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It is only a cartoon showing how Obama plan is doomed to fail. It is not racist IMHO

Posted by avideditor on July 23, 2009

CJ and his minions totally lost it over at LGF IMHO. It is just a cartoon. The last time I saw some on this upset about a cartoon it was jihadis rioting and killing innocent people. It is sad to see them go down to that level.

Here are an example of some comments that had CJ totally lose it and ban users

Just for the record, that is not an African. As a polynesian myself I don’t think being parodied as a polynesian witch doctor is racist to someone of African descent.

I do not find the image funny, but if the intent is to portray a witch doctor why does the race of the person being portrayed have anything to do with it? Perhaps if our president were from PNG…”

“Here we have a president pushing a very controversial healthcare thing, portraying him as a witchdoctor has a point.

Had Clinton or Bush been the subject of this would you be posting the same thing? I don’t like treating people differently because of the color of their skin… unless, I see no choice (a rare thing in my book).

This is not one of those cases. It is not.”

CJ response was to ban those users. Here is the “racist” cartoon. Has CJ gone all Al Sharpton on us?


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