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Why does Glenn Beck support a Jihadist?

Posted by avideditor on October 27, 2009

UPDATE: Right on glenn But again why are you supporting a jihadi?

I have to admit that I was a big Glenn Beck fan. I like what he has done to expose ACORN and other terrible groups that want to destroy freedom for everyone. I recomend Mark Levin. He gives out his show commercial free for free too. Does Glenn Beck know that he is supporting a Jihadi? Why has he not denounced that loser yet? Supporting a jihadi makes him a big hypocrite IMHO.  I am going to try to return his new book unless he denounces the support for that jihadi today. It looks like there are some great books from non terrorist supporters.

From Debbie Schlussel

Promoting Pan-Jihadists on FOX News: To the Morons Who Worship Glenn Beck

What an ignoramus and/or liar Glenn Beck is.  Take your pick, as it’s definitely one of those.  Yesterday–amid his usual histrionics and pseudo-male drama queen antics–Beck, for like the gazillionth time, gushed over Hezbollah’s and Syria’s man in Congress, “former” career criminal Darrell Issa, a/k/a “Jihad Darrell.” I’ve written about this before, on one of the last times Beck expressed his absurd man-crush on this jihad enabler.

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