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A story of Crazy Leftist attacking on Thanksgiving Part 2

Posted by avideditor on December 6, 2009

I was sent another story. To read the last one read part one . This is a sad but interesting story IMHO.

Prior to the Thanksgiving trip, I was given a warning from my uncle that conversations should be limited in political scope. He did not want things getting out of control since a few people at the table would be likely to get their hackles up over some issues.

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A story of Crazy Leftist attacking on Thanksgiving

Posted by avideditor on November 27, 2009

A story by stash at table 9 .” After dinner, we are eating dessert and my cousin, his son, and SIL’s boyfriend end up at the kitchen table. Oh, and me too at the table. I was talking to my cousin about investing in silver since the dollar and economy are looking pretty shaky, and numnuts and his fellow travellers seem to be doing stuff to make it worse. First, the perp starts poo pooing PMs (Precious metals). Ok, I say. There is a level of speculation in PM’s but when I look at my stocks, bonds, and currency, there seems to be no safety there anymore. He is contrarian and tells me how Obama is doing great, the economy is turning around, etc. (btw, he is unemployed) So, he asks me about Obamacare. I said that while I would like to see improvements, I did not think it was acceptable to replace capitalism with fascism. He goes ballistic. So he gives me the socialist sob story about insurance coverage and how they make too much money. I tell him that he does not understand how insurance works. Plus it is not his business how much a private corp exec makes. From there, he asks who my favorite recent president is. I say GWB. I thought he was going to choke to death……..hah. He asked for an example. I said, Foreign Policy.. He starts yammering about bush lying about Irag. I aksed him for an example. He says there is no WMD’s in Irag. I pointted out that several hunderd tons of enriched uranium were sold from the new Iraq govt. to Canada. Also that as I recall, about 50000 pounds of nerve agents were intercepted going from Syria to Jordan, which had been made in Iraq.  He says, you are making that up. I said no, it was reported in the media, although got little hype. He says, bull shit. I tell him, well, from 2000 to 2008 I was involved in the GWOT and I was aware of quite a bit that has not been reported, and wouldn’t before 30 years or so.He called me a liar. When I pointed out where I had worked and that I was involved in counter-terrorism, intell, joint services planning, tactics and strategy simulatins, he said that I was lying. About that time SIL comes in and tells US to hush. I had not raised my voice at all, I had not called him names, although I am guilty of refuting his mythology with facts which were personally experienced .So, I wind the subject around to terrorism theats, I got into as much specifics as I could safely do. Told him about personal combat experiences, the interdiction of quite a few events that had they transpired would have been mass casualty events, etc. He gradually shut up, tucked his tail between his legs, and sat beside SIL holding her hand.”

and  stash added “Oh, and he told me “People like you scare me”” I said, good. I have absolutely no intention of standing by while the marxists in the WH try to drag us further into fascism.”

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Happy Thanksgiving! Obama is an anti-Israel moron

Posted by avideditor on November 26, 2009

My family tried to lecture me on how what I am doing is wrong and dangerous. I disagree. I think Obama is a anti-semetic moron and the worse thing for Israel and America ever. The proof is in what he does.

Evil Obama scapegoats the Jews like evil Dictators before him

A commie, a maoist, and now a jihadi?

I do not regret posting this articles and I think anyone that supports what this mad man is doing to America and Israel should look at the facts again. Well happy thanksgiving.

On a side note is is beyond disturbing to read that BS the liberal media is pushing when the proponents of the global warming hoax have just been recently exposed for making up data in their “evidence”.

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