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Would You Look at That, Another 2 Examples of Blatant Media Bias

Posted by ghostofsparta on June 29, 2009

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Well well, it appears that Duke University may have another rape scandal on its hand soon. Of course everybody remembers the lacrosse players accused of raping a black stipper, it was all over the news. Many people lost interest soon afterward, but all of the boys accused were found innocent of their crime. Read the rest of this entry »

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A Futile Plea to the Media: Please Make Up Your Damn Mind

Posted by ghostofsparta on May 11, 2009

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Look, I’m a conservative. I make no secret of that fact. And as a conservative, I fall into the stereotype of thinking the media has a liberal bias, sometimes overwhelmingly so. Most of the time I don’t care, beacuse I’ve learned to decipher stories in such a way as to absorb facts are reject opinion. It took some work, but I’m fairly skilled at it now (at least I think so).

Now I have no problem with journalists injecting opinions into stories they write. They have freedom of speech and freedom of the press, and I won’t begrude them those rights (even if they don’t want to allow me my freedom to own a gun….but that’s a different rant for a different time). It only becomes a problem when they try to present opinion as fact.

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RETREAT: The anti-semite Condi Rice Doctrine HOW CONDI IS EVIL AND BAD FOR AMERICA

Posted by avideditor on May 26, 2008

Condi compared the Jihadis “Palestinians” to blacks in the civil rights movement. She is evil and bad for America. I believe she is an anti-semite and hates Israel for being a Jewish state. She is trying to make Israel week so terrorist can destroy it. A suicide bomber was caught a week later at the very check point she demanded Israel dismantle.  I think she wants to see jewish blood and innocent Jews die. Condi is destroying the Bush doctrine and making the world a worse place to live. 

Read what Yid with Lid wrote:

RETREAT: The Condi Rice Doctrine

The Bush Doctrine is the name given to national security guidelines first outlined by President Bush in a June 2002 speech. It places greater emphasis on military preemption, increased military strength, unilateral action, and a commitment to “extending democracy, liberty, and security to all regions. What makes the Bush Doctrine so different is the need sometimes to employ force preemptively, to stop an attack before it happens.

That was until Condoleezza Rice became
Secretary of State, since Rice took over the State Department, the Rice Doctrine has replaced the Bush Doctrine. Rice’s doctrine is all about retreat and appeasement: 

Read the rest at YID WITH A LID 

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U.S. Poised To Strike “Al Quds In Iraq” Base In Iran

Posted by avideditor on May 4, 2008

     I really want to see the US engage in action, instead of just threats. Iran needs to be bombed now! Bomb Bomb Bomb Bomb Bomb IRAN.
It is just sick to let these people kill our heroes and do nothing. It is pay back time.
       Every day we do not bomb Iran the more of our soldiers will be killed and the closer they will get to obtaining a nuke.

Times Online: 

The US military is drawing up plans for a “surgical strike” against an insurgent training camp inside Iran if Republican Guards continue with attempts to destabilise Iraq, western intelligence sources said last week. One source said the Americans were growing increasingly angry at the involvement of the Guards’ special-operations Quds force inside Iraq, training Shi’ite militias and smuggling weapons into the country.

Despite a belligerent stance by Vice-President Dick Cheney, the administration has put plans for an attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities on the back burner since Robert Gates replaced Donald Rumsfeld as defence secretary in 2006, the sources said.

However, US commanders are increasingly concerned by Iranian interference in Iraq and are determined that recent successes by joint Iraqi and US forces in the southern port city of Basra should not be reversed by the Quds Force.

“If the situation in Basra goes back to what it was like before, America is likely to blame Iran and carry out a surgical strike on a militant training camp across the border in Khuzestan,” said one source, referring to a frontier province.

They acknowledged Iran was unlikely to cease involvement in Iraq and that, however limited a US attack might be, the fighting could escalate.

Although American defence chiefs are firmly opposed to any attack on Iranian nuclear facilities, they believe a raid on one of the camps training Shi’ite militiamen would deliver a powerful message to Tehran.

British officials believe the US military tends to overestimate the effect of the Iranian involvement in Iraq.

But they say there is little doubt that the Revolutionary Guard exercises significant influence over splinter groups of the radical cleric Moqtada al-Sadr’s Mahdi Army, who were the main targets of recent operations in Basra.

The CBS television network reported last week that plans were being drawn up for an attack on Iran, citing an officer who blamed the “increasingly hostile role” Iran was playing in Iraq.

The American news reports were unclear about the precise target of such an action and referred to Iran’s nuclear facilities as the likely objective.

According to the intelligence sources there will not be an attack on Iran’s nuclear capacity. “The Pentagon is not keen on that at all. If an attack happens it will be on a training camp to send a clear message to Iran not to interfere.”

President George W Bush is known to be determined that he should not hand over what he sees as “the Iran problem” to his successor. A limited attack on a training camp may give an impression of tough action, while at the same time being something that both Gates and the US commander in Iraq, General David Petraeus, could accept.

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Lieberman On Iraq/Middle East: Our Fight Includes Preventing Iranian Domination

Posted by avideditor on April 7, 2008

I wish more dems thought like Lieberman on foreign policy. Hopefully this will lead to bombing Iran before it is too late.

Lieberman On Iraq/Middle East: Our Fight Includes Preventing Iranian Domination: ”


In this article Joe Lieberman said: “The Iranians have American blood on their hands.”


