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Lieberman On Iraq/Middle East: Our Fight Includes Preventing Iranian Domination

Posted by avideditor on April 7, 2008

I wish more dems thought like Lieberman on foreign policy. Hopefully this will lead to bombing Iran before it is too late.

Lieberman On Iraq/Middle East: Our Fight Includes Preventing Iranian Domination: ”


In this article Joe Lieberman said: “The Iranians have American blood on their hands.”


“Today’s antiwar politicians have effectively turned John F. Kennedy’s inaugural address on its head, urging Americans to refuse to pay any price, or bear any burden, to assure the survival of liberty.”

Joe Lieberman and Lindsey Graham co-authored a fantastic opinion piece in today’s Wall Street Journal addressing the advances in Iraq, the upcoming Petraeus report, and preventing Iranian domination of the Middle East. Below are portions of that piece entitled “Iraq and Its Costs”:

When Gen. David Petraeus testifies before Congress tomorrow, he will step into an American political landscape dramatically different from the one he faced when he last spoke on Capitol Hill seven months ago.

This time Gen. Petraeus returns to Washington having led one of the most remarkably successful military operations in American history. His antiwar critics, meanwhile, face a crisis of credibility – having confidently predicted the failure of the surge, and been proven decidedly wrong.


No one can deny the dramatic improvements in security in Iraq achieved by Gen. Petraeus, the brave troops under his command, and the Iraqi Security Forces. From June 2007 through February 2008, deaths from ethno-sectarian violence in Baghdad have fallen approximately 90%. American casualties have also fallen sharply, down by 70%.

Al Qaeda in Iraq has been swept from its former strongholds in Anbar province and Baghdad. The liberation of these areas was made possible by the surge, which empowered Iraqi Muslims to reject the Islamist extremists who had previously terrorized them into submission. Any time Muslims take up arms against Osama bin Laden, his agents and sympathizers, the world is a safer place.
In the past seven months, the other main argument offered by critics of the Petraeus strategy has also begun to collapse: namely, the alleged lack of Iraqi political progress.

Antiwar forces last September latched onto the Iraqi government’s failure to pass “benchmark” legislation, relentlessly hammering Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki as hopelessly sectarian and unwilling to confront Iranian-backed Shiite militias. Here as well, however, the critics in Washington have been proven wrong.

In recent months, the Iraqi government, encouraged by our Ambassador in Iraq, Ryan Crocker, has passed benchmark legislation on such politically difficult issues as de-Baathification, amnesty, the budget and provincial elections. After boycotting the last round of elections, Sunnis now stand ready to vote by the millions in the provincial elections this autumn. The Iraqi economy is growing at a brisk 7% and inflation is down dramatically.

And, in launching the recent offensive in Basra, Mr. Maliki has demonstrated that he has the political will to take on the Shiite militias and criminal gangs, which he recently condemned as “worse than al Qaeda.”


Most importantly, Iran also continues to wage a vicious and escalating proxy war against the Iraqi government and the U.S. military. The Iranians have American blood on their hands. They are responsible, through the extremist agents they have trained and equipped, for the deaths of hundreds of our men and women in uniform. Increasingly, our fight in Iraq cannot be separated from our larger struggle to prevent the emergence of an Iranian-dominated Middle East.

These continuing threats from Iran and al Qaeda underscore why we believe that decisions about the next steps in Iraq should be determined by the recommendations of Gen. Petraeus, based on conditions on the ground.

It is also why it is imperative to be cautious about the speed and scope of any troop withdrawals in the months ahead, rather than imposing a political timeline for troop withdrawal against the recommendation of our military.

Unable to make the case that the surge has failed, antiwar forces have adopted a new set of talking points, emphasizing the “costs” of our involvement in Iraq, hoping to exploit Americans’ current economic anxieties.

Today’s antiwar politicians have effectively turned John F. Kennedy’s inaugural address on its head, urging Americans to refuse to pay any price, or bear any burden, to assure the survival of liberty. This is wrong. The fact is that America’s prosperity at home and security abroad are bound together. We will not fare well in a world in which al Qaeda and Iran can claim that they have defeated us in Iraq and are ascendant.


