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Two Squeaky Wheels: The Schijveschuurder Brothers

Posted by Glezele Vayne on March 18, 2009


Has Machon Wiesenthal Eretz Yisrael (The Wiesenthal Eretz Yisrael Institute) gotten the attention of the current Israeli government? It’s about time someone did.

Olmert’s ‘Final Offer’ Draws Line at ‘Mega Murderers’ by Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu

“Hamas issued a statement blaming Israel for changing the list of terrorists at the last minute and breaking up the chances for an agreement.

“…the status of four of them is not clear. They are among terrorists whose release was denied by the government, according to the Voice of Israel report.

They include… Abdullah al-Barghouti a native of Kuwait, who is serving 67 life terms in jail for attacks that murdered 66 Israelis and wounded hundreds of others, including those in the attack on Jerusalem cafes, including the Sbarro Pizzeria.

Gov’t Considers Chopping Down on Terrorists’ Rights – by Hillel Fendel

“The decision to consider downgrading the terrorists’ conditions was made in light of the failure to conclude a deal for the release of Shalit in exchange for up to 1,400 imprisoned Palestinian terrorists.

“Should we give into everything they demand? Do we need to release 1,000 murderers and cause more bereaved families? A government must behave responsibly towards the entire country.”

Machon Wiesenthal Eretz Yisrael was started by brothers Shmuel and Attorney Meir Schijveschuurder, members of the bereaved Schiveschuurder family, who lost 5 members of their family in the Sbarro Pizzeria bombing in 2001.

Full article on Machon Wiesenthal Eretz Yisrael at Yeshiva World News. Quotes below summarize their aim.

“We have a profile on most of the murderers, including information pertaining to their families,” explains Meir.

“We have no complaints against the government of Israel but as soon as the government has decided to stop punishing the terrorists, we must take over. The terrorists will be better off remaining in prison with all the conditions they receive.”

“Members of the organization explain they will act towards every terrorist in accordance to the law of the land in which he/she is found. ‘If we get to Germany or Holland, we will turn to the local courts.'”

People of good will, who want to put terrorists where they belong, should consider contributing to this worthy organization. To contribute to an organization such as this is more worthy than contributing to Magen David Adom. An ambulance service takes care of the aftermath of a bloody disaster. This organization seeks to prevent the bloody disaster from ever occurring.

For information on how to contribute to  Machon Wiesenthal Eretz Yisrael go to Yeshiva World News.

A Telegraph.co.uk article, written by Ohad Gozani shortly after the Sbarro massacre states: “Mordechai’s sister, Elisheva Schijveschuurder, said: “Leah’s grandmother was in three Nazi camps in the war and now this has happened to her family…This is what Hitler did before. Now it’s Arafat.”

The 16th Victim; Shoshana Greenberg's unborn baby. This was Shoshana 1st baby. She was an only child.

The 16th Victim; Shoshana Greenbaum's unborn baby. This was Shoshana's 1st baby. She was an only child.

Are You Stupid? by Paula R. Stern

“How many deaths does it take to understand that Hamas is a terrorist organization? What ages must their victims be, what sex, what nationality?”

History of Hamas Murderous Attacks by Hillel Fendel

“Though it is also involved in social and welfare programs, the organization is devoted chiefly to the obliteration of Israel. Its charter states, “Israel will exist and will continue to exist until Islam will obliterate it, just as it obliterated others before it.”

JPost Report shortly after Sbarro Pizzeria bombing

“…Initially, Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility for the blast and named the terrorist as Hussein Omar Abu Nasseh, 23, in faxes it sent to news agencies.

But later in the evening, in what security officials believe is more likely, Hamas took credit and named the bomber as Izzadin Masri, 23, prompting some speculation that one of the two may be at large.”

We Should Not Forget – Memorial Site to the Victims of Terror

What They Say vs. What They Do by David Bogner of blog Treppenwitz

“Ignore everything they say and pay attention only to what they do”

Bogner reported: “Case in point is today’s announcement of the recipients of the P.A.’s highest medal; ‘The Al Kuds Mark of Honor’.  One would think that this august award, which is given at the sole discretion of the P.A. President, would go to one of the moderate leaders of the P.A. negotiating team or to some poet or national icon who has worked tirelessly for the peaceful achievement of Palestinian Statehood.

But one would be wrong.

Instead, ‘The Al Kuds Mark of Honor’, was bestowed upon the following worthy individuals:

A Hamas terrorist currently serving a life sentence for driving the suicide bomber who blew himself up in the Sbarro restaurant in Jerusalem, killing at least half a dozen people, including an entire family.

The female terrorist who seduced Israeli teenager Ophir Rahum over the Internet and then lured him to Ramallah where he was murdered by her co-conspirators.

Again, can there be any doubt as to the P.A.’s true intentions if these are the models they hold up to their people as paradigms of exemplary civic behavior and praiseworthy contributors to the cause of Palestinian nationalism?”

Jewcy’s Noah Pollack on Ahlam Tamimi. “Tamimi, who at the time of the attack was a 20-year-old part-time university student from Ramallah, and the bomber, a 22-year-old son of affluent West Bank parents, were members of Hamas. The planning and reconnaissance for the attack were carried out also by Tamimi, and on the day of the attack Tamimi and her accomplice dressed as westerners and spoke English in order to pass through the checkpoints between Arab East Jerusalem and Jewish West Jerusalem.”

Tamimi quote: “I’m not sorry for what I did. I will get out of prison and I refuse to recognize Israel’s existence. Discussions will only take place after Israel recognizes that this is Islamic land.” Tamimi received 16 consecutive life sentences for her role in the Sbarro massacre.

Ynet Article on Tamimi by Raanan Ben-Zur

The Malki Foundation –  many important links on the Sbarro Pizzeria Massacre

For Americans who think they are safe from the likes of Hamas, Fatah and Hezbollah, I urge you to visit my Jihadi page. Watch the demonstrations against Israel and in favor of Hamas from around the world, and in the United States. Then watch Homegrown Jihad. After than, take a good, long look at the map, Islamic Terrorist Network in America.

And this isn't even the most updated version....

Not so secure feeling is it?

Israel is the test case for terrorism. The jihadis hate the Jewish people the most, so naturally, they will attack large concentrations of Jews first. But make no mistake, the jihadis have no intention of stopping with us. They hate anyone who will not submit to their brand of Islam; Jew, Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, atheist, polytheist, and moderate Muslims. These people make the Manson family look sane.

Whatever works in Israel, the jihadis will import to the rest of the world, particularly Western nations, at some point in the future. Europe is so far down the road, that Geert Wilders says there is almost no time left. One reason I also have a Geert Wilders page.

Do some research. Then do something. A donation to Machon Wiesenthal Eretz Yisrael is a good way to begin. Your children and grandchildren will thank you for helping to preserve their lives and their freedom.

Al-Najah University Exhibition of Sbarro Pizzeria Bombing

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