“Today’s antiwar politicians have effectively turned John F. Kennedy’s inaugural address on its head, urging Americans to refuse to pay any price, or bear any burden, to assure the survival of liberty.”

Joe Lieberman and Lindsey Graham co-authored a fantastic opinion piece in today’s Wall Street Journal addressing the advances in Iraq, the upcoming Petraeus report, and preventing Iranian domination of the Middle East. Below are portions of that piece entitled “Iraq and Its Costs”:

When Gen. David Petraeus testifies before Congress tomorrow, he will step into an American political landscape dramatically different from the one he faced when he last spoke on Capitol Hill seven months ago.

This time Gen. Petraeus returns to Washington having led one of the most remarkably successful military operations in American history. His antiwar critics, meanwhile, face a crisis of credibility – having confidently predicted the failure of the surge, and been proven decidedly wrong.


No one can deny the dramatic improvements in security in Iraq achieved by Gen. Petraeus, the brave troops under his command, and the Iraqi Security Forces. From June 2007 through February 2008, deaths from ethno-sectarian violence in Baghdad have fallen approximately 90%. American casualties have also fallen sharply, down by 70%.

Al Qaeda in Iraq has been swept from its former strongholds in Anbar province and Baghdad. The liberation of these areas was made possible by the surge, which empowered Iraqi Muslims to reject the Islamist extremists who had previously terrorized them into submission. Any time Muslims take up arms against Osama bin Laden, his agents and sympathizers, the world is a safer place.
In the past seven months, the other main argument offered by critics of the Petraeus strategy has also begun to collapse: namely, the alleged lack of Iraqi political progress.

Antiwar forces last September latched onto the Iraqi government’s failure to pass “benchmark” legislation, relentlessly hammering Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki as hopelessly sectarian and unwilling to confront Iranian-backed Shiite militias. Here as well, however, the critics in Washington have been proven wrong.

In recent months, the Iraqi government, encouraged by our Ambassador in Iraq, Ryan Crocker, has passed benchmark legislation on such politically difficult issues as de-Baathification, amnesty, the budget and provincial elections. After boycotting the last round of elections, Sunnis now stand ready to vote by the millions in the provincial elections this autumn. The Iraqi economy is growing at a brisk 7% and inflation is down dramatically.

And, in launching the recent offensive in Basra, Mr. Maliki has demonstrated that he has the political will to take on the Shiite militias and criminal gangs, which he recently condemned as “worse than al Qaeda.”


Most importantly, Iran also continues to wage a vicious and escalating proxy war against the Iraqi government and the U.S. military. The Iranians have American blood on their hands. They are responsible, through the extremist agents they have trained and equipped, for the deaths of hundreds of our men and women in uniform. Increasingly, our fight in Iraq cannot be separated from our larger struggle to prevent the emergence of an Iranian-dominated Middle East.

These continuing threats from Iran and al Qaeda underscore why we believe that decisions about the next steps in Iraq should be determined by the recommendations of Gen. Petraeus, based on conditions on the ground.

It is also why it is imperative to be cautious about the speed and scope of any troop withdrawals in the months ahead, rather than imposing a political timeline for troop withdrawal against the recommendation of our military.

Unable to make the case that the surge has failed, antiwar forces have adopted a new set of talking points, emphasizing the “costs” of our involvement in Iraq, hoping to exploit Americans’ current economic anxieties.

Today’s antiwar politicians have effectively turned John F. Kennedy’s inaugural address on its head, urging Americans to refuse to pay any price, or bear any burden, to assure the survival of liberty. This is wrong. The fact is that America’s prosperity at home and security abroad are bound together. We will not fare well in a world in which al Qaeda and Iran can claim that they have defeated us in Iraq and are ascendant.


…had we followed the path proposed by antiwar groups and retreated in defeat, the war would have been lost, emboldening and empowering violent jihadists for generations to come.

The success we are now achieving also has consequences far beyond Iraq’s borders in the larger, global struggle against Islamist extremism. Thanks to the surge, Iraq today is looking increasingly like Osama bin Laden’s worst nightmare: an Arab country, in the heart of the Middle East, in which hundreds of thousands of Muslims – both Sunni and Shiite – are rising up and fighting, shoulder to shoulder with American soldiers, against al Qaeda and its hateful ideology.

Read the full Wall Street Journal article by Joe Lieberman and Lindsey Graham here.

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Ted Turner Praises Terrorists As “Patriots”

Posted by avideditor on April 2, 2008

Media mogul Ted Turner in his latest interview talks about how Terrorist are patriots and how the myth of global warming is the biggest threat to our time. It is no wonder why CNN, Time magazine and other Turner productions have such an anti-American bias. This shows the link between lefties and Islamist Jihadis.  

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Peace love and anti-semitism

Posted by avideditor on March 24, 2008

Due it indoctrination in my university, I used to be a crazy lefty. The extreme anti semitism of the movement woke me up to the lies of the left. I am sure if you read my blog you know where I stand now. Check out this great movie shows how anti-semitism has taken over the American Left. 

Barack Obama’s pastor shares the same views. And despite what Barack Obama is saying now his past actions show that he is inline with the anti-Semitic left

UPDATE: It look like the leftists are spreading their hate of the jews: Anti-Semitism on the Rise in Europe  

 Hat Tip: Mosquewatch  

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Video of McCain Talking About Israel

Posted by avideditor on March 12, 2008

McCain sounds like he will be the best president for Israel and American security. 


Video from DemoCast.TV DemoCast.TV’s youtube page

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