…had we followed the path proposed by antiwar groups and retreated in defeat, the war would have been lost, emboldening and empowering violent jihadists for generations to come.

The success we are now achieving also has consequences far beyond Iraq’s borders in the larger, global struggle against Islamist extremism. Thanks to the surge, Iraq today is looking increasingly like Osama bin Laden’s worst nightmare: an Arab country, in the heart of the Middle East, in which hundreds of thousands of Muslims – both Sunni and Shiite – are rising up and fighting, shoulder to shoulder with American soldiers, against al Qaeda and its hateful ideology.

Read the full Wall Street Journal article by Joe Lieberman and Lindsey Graham here.

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Jihadis threating to take over the US on the Streets of NYC

Posted by avideditor on April 7, 2008

Jihadis desicrating the US flag while talking about taking over the US and advocating violence. It is just sick. I hope the FBI is watching these future terrorist. It is disgusting how theses jihadis are using our liberty to try to remove the same liberties that allow them to threaten to kill all non believers and destroy our flag. If I was there I would have burned a Koran or two in front of them.

Vodpod videos no longer available. from patdollard.com posted with vodpod

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How Obama’s church and associates link him to the ISM

Posted by avideditor on April 7, 2008

Read this interesting story I found on Digg. Obama is a terrorist supporter and he must not be elected to be president of this great nation. For Obama’s links to corruption through Rezko click here

Some media pundits have tried suggesting that Barack Obama’s recent speech about his association with Reverend Jeremiah Wright and the Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago is comparable to the Gettysburg Address in calling for national “unity.” 

But if one parses some key statements by Obama in that speech, one can see how Obama poses more of a threat of creating disunity in America and how he will probably use racism as a vehicle do so.

Some liberal Jewish groups have begun an email campaign trying to persuade American Jews concerned by Jeremiah Wright’s comparison of the black American experience with that of the Palestinians in the Middle East as not being compatible with Barack Obama’s views. Led by Democratic Florida Congressman Robert Wexler (D) Florida, Obama’s Jewish supporters have claimed that after meeting with members of AIPAC, the Israel Lobby, Obama stated that the Palestinians must renounce the right of return, the Catch 22 used by the PLO and its front group, the International Solidarity Movement, that prevents any other solution to the Middle East conflict other than the dismantling of Israel as a Jewish state. In addition, the email claims, Obama stated that the missiles fired on Sderot are unacceptable and that Israel should have a right to defend itself. But that same email also contains the tired (and untrue) old leftist platitudes that so many Israelis would not have been murdered by Arab terrorists since Oslo were it not for the Likud Party in Israel that has refused to give away unconditionally Israel’s security in exchange for empty promises from the terrorist warlords in Fatah and Hamas. Both terrorist groups agree in Arabic the only acceptable real end game is the dismantling of the Jewish state, something that is always glossed over by lefties when someone euphemistically talks about “peace.” “Peace” to the Arabs is newspeak for Israel becoming Palestine. 
Obama’s  statements, were, for the untrained ears of  pampered Jewish leftists in the Democratic Party what might be classified as being “so far so good.” 
However, without losing a beat, an article has appeared on the ISM affiliated websiteElectronic Intifada (EI) by one of its co-founders, Ali Abunimah, in which Abumimah recounts his close past working relationship with Obama prior to the presidential campaign and how Abunimah believes Obama is merely giving lip service to the Jewish communityto get elected, and that once in office he will work for the Palestinian cause. Abunimah lists himself and is mentioned in subsequent Obama articles in the mainstream press merely as a “Palestinian activist.” Abunimah insists that Obama will “come around” once elected. 
But Ali Abunimah is more than just some “Palestinian activist” based in Chicago, the same location as Reverend Wright and the Trinity United Church of Christ.  He is, in fact, one of the founders of the fiercely anti-Semitic ISM Arab group Al Awda, the Palestine Right of Return Coalition. Abunimah is a high level international leader of the ISM for the Arabs who travels extensively between Chicago, Europe and Ramallah. 
Al Awda in Arabic means “The Return,” and the group not only calls for the complete destruction of Israel, even denying Israel’s current existence on its website  and urging boycotts against not only Israelis, but American Jews and their businesses, but also calls for specifically supporting Arab terrorists in Iraq who kill US soldiers. Among its more than 130 chapters across the US and Canada, Al Awda’s New Jersey chapter is led by a young woman named Charlotte Kates who has called Israeli children killed by suicide bombers “fair game.” The ISM’s Al Awda openly supports terrorism as “legitimate resistance” in ISM revolutionary lingo. 
Al Awda’s anti-Semitism has also linked to neo-Nazi groups in promoting the boycott and divestment from Israel on American campuses and in the US business community.  It became so virulent that the group was booted by the UC Riverside campus administration from holding an international conference on that campus last year. Ali Abunimah, even today, is featured on the Al Awda website supporting terrorism against Israelis because he considers that “nonviolence is overrated.”

