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Barack Obama Pastor Problem: Obama has another Racist Pastor Michael Pfleger

Posted by avideditor on May 29, 2008

You can judge someone by the company they keep. Barack Obama hangs around too many racist American Haters to not be one himself. 

I found this at Pat Dollard:

Hussein Distances Himself From Yet Another Clergyman

obamaandfriends.jpgFirst Hussein brought us the Rev. Wright “flip flop”


Here –
Hussein’s Other Spiritual Leader Video

and here

Black Priest Apologizes For Sliming Hillary

Hussein brings us the Fr. Pfleger contraversy…..

You can tell a LOT about a man by the company he keeps…..

No matter how much he tries to shove those skeleton’s back in his closet.

Now hes about to try to throw this one under the bus too? Yeah… Not gonna work.


CHICAGO – Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama said Thursday that he was “deeply disappointed” by a supporter’s sermon at his church that mocked Hillary Rodham Clinton. Read the rest of this entry »

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