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Will someone please kill Obama? and LGF2

Posted by avideditor on December 3, 2008

UPDATE: Hey lizards just so you know CJ will us any donation to him to Jeopardize your life and your families life. Read here.

UPDATE: I guess CJ the crazy wackjob is now promoting this post. I repeat I do not call in any way for the death of a siting president of the United States. I wrote this way before 0 was the president. I added this update in other post. But for some reason this has now gotten CJs attention. I am also not mad any more at the fine people over at LGF2. If you are interested read my latest posts.

Someone deleted my comment from LGF2 because I asked that question. It is still legal because Obama is yet to be President of the USA. I think he cheated to get Elected and that Obama is a Jihadi. I am leaving America because he is going to be president. I love America and I really do not want to leave. That is why I asked that question. I am no longer posting at LGF2, unless I receive an apology. It has already been a day and the traffic is already down there. Here are some of the stuff I posted there.

Video used to Convict HLF

A great video. It is a good watch IMHO. Why doesn’t Charles link to it? Is he afraid to lose his Jihadi support? Maybe Atlas is right he seems like a C.A.I.R. shill.

Is it illegal to say you want an over throw of the US government by a Paramilitary force that will kill all the Jihadist?

Is it illegal to say you want an over throw of the US government by a Paramilitary force that will kill all the Jihadist? Just a question. If it is they should arrest Umar for saying he wants to install a caliphate in the US.

Stop the Jihadis now or there will be a nuclear or biological attack here

“When you really consider this, it is absolutely bone-chilling…a bipartisan commission is making that claim that the U.S. will see some sort of nuclear or biological attack by 2013. Here’s some of the details from this shocking news …

Read the rest from Holger Awakens

What to do when you see a footbath in a public place.


Call me a bigot or what ever you want. I think this blog entry is so good I an going to post some of it.

“One of the biggest falsities in the political dialogue today is Islam is a religion of Peace. Islam was started by Muhammad who spread his religion through military power and masscres of the innocents.

For example in the case of the Khaybar Jews, Muhammad had the male leadership killed, and plundered their riches. The terrorized Khaybar survivors—industrious Jewish farmers—became prototype subjugated dhimmis whose productivity was extracted by the Muslims as a form of permanent booty. (And according to the Muslim sources, even this tenuous vassalage was arbitrarily terminated within a decade of Muhammad’s death when Caliph Umar expelled the Jews of Khaybar.)Source.

Throughout history and through today, Islam has believed in spreading its influence vial terror and violence:

Muhammad and Mumbia By Joseph Klein
FrontPageMagazine.com | 12/1/2008

Islam was born as a religion spread through violence. There is a direct line from the prophet Muhammad to today’s Islamic terrorists, whose latest deadly attacks wreaked havoc in Mumbai, India. The ongoing effort in the United Nations and the politically correct media to disassociate Islam from terrorism is a sham.” Read the rest Here.

Charles still supports Israel. That is enough for a lib right?

LGF has changed. But Charles still supports Israel. That is enough for a lib right?

Obama is a Jihadi that wants to create Brown shirt again

I love America. But I am leaving America before Obama is my president. I do not trust him. I think he will ruin America. Well I will get back to packing. Obama wants there to create brown shirts. He said so in Germany. Here is video of him saying it himself and more info on it if you forgot.

A Jihadi on TV explains how to beat ones wife

I hope this guy is killed by his own or us. (I did not repost the video here if you want to see it click on the link)

Would you go back to LGF if it changed back to what it was? What do you think requires changing?

Would you go back to LGF is it changed back to what it was? What do you think requires changing?

If Charles banned Killore and other people that IMHO made LGF anti-G-d and pro Jihadi in many cases, and Charles said this in a post. I would go back to LGF. Until that day I am going to keep posting here.

Is Charles a pro-censorship Fascist?

I think he is. I am glad to see that LGF page view are down.

PS It is still hard to type since my surgery. I am now going to post here because I am not afraid of what I say would be deleted.

17 Responses to “Will someone please kill Obama? and LGF2”

  1. arwynkafir said

    An apology?

  2. avideditor said

    Yes an apology for deleting one of my comments. I do not expect Savage or LGF2 readers to agree with me but to censure me is another thing.

  3. kykedish said

    god…sorry I killed him. Kyke

  4. Obama Hater said

    I would love to kill him. Evil should be destroyed. Unfortunately, it would be murder in they eyes of society.

  5. avideditor said

    I wrote this before Obama was president. I do not advise anyone in trying to kill the president. I still think Obama is evil but he is the president of America, so it is now illegal for me to advise anyone to kill him.

    “Obama Hater” which society? The MSM and most libtards supported Hamas, so they lost all authority to me in their support of jihadis. Many people hold the person responsible for killing Rabin a hero.

  6. Raul Patel said

    Would it be a crime to pray that “something” happens to him. Like maybe he gets anal cancer, or goes blind, or his new dog bites his dick off?

  7. sr said

    Obama is a double-dealing, two-faced goddam LIAR; his so-called “rescue” package has only helped those WITH money; he keeps giving those AIG assholes bonuses for running this country into the ground. I hope for Obama’s brutal and swift assassination each and every day. You notice I’m not saying “pray” – just hope. Seems to me, if there were a God that gave a flying f*ck about us, we wouldn’t be under the “leadership” of the miserable wastes of flesh who are currently in power.