In short, Obama saw no problem being lobbied in the past by someone who openly promotes terrorism and discrimination against Jewish-Americans. 
Al Awda is commemorating the 60th anniversary of the Nakba (catastrophe of the creation of Israel) this coming May thanks to the willingness of the management of Hilton Hotels to overlook anti-Semitism in its facilities to make a buck. A new petition is in the works to get Hilton to stop this. Al Awda’s scheduled guest of honor will be  a PFLP terrorist member named Khalida Jarrar, and their website recently gave an homage to the late PFLP founder George Habash. Al Awda wants convicted Islamic Jihad financier/terrorist Sami al Arian released, a murderer of over 100 people abroad, some of them Americans, from terrorist attacks. 
If Barack Obama didn’t know about Abunimah’s writings (and Abunimah says he did), the same as his claims of being unaware of Reverend Wright’s remarks after 20 years, then Obama is not competent to be our President. Abunimah likes to lie and claim Al Awda has nothing to do with the ISM or Electronic Intifada, though plenty of evidence exists on the website the homepage at www.StoptheISM.com showing the contrary. 
But Obama’s association with the ISM through his church and lobbying in Chicago goes even deeper than just his past links to Al Awda and Ali Abunimah. His pastor, Jeremiah Wright, and the Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago, are both equally involved with the ISM. 
Since 2001, the ISM has been tasked by the PLO and other Arab irredentist groups with getting new generations of American college kids to consider democratic Israel as somehow a violator of human rights, all the while as the Palestinian Arabs who practice open anti-Semitism, honor killings, and the murders of their own people as well as Jews, as commendable practices. At their 2003 national organizing conference at Ohio State, ISM activists set out to deconstruct American narratives about Israel as a democratic state with firm support from secular radical Americans of Jewish ancestry. In one workshop set up to discuss ways to put a good face on suicide bombings, ISM activists spoke of new ways of reinterpreting the Bible so Israel did not belong to the Jews, but to the Palestinians. 
In working with the Saudi funded Muslim Students Association in campuses across the US, the ISM has managed to cloud the image among American youth through disinformation and propaganda campaigns against Jews and Israel in order to try and make American students believe Israel is an apartheid state like South Africa was in the 1980s. At the same time, these same Palestinian groups like Al Awda insist the West Bank and Gaza must be Jew-free. Since this campaign has been largely successful in organizing anti-Israel attitudes on campuses all over America, and since Jewish organizations in America have been slow to react, the ISM moved on to another program to do the same thing only this time alienating US churches, particularly evangelical churches that have a long-term sense of Biblical support for the Jewish state. Thus was born the Sabeel Ecumenical Liberation Theological Society created as part of the ISM to do in US churches what various ISM groups succeeded to do in American colleges. 
At the same time, a foothold already existed to a small degree in the American black religious community such as is led by Louis Farrakhan. 
 The mainstream ISM leadership is made up of Palestinian Christian Arabs who are also communists/anarchists and pan-Arab nationalists first, that hold to the philosophy of thePopular Front for The Liberation of Palestine, the second largest faction of the PLO.  Using communist revolutionary practices of “solidarity,” it has been these Palestinian Arab Christian “revolutionaries,” aligned with Jewish- American communists and anarchists, that have been working so well on the campuses in the US and the UK. 
Now, it has become the ISM’s time to deconstruct religious dogma of Israel belonging to the Jews as is preached in US churches and to increase the number of black churches in America that are working in “solidarity” with this program. Jeremiah Wright’s church is one of them. Even though the national synod of the United Church for Christ rescinded a boycott and divestment plan against Israel, a wing of the UCC church keeps trying to get it reinstated. That wing includes Reverend Wright’s Trinity UCC Church in Chicago. Few people know also, that there are many Muslim members of Reverend Wright’s “Christian” church, a close ally of Sabeel. 
Led by a Palestinian Christian pastor named Naim Ateek, Sabeel’s purpose is as part of the ISM to especially convince churches in America that the diminishing Christian population in the West Bank, particularly Bethlehem, is not due to persecution by the Muslim majority in the Palestinian Authority against Christians caused Christian flight, but because of Israel’s Jews and “the occupation.” In order to achieve this, Sabeel practices something called “replacement theology “ which aligns itself closely with the ideas of its Muslim fundamentalist allies.

