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Women take thier tops off to protest Iran

Posted by avideditor on November 14, 2010

Warning explicit video if breast offend you. ]
ukr_sefarat___11_13_8.jpg From Power Line “Several years ago, mostly for entertainment value, we covered a series of nude protests, most of which were in support of causes with which we had little sympathy. On Thursday, however, there was a demonstration in Kiev that had more merit. A group of feminists called Femen went topless at an event at the Iranian embassy to protest the sentence of death by stoning that Iran meted out to Sakineh Mohammadi-Ashtiani. Few things attract attention like a group of topless women”
HT Anna Puma

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Pakistanis Protest Fitna

Posted by avideditor on April 6, 2008

All of this over a movie? Wow they are insecure about there beliefs.

A Few Disgruntled Pakistanis Protest Fitna: “Only around 25,000 made it to the rally today…

More than 25,000 people rallied in the largest protest in Pakistan so far against an allegedly anti-Quran film made by a Dutch lawmaker, urging their government to expel the Netherlands ambassador. (AP Photo/Fareed Khan)”

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