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Is the possible pedophile CJ of LGF engaging in a Dos attack against the Blogmocracy? Why did that fool throw Israel under the Bus.

Posted by avideditor on March 13, 2010

Sorry even the ADL is condemning Obama. He is nothing like Regan or Bush in regards to Israel. You are an anti semite. You posted pro ACORN trash and allowed pro Hamas comments in your highly regulated comment section. Now you just dissed Isreal. So I ask again are the reports that have been floating around that you are a pedophile accurate? You are as bad if not worse than Maher. IMHO

Are you engaged it the attack at the Blogmocracy? If so why?

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The funniest LGF parody site

Posted by avideditor on February 27, 2010

Check it out 🙂 It is really funny. If you are not into LGF check out the quotes of the day from other libtards.

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Anti Semitic Charles Johnson thinks calling people Hitler is a Joke BECK IS NOT LIKE HITLER

Posted by avideditor on February 21, 2010

It is either crazy or anti semitic to call an anti fascist, supporter of Jews, and Israel Hitler. What is funny about it? Bombing England, liquidating the serbs, singling out the Jews to be slaughtered, or some other atrocity? It is not funny. You are digging your self in a deeper hole Charles. Apologize and then go to rehab please.

see Charles Johnson at LGF compares Glenn Beck giving the CPAC speech to Hitler for context.

To read more about CPAC from a non hateful troll like CJ Click here.

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LGF “private” thread and Does Irish Rose sing like this?

Posted by avideditor on October 6, 2009

It seems here attack on Zombie which is now removed caused Zombie to be banned from the probable junkie Charles Johnsons website. Here is the first part of the private thread.  To all those sickos out there still at LGF. Get out. Btw no comments there are private CJ is a lair, probably a junky, and a terrible web designer who is breaking the TOS of Paypal by using the info to expose people.

Here is the transcript of there “private” thread. It is pure insanity but funny IMHO. I in no way endorse  this trash.

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Is Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs getting money from Al Queda?

Posted by avideditor on September 26, 2009

It it very suspicious how he turned to the dark side so quickly.


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Watch out for Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs

Posted by avideditor on September 16, 2009


He is a leftist and I think he is a junky. All I know he is dangerous and needs to be stopped.

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Do not link to the libel blog LGF

Posted by avideditor on September 15, 2009


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Lizard Lounge Closes now what about LGF?

Posted by avideditor on April 8, 2009

UPDATE: I wrote this in the past:  Why Little Green Footballs is a hate site and why anyone that believes in G-d should take it off your blog roll

A couple of years ago I used to be a frequent member of the lizard lounge. (If someone knows a place like it was, leave a comment that says email me, and I will.) But Charles is Anti-G-d and not a true Anti-Jihadi IMHO. What do you think happened to him? Did he fall off his bike and got brain damaged or do you think he sold out? LGF was much different a couple of years ago.

I would stop blogging for enough Oil money but I think Charles would blog what ever people want for enough money, but who knows. No matter how much people paid me 2+2=4 I would not blog entries where I said 2 plus 2 equals 5.

It seems that Charles cl0sed the Lizard Lounge, (warning the link goes to LGF)  which is sad IMHO. I can not wait till people wake up and realize that Charles is only a bit better then the trash they read at the DKOS or Huntington Post and the blog closes. But I miss the Lizard Lounge and all that it stood for. I hope there are great alternatives out there. There should be. How much longer do you think before LGF closes?

What ever you believe it is you own business, but I will never be a sellout and I will never be anti-G-d like Charles.

UPDATE: Lizard Watch: “There’s a (big) difference between kneeling and bending over”


Lizard Meltdown Watch

for those that think being anti-G-d and siding with the Jihadist  too much is not a problem you should read the links.

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Little Green Footballs 2 is getting a facelift

Posted by avideditor on December 21, 2008

I and some of the old LGF2 bloggers are blogging here until LGF2 works right.