Replacement theology advanced by the ISM and Sabeel holds that Jesus was not a Jew, but a Palestinian. It also holds that the fulfillment of scripture is not Jews returning to the land of Israel, but Palestinian Arabs taking control of Israel from Jewish oppressors to become Palestine. In replacement theology, Abraham’s son, Isaac, was not to be sacrificed before God, but it was rather Ishmael, the father of the Arab people. This is also the Muslim interpretation of the Torah in the Koran. Yasser Arafat always claimed that Jesus was a Palestinian, not a Jew. Arafat, though a secular Muslim, also saw the value of his allies in the PFLP in recruiting pan-Arab revolutionaries and Arab communists to achieve his goals. 
Why should a Christian Arab pastor like Naim Ateek teach such things? He does so because his religious teachings are based more on politics than anything else, and it gives him a power base and funding as a religious leader he could only dream of among the Christian Arab minority population. 
Sabeel has been actively working in cooperation with Chicago’s Trinity UCC among certain other politically active churches in America to promote anti-Israel and even anti-Semitic beliefs that can erode American Christian support for Israel and hasten Israel’s destruction. And Pastor Jeremiah Wright, pandering to his majority black congregation, has been teaching his own replacement theology, only this time its called “black replacement theology.” Jesus was not a Jew, says Wright, but a “black man.”  Trinity UCC’s relationship with the anti-Semitic Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam (funded by anti-Israel Libya) fits in nicely with this formula also. The Christian religious icon is no longer a Jew, but a black man and to accept this interpretation is the way to salvation for the black man.  This not only deconstructs American church views of the legitimacy of Israel, but has a nice foothold with the likes of the Nation of Islam in the US black community. 
In his speech, Obama actually tried to give some credibility to Wright’s speech claiming it portrays the real experience for black Americans without saying what specific parts of Wright’s diatribes he was referring to. By accusing the US of bombing innocent people of color at Hiroshima and Nagasaki, of America infecting black American with AIDS, or of “chickens coming home to roost” for 9/11 (ignoring that plenty of black Americans died in those attacks), were more than just blanket “issues” that Obama called them and said he does not agree with “totally.”  
But does this all really link back to Obama? Can’t he still get by, saying that his pastor Wright and church of 20 years, and Ali Abunimah also do not bespeak his personal opinions? 
To the contrary, in his speech about Wright, Obama said he does believe such things when he said he cannot disavow them from Reverend Wright or disassociate himself from the demagogical pastor any more than from the black community.  He just did it in veiled language. He just spoke about his close family-like relationship with Wright and then suggested Wright speaks to the black experience in America. 
Here is the most important parsed line from Obama’s speech (and it’s no Gettysburg Address): 
“The man I met more than twenty years ago is a man who helped introduce me to my Christian faith, a man who spoke to me about our obligations to love one another; to care for the sick and lift up the poor.” 
So the man who “introduced” Barack Obama to his “Christian faith” also teaches that Jesus was not a Jew, and that the white Jews exploited the “black Palestinians” in the Bible, and who espouses ISM and Sabeel religious terminology among his fellow Christians, particularly blacks, even against the wishes of his own synod.

