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Video of Benjamin Netanyahu speech at the UN

Posted by avideditor on September 24, 2009

UPDATE: John Bolton on how Obama speech to the UN is anti-Israel

it is worth the listen IMHO. He is a great speaker

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I think Netanyahu just sold out Israel. Did Netanyahu just sell out Israel?

Posted by avideditor on June 14, 2009

I am sorry but any call for a “pali” state in Israel is a sell out. The jihadis can do there best to rewrite history but they are not going to fool me. Jordan was created for the muslim. Israel for the jews. I hope his speach point that out but it did not.

Israel is still playing the price for giving up the Gaza Strip. Giving the muslims any more of Israel is a mistake. IMHO

Certain bloggers I used to look up to disagree with me. I draw a line in the sand on this Issue. Israel should never trade any land for peace IMHO. Read other views at Atlas or Holiger Awakens I hope they change their minds soon before they mislead other with their poisonous interpretation.

You can read the transcript below.

There are people that I used to respect making the assertion that his speaech was

Honored guests, citizens of Israel.
Peace has always been our people’s most ardent desire. Our prophets gave the world the vision of peace, we greet one another with wishes of peace, and our prayers conclude with the word peace.

We are gathered this evening in an institution named for two pioneers of peace, Menachem Begin and Anwar Sadat, and we share in their vision.
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Close To Being Elected Israel’s Next PM, Netanyahu Vows ‘No Nukes For Iran’

Posted by avideditor on February 1, 2009

Bibi gives me hope. I am not going back to Israel until the Nuclear threat of Iran no longer exists.  I found this at Pat Dollard.


Close To Being Elected Israel’s Next PM, Netanyahu Vows ‘No Nukes For Iran’


JERUSALEM – Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel’s leading candidate for prime minister, said Saturday that Iran “will not be armed with a nuclear weapon.”

In an interview with Israel’s Channel 2 TV, Netanyahu said if elected prime minister his first mission will be to thwart the Iranian nuclear threat. Netanyahu, the current opposition leader and head of the hardline Likud party, called Iran the greatest danger to Israel and to all humanity.

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There was at least one Qassam rocket attack against Israel every single day in May

Posted by avideditor on June 1, 2008

It is time for Olmert to step down and for Bibi Netanyahu to become the prime minister. It is important for Israel to defend its citizens and to stop giving terrorist land for “peace”. Ask the american indians how well trading land for peace worked out for them. 

I found this at the Elder of Zion:

 I finished up my May Qassam calendar, I noticed something that has never occurred before:

There was at least one Qassam rocket every single day in May. 

Every other months there are some days where none are reported, or that “only” have mortars. This was the first time in the 16 months I’ve been keeping track that there were attacks literally every day.

And even so, demand for real estate among Israelis in areas around Gaza is at an all-time high. Far more are moving there than are moving away, making terrorist claims that they aim to depopulate the nearby communities rather pathetic.

May 2008

Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa
    1 2 3

    10 1 21
4 5 6 7 8 9 10
8 12 3 1 2 3 22
11 12 13 14 15 16 17
4 3 8 2 8 2 1
18 19 20 21 22 23 24
2 3 2 1 1
25 26 27 28 29 30 31
2 1 1 6


147 total

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Swedish foreign minister compares Netanyahu to Hamas

Posted by avideditor on April 13, 2008

The Swedes should kick this mad man out of his post. This moral equivalency has gone to far. Netanyahu believes in protecting the Jewish people, while Hamas worships the culture of death and would gladly kill all its own people as long as it kill the jews. The european media is partly to blame for this because of their extremely bias coverage. But I still hold the responsibility to Sweden to remove this man. I am boycotting the country until this mad man is forced to step down. I recommend others do the same. Feel free to cross post this. Anyone willing to boycott sweden with me just say yes as a comment.

Swedish foreign minister compares Netanyahu to Hamas: “

Israeli diplomats are furious over a radio interview yesterday with
Swedish foreign minister Carl Bildt in which Bildt compares Israeli
opposition leader Binyamin Netanyahu with Hamas.

an interview with a Swedish radio station, Bildt was asked how it was
possible for Israel to make peace with the Palestinians while Hamas
controlled the Gaza Strip.

‘It is possible to make peace without
Hamas the same way it is possible to make peace without Netanyahu on
the Israeli side,’ Bildt said.

Israeli diplomatic officials
called the comparison ‘chutzpah’ and said that Bildt had a long history
of making pro-Palestinian statements.

‘It is a horrible and
stupid statement that displays complete ignorance about the Middle
East,’ a Foreign Ministry official told The Jerusalem Post. ‘He clearly
does not understand the difference between the leader of an Israeli
political party and a group that is engaging in the terror that
threatens Europe as much as Israel.’

While the comparison
is odious, I’m more surprised to see ‘Israeli diplomats’ coming to
Netanyahu’s defense than I am to see that Bildt made the comments. Both
Bildt and Sweden have made comments like this before. Sweden is a member of something called the Negotiations Support Unit,
a group of European countries who are encouraging the ‘Palestinians’
not to compromise on the ‘right of return,’ and instead to flood the
state of Israel with ‘refugees’ so as to do demographically what they
could not do militarily. Other members of this group (in case you are
wondering) include Britain, Norway, Denmark and Holland. And Sweden was
where an Israeli ambassador would have been prosecuted – but for his
diplomatic status – for unplugging an ‘art exhibit’ honoring a suicide bomber.

on the other hand, has been lambasted in the Knesset and the media here
recently for allowing a wealthy Jew to pay the costs of his vacation  public relations trip to England
two summers ago in which he spent the entire time speaking on behalf of
the government’s conduct of the war in Lebanon (before a lot of people
realized how badly the government was running the war, Netanyahu was
playing the loyal opposition). No ‘Israeli diplomats’ have come to
Netanyahu’s defense. Only Manchester millionaire Joshua Rowe has.

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Netanyahu: Iraq Problem Will Pale In Comparison To Nuclear Iran

Posted by avideditor on April 9, 2008

Watch the video:

Benjamin Netanyahu talks about how, for the entire world, the problem with Iran and its nuclear ambitions will make Iraq look like a walk in the park.


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