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Mark Levin Defends Corsi against the left-wing smear machine

Posted by avideditor on August 16, 2008

It seems like the left wing media is doing all it can to smear Corsi. Mark Levin in his radio show did a great job defending Corsi against the vicious attacks from the brain dead left. Unfortunately, even Charles from Little Green Footballs has been buying into the left wing media smear of some one trying to expose Obama. 

Listen to Mark Levin’s Show here.  Click on August 15th to hear the show where he defends Corsi.

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Little Green Footballs 2 is launched: Anti-jihadi but with out the tyranny of charles

Posted by avideditor on August 15, 2008

Check out LittleGreenFootballs2.com it is an alternative littlegreenfootballs.com it has all the same news stories but without the tyranny of Charles.

UPDATE : I am blogging here for LGF2 until it is back up and working.

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What is wrong with making science a Religion- The problem with Little Green Footballs

Posted by avideditor on July 31, 2008

Charles of Little Green Footballs needs to read this Article from Salon: What’s wrong with science as religion Not everyone that believes in G-d is a Jihadi. I think the current perception of Allah in Islam is not even G-d it is more like following the devil except for Islamic Groups such as Muslims Against Sharia.

 We need to expose the Jihadis for there lies and their attempt to destroy America and the free world. I think making science a religion can cause a similar evil and destruction as Radical Islam. 

Here is the heart of the aricle, IMHO. Read the rest here. What’s wrong with science as religion

I am incredibly impressed with the achievements of science. But I don’t think science is omniscient and I am not convinced that science will ever know everything. I am not convinced that science is even capable of knowing everything. That we can know as much as we do seems rather miraculous, in fact. Is it so dangerous to believe that there is a bit more to the world than meets the scientific eye, that behind the blackboard filled with equations there is a rational, creative and even caring mind breathing fire into those equations?

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Why Little Green Footballs is a hate site and why anyone that believes in G-d should take it off your blog roll UPDATED



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Why Little Green Footballs is a hate site and why anyone that believes in G-d should take it off your blog roll UPDATED

Posted by avideditor on June 19, 2008

Updated: as you can see by my last comment in the thread. I think the support to these claims are build upon not enough evidence for such drastic conclusions. I think some of the work Charles does at LGF is essential and it is good work. When I first wrote this I was presented with evidence that Charles has an agenda to attack believers. I don’t know how good the evidence is now. I hope that is not Charles attempt. I don’t want to discount the great things Charles has done. So read on with caution.

Exposing Islamo-Fascism and the fifth column that supports and defends the jihadis is important. But attacking people that believe in G-d is just down low. There is a difference between a Jihadi and a person of faith. It looks like Charles has lost line. He is running a hate sight against anyone that believe G-d is behind the creation of the world. A good friend of mine was just banned from LGF he started a new blog. Check it out.  

IT IS TIME FOR PEOPLE THAT BELIEVE IN G-D TO STAND UP AND STOP ALLOWING CHARLES TO PREACH HIS HATE. I was with him when he rallied against the jihadis. I was with him when he rallied against the neo-nazis. BUT I WILL NOT BE WITH HIM WHEN HE RALLIED AGAIST BELIEVING IN G-D.  

Here is an interesting post. 


What good is LGF

I dont know what LGF is trying to accomplish. Most Conservatives I know are people of deep faith and love for this country. By attacking and belittling those people of faith LGF is cutting its nose off despite its face. What Conservatives need is a real blog to discuss the issues, not this psuedo-science mixed with vitrolic hatred of anyone who is different.

On the one hand Charles loves to belittle the Global Warming theory which apparently a good number of scientists are supporting. Charles is so good at science that he can disregard the rantings of a majority of scientists. He is against GW theory only because it is a talking point of the left. Because of his blinding hatred of the left he comes out against GW theory, which is just as ’scientific’ as the evolution theory. But Charles will put down and denigrate anyone who has faith in the Master of the Universe. His hatred is blinding him, and it will be his downfall.

read the rest at the site

There are a bunch of more great posts at the blog don’t forget to check it out. HERE

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