Jeremiah Wright certainly knows his market. 
That is the Christianity of Jeremiah Wright and based on Obama’s speech, the same Christianity that Wright introduced Obama to, and one the presidential candidate still believes and won’t disavow no matter what it costs him. 
True, Obama mentioned how Wright taught him to be kind unto others. But according to Wright’s interpretation, that “kindness” has more to do with fighting “white oppression” than urging nonviolence and brotherly love among all races. Wright’s church even praised Hamas in the past, and has always touted it as an Islamic charity organization showing such social kindness despite its charter calling for unyielding murder and expulsion of Jews in the Middle East. 
The ISM’s training manual says that international ISM volunteers in the West Bank should not tell people they are human shields for terrorist groups but “peace activists” because it deceives people from their real purpose of attacking Israel any way they can to the benefit of their Palestinian handlers. So, too, does Barack Obama talk about loving one another as taught to him by a pastor who then accuses America of murdering innocent people of color at Hiroshima and Nagasaki over 50 years ago. The American servicemen whose lives were spared back then by ending the war quickly were also black men, Latinos and others who were fighting Japanese racists who murdered Chinese, Filipinos and other “inferior” people on a regular basis, who ran experimental death camps for American and British prisoners-of-war, and who were allied with a Nazi Germany that was allied with the same Arab nationalist leadership that is still trying to destroy the Jews today. 
“I can no more disown him than I can disown the black community,” said Obama. So then it is clear that Obama believes that Wright’s ideas represent the black community and black experience in America when they represent  only the radicalized fringe of black America that wants to aid America’s enemies abroad.  It is doubtful many black Americans who served proudly in the US military feel the same as Wright on this issue. 

What is more, militant Islamists see a potential to sow internal problems and promote their fascist goals in the US by trying to divide the American black community against the US government. Whereas blacks have been exploited in the past, this is now seen as a way to achieve the goals of expanding the Muslim ummah inside the US from in the Middle East. That is why Libya gives money to Farrakhan and why the ISM and Sabeel  work with Reverend Wright whose personal interpretations of Christianity are entrenched in Obama’s mind as the True Word  of Christianity. Wright actually visited Mohammar Ghaddafi in Libya with Farrakhan in the past. 
I attended an AIPAC (Israel lobby) conference two years ago where another black candidate for congress, Barbara Lee (D) Oakland, was in attendance as the representative for Oakland/Berkeley. Ms. Lee sat very respectfully as she was fawned over by a crowd of Jewish Israel supporters and acted as if she was really concerned about Israel. Ms. Lee even smiled at me personally as she left. Meanwhile, she was the only member of Congress who voted against going after Bin Laden after 9/11 in Afghanistan and also supports groups like Hamas, Hizballah and Al Awda in their anti-Semitic goals. Congressman Wexler needs to understand that what Obama says to a meeting of Jews will not translate into what he does once he is in office. In that regard, Ali Abunimah of Al Awda is probably right about Obama going to work for the Palestinians once in office Obama’s staffers certainly suggest the same. 
The question is if we want a man in the White House who will regularly give his ear to the likes of a Reverend Wright, his and Sabeel’s replacement theologies, and pro-terrorist propagandists like Ali Abunimah on a regular basis? In one sense, Obama could be considered the ISM’s Manchurian candidate given his wide connections to ISM activists and campaign movements such as the Wheels of Justice Tour, Joseph Carr a.k.a. Joseph Smith, Hannah Mermelstein, Anna Baltzer and others.

read more | digg story

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Hamas and Fatah Cut Framework For a Reconciliation?

Posted by avideditor on April 7, 2008

Here is some expected news from YidwithaLid and Debka. Has there ever been an occasion that Debka would be wrong? Israel and America need to stop making concession to terrorists.

Hamas and Fatah Cut Framework For a Reconciliation?: “According to Debka, Fatah and Hamas have been negotiating for almost a month despite promises made by PA President Abbas to both President Bush in January and VP Chaney two week ago.

