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Warning the Movie Salt is lefty jihadi propaganda

Posted by avideditor on July 31, 2010

I wish someone warned me. But the movie came actually recommended to me. It has a anti nuke agenda. It deflects the war against Jihadis to some secret USSR cabal that want to destroy us. I was actually rooting for the “bad guy” when he was about to nuke Mecca and Iran. What is wrong with nuking Iran and Mecca? I dream someone has the balls to do it every night 🙂 It is jihadi propaganda to defect who are our true enemies, and painting the deception that nuking Mecca and Iran is bad. It also has the lefty anti nuke subtext. Anyways I warn against it.

9 Responses to “Warning the Movie Salt is lefty jihadi propaganda”

  1. Legion said

    Thanks for the warning on this crap. SALT is bad for you- lol. Jolie is getting boring anyway- too much baggage. He dad should spank her. Another Fonda. Spank the dope that recommended it to you.

  2. Kern said

    I’m sure you also dream about sending the Muslims to gas chambers (like your predecessors sent the Jews there). So what? Doesn’t make it right either.

    • No…No gas chambers..Just back to the filthy Sharia ruled sh!tholes they came from. So you can put down your teatowel now and stop wringing your hands for the poor Muslims…

  3. davidR said

    Go fuck yourself you ignorant hate filled cunt.

    • Legion said

      LOL– by your definition and words, you are a hate filled cunt who is fucking yourself- with an nice big fat cucumber perhaps?

  4. Mummad The Barbarian said

    Islam needs to be eradicated and every muslim needs to be nuked before they blow themselves with their suicide vests killing every one around them.

    • avideditor said

      Replace muslim with jihadi and then I would agree with you. Zuhdi Jasser and other muslims I think fight against the Jihadis and sharia and make the world safer IMHO. Anyone that believes it is their obligation to kill you is a jihadi and should be killed IMHO. Some people think zuhdi and other muslims are just acting deceptively to fool us. But I think it is important to support muslims that want to change the way people follow Islam to make it less violent.

  5. NoName said

    Thats your opinion, my opinion and please no harsh words back, The U.S. sets up these “terrorists” to start wars which benefit the U.S. I love the U.S. I hate the people in charge.

    • I disagree NoName, Islam has been using terror since it’s inception. So long as there are non muslim lands to conquer, there will always be Islamic terrorism. Islam is based in war, terror, murder, rape, theft and it’s all good as long as it’s against non muslims who reject Islam. We’ve seen the world wide results of countries and nations who reject Islam and Sharia. Everywhere in the west Muslims have landed has seen nothing but problems, increased violence, terror attacks, attempted attacks and threats, riots, buses, planes, trains, restaurants, schools, bus stops all bombed because some muslim “freedom fighter” felt the need to jihad for his religion. This is an upsurge of a very old war…Muslims didn’t like it the first time they were shown the door from the West…What we see today is nothing more than a continuation of what they couldn’t complete last time around.

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