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Jewish Internet Defense League takes down another anti-Semitic facebook group

Posted by avideditor on August 12, 2008

The heroes over at Jewish Internet Defense League took down another anti-Semitic Face book group. It looks like they need some funding to help defeat the cyber jihadis. It looks like they need some more funding. I highly recommend giving to this charity. The Jewish Internet defense league are the machabbees of our time IMHO. 

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The Jewish Internet Defense Force are the Maccabees of our time G-d bless them

**UPDATE** A sad update form the JIDF site.

The JIDF has just learned that apparently Facebook GAVE THE GROUP BACK TO THEM (by re-enabling the old-admins account after it was originally disabled for promoting this type of hatred….hmmmmmmm….):

Maybe the JIDF can take down self hating jewish sites that promote future Hitlers like The National Jewish Democratic Council  I guess one can only dream.

Self Hating Jewish Council AKA National Jewish Democratic Council continues to lie and try to mislead the jewish people about Obama

13 Responses to “Jewish Internet Defense League takes down another anti-Semitic facebook group”

  1. walkndude said

    thanks. i did not know the JDL went into IJDL.

  2. avideditor said

    I don’t think the Jewish Internet Defense force has anything to do with the JDL.

  3. The JIDF said

    Thank you very much for your kind words and support.

    To clarify, we do not have anything to do with the JDL.

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  6. There is a pattern among the younger professional IT crowd, many of them being of a extremely liberal post modern mindset. They are fresh off the indoctrination factories of quasi Marxist college campuses across America…thus they automatically sympathize with the “palestinian struggle” [see Arab Islamic sacrificial pawns in my book of definitions], thus view Israel as the evil kingdom. Google is a classic example of this with their consistent little jabs here & there against Israel and playing games with their search engine that promotes pro Islamic propaganda over rational links about Jews & Israel.

  7. […]  I think what the JIDF does in response to Jihadist is great. […]

  8. Tammy said

    I don’t see the group JIDL on my face book “groups” for my page any longer. Have they taken them off?

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  10. ton said

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  11. Daniel Abraham Roberts said

    Please call me at (601)-291-5625 there is a matter of a fellow jew in trouble

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