According to the report, Abbas will continue negotiations until he thinks he has gotten everything he can then break them off and announce his new marriage with Hamas. Apparently both Condoleezza Rice and Ehud Olmert are aware of the Abbas charade but are remaining silent because they don’t want to be embarrassed:

Exclusive: Fatah and Hamas reach framework accord in three weeks of secret talks

DEBKAfile’s Middle East sources report that direct covert talks between Palestinian Authority Chairman, the Fatah leader Mahmoud Abbas and Hamas political chief Khaled Meshaal have been going on for three weeks and yielded a five-part framework accord.

The two parties endeavored to keep their channel under cover after Abbas promised President George W. Bush on the first visit he paid the Palestinian Authority on Jan. 10 – and assured Vice President Dick Cheney on March 23 – that he would not hold talks with Hamas. The channel is run by close confidants of the Fatah and Hamas leaders, but during the Arab League Summit on March 29 and 30, Abbas and Meshaal met face to face to confirm the points of agreement achieved thus far.

Both US secretary of state Condoleezza Rice and Israeli prime minister Ehud Olmert are well aware of Abbas’ underhand track but are keeping it dark to avoid embarrassment, because Bush has branded Hamas a terrorist movement, and Olmert is committed to breaking off peace talks with the PA chairman if he starts a dialogue with Hamas.

Abbas is therefore able to quietly brandish his dialogue with Hamas as a gun for squeezing more concessions from Washington and Jerusalem. However forthcoming, neither can be sure that the benefits granted him will not be used to boost a Palestinian government coalition that Abbas is striving to establish with Hamas.

The jihadist group is withholding massive missile attacks on Sderot and its neighbors to ease the fence-mending process and support Abbas’ tactics – not out of fear of a major Israeli attack, as some have claimed..

DEBKAfile’s Palestinian sources disclose here the five points of accord they have reached:

1. The Fatah leader will accept a Hamas invitation to visit the Gaza Strip, but only after he is satisfied he has extracted all he can from the US and Israel.

2. A national Palestinian unity government will be set up with ministerial portfolios held neither by Fatah or Hamas politicians but experts.

3. Early presidential elections will be held. Both parties guarantee to abide by the rules laid down in the 2006 charter and accept any results. DEBKAfile’s sources report that the radical jihadist Hamas has the numbers for a majority and so the means to wrest control of the West Bank as well as the Gaza Strip through the ballot box without firing a shot.

The danger of the West Bank falling into the hands of the missile-wielding, rejectionist Hamas was in the mind of Knesset foreign affairs and defense committee chairman, Tzahi Hanegev, when he commented Saturday: ‘Once the Israeli army halts its military operations on the West Bank, in no time the West Bank will very fall into Hamas’ hands.’

(Hamas has demanded that Israel give up counter-terror operations on the West Bank as well as the Gaza Strip as the price of an informal lull in its attacks on Israeli communities from Gaza.)

4. Hamas and Fatah will form a Strategic Dialogue Committee, the platform for Abbas to declare an end to Palestinian peace talks with Olmert and foreign minister Tzipi Livni on the grounds that they are unproductive and doomed to failure, while Hamas will cut down – though not abandon – its missile offensive against Israeli civilians as equally pointless.

5. Fatah and Hamas will create a number of joint commissions. The PLO Political Reform panel will regulate Hamas’ integration in the umbrella organization; the Security Services Reform committee will also be concerned with opening ranks to Hamas; Another will campaign against ‘Jewish expansion’ in Jerusalem and Israeli construction projects.

The last two panels will deal with the Palestinian ‘diaspora’ and regulate all negotiations with Israel, setting guidelines and red lines.

Abbas was in Riyadh and Cairo last week to present the outline accord to King Abdullah and Hosni Mubarak.

At the same time, Cairo put before those Arab leaders, the Jordanian monarch, the PA, Hamas and Israel, a proposal for a mixed Arab force to be set up and mandated to police the Gaza Strip and intervene in the event of conflagrations.

(Via YID With LID.)</

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Al Jazeera doesnt allow the word Christians in their comments

Posted by avideditor on April 7, 2008

It is interesting how Al Jezeera is trying to create the same media bias in its comment section as it does in presenting the news.

