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Nidal Rafa’s Verbal Assault on Danny Ayalon

Posted by Glezele Vayne on March 22, 2009


Honest Reporting’s rendition of some select parts of the exchange between Rafa and Ayalon:

NR: The thing is, do you agree that there will be in the future one Palestinian state [..] that all the Palestinians want is to be treated as anyone else in the world….[sic]…when you are making life equal for the people [..] when [their] dream to see Jerusalem… and in the West Bank, and Ramallah and in Jenin [..] you are not suffering at the end of the day and you want people to believe…

DA: Please, don’t get excited, of course I’m not suffering because I’m not killing anybody.

NR: And you want to decide, you want people to believe, that you as previous ambassador to the UN, sorry to say fascist, fascist [..] party… where this party… I am the indigenous people, I have been here as my grandfather was here before the State of Israel [..]

Crowd: What’s the question, what’s the question?

NR: …the whole thing you are talking about is bullshit, you don’t want to open your eyes and you keep [being] blind, not to see what’s the problem, and it is occupation.

DA: Now you know why you don’t have a state.

NR: And the only guarantee to live here is ending the occupation. Do you not recognize that there is an occupation? Yes or no? YES OR NO? Do you agree that there is an occupation? Do recognize the occupation? Yes or no? Give me an answer and then you can go.


DA: I would like first the eradication of terror, first of all, and secondly, your recognition that I have the right to be here, that this my country, I’m not here by anybody’s favor. This is my country, this is my land.

NR: It’s Palestinian land.

DA: No its not Palestinian land, this is Jewish land, this is what you have to accept, and if you don’t accept it, then we don’t even have anything to talk about.

Hat tip: Honest Reporting

From Schmoozing with Elya & Ellie Katz

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