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The “Palestinian Papers” Hoax continues to bring mass chaos to jihadis

Posted by avideditor on January 25, 2011

The jihadis continue to fight with each other because of this hoax. It is just funny. Guess when you live a lie another lie can affect you alot.

Previously posted Palestinian Arabs really mad at Al Jazeera for “Palestine Papers” The “Palestine Papers” Hoax and how the Stoy Is A Fabrication That Teaches Us The Truth

From http://mypetjawa.mu.nu/archives/206010.php

Al Jazeera’s Palileaks in Images

Back story: Ministry of Irony: Palestinian Arabs really mad at Al Jazeera for “Palestine Papers”

Al Jazeera Blogs.jpgAl Jazeera office building ‘vandalized’

AlJazeeraisZionistSousan.jpgBanner: “Al Jazeera is not Arab Al Jazeera is Zionist”

George Soros mouthpiece & Islams useful idiots Media Matters doing damage control for Al Jazeera: “The meaning of the Palestine papers” [Al Jazeera opinion]

Hamas leaders unavailable for comment

From http://olehgirl.com/?p=6242

West Bank Palestinians protest against Al Jazeera yelling “AlJazeera you whore”

From Ynet: Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas returned to a hero’s welcome in the West Bank on Tuesday, making his first public appearance at home since Al-Jazeera published embarrassing documents showing him making broad concessions to Israel in peace talks.
Greeted by hundreds of supporters at his headquarters in Ramallah, Abbas vowed to weather the storm over the leaks, which have highlighted the gap between his tough public positions on sensitive issues and the offers he has made to Israel behind closed doors. Opponents have accused him of treason.
“Our trust is first in God and in our people, and in ourselves that we are on the right path to get back our people’s rights,” Abbas told the crowd, shortly after returning from Egypt.
About 200 to 300 protesters gathered outside the channel’s downtown Ramallah office for the second day Tuesday, chanting “Al-Jazeera, you whore,” as a cordon of police blocked the crowd from advancing. Some in the crowd burned Al-Jazeera logos they had printed on paper.

One Response to “The “Palestinian Papers” Hoax continues to bring mass chaos to jihadis”

  1. Yes, lets hope their own hoax back fires on them.

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