Al Jazeera doesn't allow the word Christians in their comments: “

I tried to submit a comment after an article I read on Al Jazeera.  When done I clicked submit I got a message the following words in red were not approved.  Here are the words:  arabs 1947 islamic decades children holy christians muslims, Bible, Quran, Palestine. In another comment, these words came back as not approved:  religion america. You are given the option to change the words or submit for review.  I chose the later option.  I got this message back after submitting them for review:

Thank you. Your comments have been sent to aljazeera.com

If your comment contains banned words it will NOT be posted. Repeated misuse of this service will result in your IP address being blocked.

My comments will never be published. So I’m adding one of my comments below on an article highly critical of Israel:

Not so fast.  Wasnt it the Arabs in the Middle East who refused the two state resolution by the U.N. in 1947 to allow the people displaced from Israel during the Islamic Ottoman Empire to return to their state while also creating a state for the Palestinians?  The Palestinian solution was refused and the victim mentality has prevailed for decades.

The Children of Israel and their LAND is mentioned in the holy books for Christians and Muslims, the Bible and the Quran.  Palestine is never mentioned in either book.  This is a significant fact that shouldnt be overlooked.

Forgive me, but Muslims tend to often portray themselves as victims. 

Here is an example of an approved comment with some of the banned words allowed:

The oppressed and the enslaved people of the word must sue the slave master and the colonial master for the atrocity they committed to the colony of Africa. Palestinian people must sue the west for imposing Israel of them. The American Indians, Australian Aborigines, the Irish, Scottish, the Maoris people of New Zealand also must sue her oppressor for the crime committed against them. The oppressor must be held accountable for the crime against the peoples of the world.

or this one:

Free speech is when someone really does speak truth to power, and power stops blathering long enough to engage with inconvenient ideas. Unfortunately, that’s not the kind of thing you’re likely to see in America. The Liberal Democracy resorts to language of intimidation because it has nothing else to offer. People like you, Bush, and Cheney Christianity fascists in America always using bogus claims such as democracy, human rights or feminism, while using torture on prisoners in Iraq, and Cuba prisons, suppressing individual freedoms at home Patriot Act, or crushing student activists at anti Government eight protests, and SUFFOCATING THE VOICES OF JUSTICE. ANY INJUSTICE IS UNJUST. The only choice is to UNITE AGAINST OPPRESSOR. Say LIBERTY OR DEAD. I rather believe to die for Gods than believing in dying for the American Flag man made cloth full of injustice to Native America, African Slaves, prejudice, and racist. If you want to follow Bush now represent Adolf of time have fun.

What a great example of media bias even for comments!

(Via avideditor’s shared items in Google Reader.)</

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What is the FBI Doing?

Posted by avideditor on April 7, 2008

I hope the FBI is just posting the adds as a trap to find readers of the radical newspaper that want to infiltrate our government. But if that is not the case what in the world is the FBI doing?

For the Record: Seriously, What is the FBI Doing?: “

IPT NewsApril 7, 2008
In February, we exposed the latest FBI (and CIA) outrage, advertising for recruits in a pro-terrorist, anti-American magazine, the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs (WRMEA) – (see: Looking Under a Rock: FBI and CIA Hit New Low in Recruitment Drive).

Both of our top national security agencies had placed online advertisements on the webpage of a magazine that included a hagiography to a terrorist the FBI had worked almost a decade to investigate and prosecute, Palestinian Islamic Jihad operative Sami Al-Arian.

Just over a month later, it is clear that the FBI has learned nothing. The agency is advertising for recruits in the Arab American News, another publication with a long history of support for terrorism, terrorists and terrorist organizations. The current edition has an editorial titled, ‘Let our people go!,’ under an ad banner recruiting for the FBI (which also appears on the home page of the website), about accused Iraqi spy Muthanna al-Hanooti, which states:
Arab American political activist Muthanna al-Hanooti was arrested and jailed this week by federal officials upon arrival at Detroit Metropolitan Airport returning from a trip to the Middle East. The following day he was charged with two counts of conspiracy and three counts of lying to the FBI about working for agents with the Iraqi Intelligence Service under Saddam Hussein. (emphasis added)



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Arab American Says Time for Arab World to Accept Responsibility

Posted by avideditor on April 7, 2008

Thank you Emilio Karim Dabul for standing up for the truth. I really wish more Arab Americans stood up to the terrorist supporters at CAIR and MAS and said the same thing. I hope the trend of people standing up for the truth continues.

