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news about Jihads Jan 12

Posted by avideditor on January 12, 2011


Hamas threats to take over Israel again
Is Bart going to just let the pro jihadi propaganda exist on its trains?
Three Jihadis found Guilty in Australia to do a Fort Hood like shooting
Washington Post does an Orwell and takes Jerusalem away from Israel
The Jihadist Group the Muslim Brotherhood is using it front MSA to infiltrate its lies at UCLA

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The Jihadist Group the Muslim Brotherhood is using it front MSA to infiltrate its lies at UCLA

Posted by avideditor on January 12, 2011

MSA+West+Poster.jpgisrael+4th+reich.jpgusi.jpg[ no gallery ]

Jihadis are meeting in the open at UCLA. The MSA which is linked to the Islamic Brotherhood and is for the take over of the USA is meeting at UCLA. They are for installing Sharia here.

“Take back our narrative?” From who? Apologist liberal press? Academics? Obama Administration? Which dissenters will be there? Organized or independently?
MSA West is an organization comprised of Muslim Student Associations (MSAs) representing campuses across the west coast, and is a council of MSA National. It will hold its annual convention Friday 14 Jan -Sunday 16 Jan at UCLA’s Ackerman Hall. The MSA was started by activists involved with the Muslim Brotherhood.

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Warning the Movie Salt is lefty jihadi propaganda

Posted by avideditor on July 31, 2010

I wish someone warned me. But the movie came actually recommended to me. It has a anti nuke agenda. It deflects the war against Jihadis to some secret USSR cabal that want to destroy us. I was actually rooting for the “bad guy” when he was about to nuke Mecca and Iran. What is wrong with nuking Iran and Mecca? I dream someone has the balls to do it every night 🙂 It is jihadi propaganda to defect who are our true enemies, and painting the deception that nuking Mecca and Iran is bad. It also has the lefty anti nuke subtext. Anyways I warn against it.

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Pictures from the Gaza Stips new mall

Posted by avideditor on July 21, 2010

HT Scenes From the Gaza Mall : Israellycool

“Look at what the Israeli soldier did to me, mother. I am humiliated!”

Sure, it looks like plenty of food, but are there mangos? Oh, the inhumanity!

“I can’t wait to show off my new hairstyle…. or not.”

“Dear me, I can’t believe I am already shopping for Mahmoud’s bomb vest. They blow up so quickly these days.”

“Ok, who’s the smart arse who put up the Christmas decorations?”

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The humanitarian crisis of the Gaza Mall

Posted by avideditor on July 21, 2010

Don’t let the jihadi propaganda fool you.
] HT (MUST SEE VIDEO) The Humanitarian Crisis of the Gaza Mall: The Horror! – Jewish Internet Defense ForcePerviously posted The poor starving people of Gaza /sarc ( photo collage ) « Avid Editor’s Insights
The poor starving people of Gaza /sarc {photo} « Avid Editor’s Insights

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Cobra spoof of the propaganda video for Obama “Yes we Can”

Posted by avideditor on February 8, 2010

The great parody

the original  (Warning this is Commie Propiganda well made but fool of lies. Do not believe his lies. } Read the rest of this entry »

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NY Times: In defense of Islamic Law

Posted by avideditor on March 16, 2008

UPDATE: Holger Awakens just posted on this story. I recommend reading it. 

NY Times: In defense of Islamic Law: “This is totally reprehensible and shows how far left the morons at the Times have gone.  The disgusting alliance between Islam and the left has created a two-headed monster.This writer should be fired…period.NY Times – Why Shariah by Noah Feldman

In some sense, the outrage about according a degree of official status to Shariah in a Western country should come as no surprise. No legal system has ever had worse press. To many, the word ‘Shariah’ conjures horrors of hands cut off, adulterers stoned and women oppressed. By contrast, who today remembers that the much-loved English common law called for execution as punishment for hundreds of crimes, including theft of any object worth five shillings or more? How many know that until the 18th century, the laws of most European countries authorized torture as an official component of the criminal-justice system? As for sexism, the common law long denied married women any property rights or indeed legal personality apart from their husbands. When the British applied their law to Muslims in place of Shariah, as they did in some colonies, the result was to strip married women of the property that Islamic law had always granted them — hardly progress toward equality of the sexes.In fact, for most of its history, Islamic law offered the most liberal and humane legal principles available anywhere in the world. Today, when we invoke the harsh punishments prescribed by Shariah for a handful of offenses, we rarely acknowledge the high standards of proof necessary for their implementation. Before an adultery conviction can typically be obtained, for example, the accused must confess four times or four adult male witnesses of good character must testify that they directly observed the sex act. The extremes of our own legal system — like life sentences for relatively minor drug crimes, in some cases — are routinely ignored. We neglect to mention the recent vintage of our tentative improvements in family law. It sometimes seems as if we need Shariah as Westerners have long needed Islam: as a canvas on which to project our ideas of the horrible, and as a foil to make us look good.

hattip: ZIP—Related Articles at Infidels Are Cool:

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O’Reilly Defends Calling Arianna Huffington a Nazi (Video)

Posted by avideditor on February 29, 2008

As a Jew, I agree with Bill O’Reilly. I think the left is leading us to another Fascist reality and it is okay to compare there propaganda to Hitler’s propaganda. But I think calling them a nazi is a bit too far. Achminijad should be compared to a nazi not a blogger for hosting comments on the blog. What do you think?

O’Reilly Defends Calling Arianna Huffington a Nazi (Video): “Bill O’Reilly called Arianna Huffington a nazi last night

He defended the comments on Thursday night:Bill O’Reilly was actually talking about the comments on the Huffington Post.O’Reilly was comparing Arianna to Nazis because of the outrageous comments on her blog.”(Via Gateway Pundit.)

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