    • avideditor said

      I believe it is illegal to promote the idea that one want to kill the president of the United States. Although you have an interesting point, I can in no way condone what you propose. I respect the office of president that much, so what ever he does he still deserves to live when he serves IMHO
      I for one do not want 30 days of grief and a national holiday for him being killed. I believe we can beat him in the ballot box.

      • Rachael Blade said

        I do agree with Avideditor on this one, but that which is illegal to a state is never based on ethics anymore, nor is it made by the people at all these days. Obama’s death would be the magic carpet for another even worse than he. The people Obama is destroying remain good and virtuous because they do not think like him; they do not instigate violence. I would like to remain that way, for it is only strike of the blade that wins the battle, (to rephrase Miyamato Musashi’s words in The Book of Five Rings)

  8. P man said

    If you kill the president you get stuck with the vice president, in this case a real idiot. I think he chose the moron as assasination insurance. One day, long from now, if I out live Obama, I will have a party. I will set up a mock grave of him and piss all over it, but I think that is legal isn’t it? Anyway, he is trash, he is evil, and he is the most unamerican president we will ever have… but somebody voted for that no experience having racist. This country has a lot of morons in it.

  9. fuck off said

    Obama is a clueless tool.

  10. kelly kop said

    hate obama kill he

  11. TexasVetgal said

    It would be much better to hang him with the very document he shreds daily, he is a fraud and a liar, and enemy to ALL AMERICAN CITIZENS who believe in our Constitutional Republic. The truth is already known by a majority of people across the country. He hates America and hates our strongest allies. He is destroying the country from within. When the chaos is over and the dust settles, IF and its a big if, he is still alive, he should be tried, convicted and executed for treason against the people of the United States, and the numerous acts of Treason he has already commited.
    Many Americans through exhaustive research have discovered numerous crimes against our constitution and the American people by elected officials, Most dramatically stated and revealed by Gov.Neil Abercrombie (Hawaii) That “in fact”, we have a usurper acting as POTUS, Unqualified to serve as president. It is believed and now widely known, that, Obama fails constitutional muster on atleast 2 counts.


    There also seems to have been a conspiracy to fraud the electorate by the certification process in which Mr. Soetoro/Obama (not sure what his LEGAL name is) used a certification document prior to the elections that had been intentionally and fraudulently altered by eliminating the statment: –(and that the following candidates for President and Vice President of the United States are legally qualified to serve under the provisions of the United States Constitution:)–.

    This indicates a conspiracy involving Ex-Speaker Pelosi and others who have knowingly broken our laws, therby nullifying open and free elections, as well as other violations of their own oaths of office.
    Additionally, Mr Obama/Soetoro seems to have recieved a “Fullbright Scholarship” reserved for foreign students. As well as fraudulent Social Security numbers in atleast as much, use of multiple numbers? I always thought these were crimes of fraud, perhaps i was wrong.
    It is also widely known that Obama’s/Soetoro’s Passport information FROM 1981 indicates he, at one time must have had “DUAL CITIZENSHIP” (this fact alone disqualifies Mr Obama/Soetoro from the Presidency) as well as other fraudulent information. Are these not violations and treasonous acts against our laws and Constitution at the higest levels?
    A thorough investigation of these facts/theories should be undertaken immeadiately. But dont bother trying to get Eric Holder and the DOJ, Congress, Senate, or the SCOTUS to help you in this matter as they have all previously shown to be “IN-THE-TANK” for Mr Soetoro/Obama and have proven they are willing to violate any other laws necessary to keep this issue from being addressed both politically and legally.

    Those involved in this fraud and usurpation of powers against the People of the United States of America and our Constitution SHOULD NOT GO UNCHALLENGED.
    I believe Gov Abecrombie, that no Birth Certificate exists, I also believe you will find many documents freely available as well as thru FOIA requests that support the charge of treason against this Usurper acting as President. I’m sure most of our elected officials already know just WHO/WHAT Barack Obama/Barry Soetoro really is but as of yet have failed to act?
    A MAJORITY OF AMERICANS, expect our representatives to uphold THEIR OWN OATHS and investigate with unbiased zeal to seek the truth. –or perhaps, maybe they wont bother, since no real harm has been done? with exception to the integrity of our legal system, the laws that govern our Country. The honesty, integrity and eligibility to hold such office by our elected officials, and our most fundemental rights as defined in our Constitution.
    Or perhaps the only avenue left to American citizens is not unlike what we are currently seeing in Egypt.

    “The two enemies of the people are criminals and the government. So let us tie the second down with chains of the Constitution so that the second will not become the legalized version of the first.”

    -Thomas Jefferson

  12. Naturally I like your web-site, however you need to have to check the spelling on several of your posts. Several of them are rife with spelling problems and I locate it really silly to inform you. On the other hand I will certainly come once again once more!

  13. jc said

    obama hates america and isreal he is a fake president. america will fall if he is re-elected. america needs to open their eyes and get him out of presidency. he will allow the sick and messed up muslims to take over america. I WILL REBELL AGAINST THIS!!!

  14. Pazuzu said

    If I come across a muzzie foot bath in a public place I’m going to pee in it.

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