Arab American Says Time for Arab World to Accept Responsibility: “Emilio Karim Dabul is an Arab American, novelist and truth-sayer. He sees Arab nations across the world an mourns for the great Arab Culture of yesteryear. He sees Mid-east Governments and Arab advocacy groups such CAIR blame the United States and the Jews for all of their problems. Dabul says its time to wake-up and smell the hummus, the Arab world needs to look itself in the Mirror and realize that it must take responsibility for its own actions.

Arabs must take a long, self-critical look in the mirror
By Emilio Karim Dabul

Monday, April 7th 2008, 4:00 AM

There was a time centuries ago in Arab countries when intellectual introspection was common and the culture produced searching, self-critical scholarship in various arenas.

That time is gone. Today, brave and questioning souls like Irshad Manji, who calls for an Islamic Reformation, receive death threats. Without the ability to look inward, Arab blame for problems is projected outward – meaning, at Israel and the U.S. That is very dangerous for the world.

As an Arab-American, recent events have reminded me in very stark terms why introspection needs to return to the Arab world in a big way, as quickly as possible, as a prerequisite for anything resembling peace, in the Middle East or elsewhere, to be a real possibility.

First, look at what Fatah just attempted to do regarding American victims of Palestinian terrorism. Because of the 1990 Anti-Terrorism Act, numerous lawsuits have been brought against Fatah and other Palestinian terrorist groups that have injured or killed Americans while in Israel. Recently, the State Department decided it might intervene in some of these judgments, which had found in favor of the defendants and held Fatah and other Palestinian groups liable for millions of dollars in damages, because Fatah had complained that these judgments would bankrupt them and that this in turn would hurt the peace process.

Yes, you heard right. Fatah complained that they were being held financially liable for injuring and killing Americans in Israel, acts for which they had previously claimed responsibility!

And our own State Department wanted to support them in this complaint, supposedly in the interest of peace, by having these judgments nullified. Joseph Heller, the author of ‘Catch 22,’ couldn’t have come up with a more surreal scenario.

Fortunately, advocates like the Endowment for Middle East Truth, made noise, and as a result of that pressure, the State Department has backed down for now.

But where is the proper sense of shame that might stop a group like Fatah from lodging such a complaint to begin with?

The only explanation is that by having such a pathological, externally focused sense of blame, aimed exclusively at Americans and Jews, no such sense of reasoning or decency applies.

The recent massacre of the Yeshiva students in Jerusalem by a Palestinian Muslim fits the same pattern. Gaza celebrated – yes, celebrated – the cold-blooded and ethnically motivated murders of these religious students, most of whom were teenagers.

Why are we, as Arabs and Arab-Americans, not lining the streets in Ramallah and all the way to New York to decry this sort of barbarism?

Let me say unequivocally that I am ashamed. And I am angry. Nothing, nothing in the world justifies these sorts of actions. Tell me, when have you ever heard of Israelis celebrating the killing of Palestinians?

Yes, there are a few glimmers of progress. Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah has issued a call for interfaith dialogue between Christians, Jews and Muslims. And The New York Times actually called Hamas out on its murderous, anti-Semitic rhetoric.

But these are drops in the bucket, not a rising tide.

The centuries-old downward spiral of tyranny, poverty, fanaticism and finger-pointing is the rule, not the exception in most Arab countries.

At this point in Arab history, we must finally renounce these fatally flawed tendencies to blame everyone but ourselves. As Arab-Americans, we must lead the way, away from groups like the Council on American-Islamic Relations – which consistently claims big, bad America is the oppressor and poor Arabs are almost always the hapless victims.

Let us begin anew the path toward our own glorious Renaissance abandoned long ago, and pursue the higher road that will be ours when we finally look more deeply and critically at ourselves.

Dabul is a novelist and commentator on Middle East issues.

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