the immigrant gangs that are fighting out a turf war with the Hell’s Angels, attacked a pub on Amager in Copenhagen. They forced a man to lie on his belly at gunpoint and then fired 10 shots into the pub, killing one and injuring two, before shooting the man on the street in his kneecaps.

The incident is the third in as many days. On Saturday night a 32-year-old man trying to park his car on his way to a concert was shot by youths on bikes, and on Friday another random victim, a young man, not connected to any of the involved groups, was shot and had his throat cut in execution style at an estate in Copenhagen’s troubled Norrebro area, probably by people connected to the AK81 supporters of Hell’s Angels.

The gang war has been pasteurising life in the Danish capital for far too long. The police have tried to control matters, but rather than being solved, the problems seem to be escalating and the locals are increasingly staying indoors or even moving out of the trouble spots. Normal Copenhagen residents fear being mistaken for a gang member by stressed criminals worried for their own safety. The number of casualties unrelated to the various groups is rising dramatically.

The Danish minister of justice, Brian Mikkelsen, insists that the fight against the gangs is being won, but it certainly doesn’t feel that way walking on Norrebro in central Copenhagen on the weekend. The atmosphere, in an area usually full of people in shops and cafes, is tense – the locals just want the problems and the criminals to go away.

The Danish integration minister, Birthe Ronn Hornbech, is now contemplating the introduction of a new set of laws that will in effect mean that all foreigners caught committing a crime involving a weapon will be expelled from the country. The proposed policy is supported by the rest of centre-right government and the Danish People’s party, and therefore looks likely to be passed in parliament. But several experts(muslim) have warned that the new zero tolerance strategy is risking institutionalised inequality. While the tough line might have some effect on the immigrant gangs, it could easily be seen by the Hell’s Angels as giving them the upper hand and reason to start an offensive.

Danish police have increased their presence in the Copenhagen trouble spots, but so far they have been hapless bystanders. The gang war is being fought between two factions fighting for control of the lucrative drugs market. But, for all the shootings and stabbings, the real victims are the local residents. It is strange that it should take dozens of episodes with firearms and several deaths before the police are willing to upgrade their presence

The ongoing gang war, with its clear ethnic tensions, has done little to better the already strained relationship between white Danes and foreigners. But while the Hell’s Angels and their supporters are a clear and relatively easily defined group, the immigrant gangs are less well known. It is them the Danish population fear the most.


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THIS DAY March 4

Posted by Shiva on March 4, 2009

March 4, 1238: Yaroslavl Oblast, Russia The Battle of the Sit River. In 1235 , Batu, who earlier had directed the conquest of the Crimea, was assigned an army of possibly 130,000 to oversee an invasion of Europe. His relatives and cousins Guyuk, Buri, Mongke, Khulgen, Kadan, Baidar and notable Mongol generals Subotai , Borolday and Mengguser joined him by the order of his uncle Ogedei.
The army, actually commanded by Subutai, crossed the Volga and invaded Volga Bulgaria in 1236. It took them a year to extinguish the resistance of the Volga Bulgarians, Kypchaks, and Alani.
In November 1237 Batu Khan sent his envoys to the court of Yuri II of Vladimir and demanded his allegiance. A month later, the hordes besieged Ryazan. After six days of the bloody battle, the city was totally annihilated, and never restored its former glory.
Alarmed by the news, Yuri II sent his sons to detain the horde, but these were soundly defeated. Having burnt Kolomna and Moscow, the horde laid siege to Vladimir on February 4, 1238.
Three days later the capital of Vladimir-Suzdal was taken and burnt to the ground.The royal family perished in the fire, while the grand prince hastily retreated northward. Crossing the Volga, he mustered a new army, which was totally exterminated by the Mongols on the Sit’ River on March 4.The Battle of the Sit River was fought in the northern part of the present-day Yaroslavl Oblast of Russia between the Mongol Hordes of Batu Khan and the Russians under Yuri II of Vladimir-Suzdal during the Mongol invasion of Russia.
After the Mongols sacked his capital of Vladimir, Yuri fled across the Volga northward, to Yaroslavl, where he hastily mustered an army. He and his brothers then turned back toward Vladimir in hopes of relieving the city before the Mongols took it, but they were too late. Yuri sent out a force of 3,000 men under Dorozh to scout out where the Mongols were; whereupon Dorozh returned saying that Yuri and his force was already surrounded. As he tried to muster his forces, he was attacked by the Mongol force under Burundai and fled but was overtaken on the Sit River and died there along with his nephew, Prince Vsevolod of Yaroslavl.[1] The battle marked the end of unified resistance to the Mongols and inaugurated two centuries of the Mongol domination of Rus.

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Bulgaria vs Jihadis

Posted by Glezele Vayne on March 4, 2009


Bulgaria is...delicious!

Bulgaria is...delicious!

I can’t seem to recall how I found the Novinite (Sofia) news service. It is interesting though. So, here it goes:

Bulgaria MP Yaney: Numerous Southern Villages are Converted to Islam by force

Where is Bulgaria?

Anyone else getting confirmation of this sort of thing in the region? Is this a new development or has this been a struggle in that part of the world for awhile? Considering where they are located, it would make sense to me that the struggle against jihadists is not a new one for Bulgaria, but perhaps an intensifying one. Some exerpts:

Girls from the village of Ribnovo, in Saudi Arabian attire, are pictured after taking a class on radical Islam. Photo by  BGNES

Girls from the village of Ribnovo, in Saudi Arabian attire, are pictured after taking a class on radical Islam. Photo by BGNES

“In Ribnovo, the school principal, Feim Issa, had imposed full dictatorship on the teaching staff, forcing them to wear traditional Muslim clothes, and encouraging female student to the same.”

“The RZS leader stated he was appalled by the extreme violations of the rights and freedoms of Bulgarian citizens, embedded in the Constitution. RZS distributed to the media video postcards, showing how radical Islam is quickly taking roots in the country, under the courteous watch of the ruling tri-party Coalition.”


From Schmoozing with Elya & Ellie Katz

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